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  1. Hi! The mount is not listed on our website at the moment because we are currently out-of-stock with no ETA on when we will start the next production run. However, Chuting Star has them in-stock. Details and pictures can be found here: Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you! BH Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  2. Hi, We carry replacement parts for the Flat Top. Not all odds and ends for helmets like screws, buckles, etc. are listed on our website. But you can always call or email to order replacement parts for helmets. Glad you found what you were looking for at a local shop! Bonehead Composites 5156 Western Way Perris, CA 92571 Office: (951) 943-1166 Fax: (951) 943-3316 [email protected] Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  3. Hi, We've installed the Sena SHR10 on the Aero. We have a few customers and a school using it. It fits nicely and works under canopy and in tunnel, but the sound quality is not as during freefall. It works better under slower speeds. Feel free to call our tech support - we may be able to help. Thanks! Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  4. Hi, We have replacement screws for the Mamba. A full set of all hardware is $10. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get it out to you. Thanks! Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  5. What helmet do you have and when was it purchased? Our chin straps have a tension band over the red pull tab which we added to the full-face helmets two-three years ago (if I recall correctly). Let me know if you need another chin strap too. Thanks! Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  6. Hi, Give us a call and we'll repair it for you at no charge. We can either send you the parts or you can send us your helmet and we'll replace it for you and check your helmet for any other wear. (951) 943-1166 [email protected] 5156 Western Way Perris, CA 92571 Thanks!! Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  7. Our CRW X-Sport has open ears and mesh on the ear opening for better hearing for CRW dogs. Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  8. Hi, There shouldn't be any cracking when you install the visor. Give us a call if you have any issues. If it does crack when you install it we'll replace it, but we haven't had any crack on installation. Thanks! Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166
  9. We have a couple of 14 year old tunnel kids flying Mamba's and Aeros. Unfortunately we have discontinued the Mamba. I guess it all depends on their ages and head sizes. FYI - Tried to fit an Aero for a 4 year old and it was a little big. **Results may vary** We say that the XXL Aero goes up to 24", but we just fitted someone with a HUGE 25" head and it fit. Bonehead Composites (951) 943-1166