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  1. BH_Composites

    Replacement part for Bonehead Flat-Top Pro

    Hi, We carry replacement parts for the Flat Top. Not all odds and ends for helmets like screws, buckles, etc. are listed on our website. But you can always call or email to order replacement parts for helmets. Glad you found what you were looking for at a local shop! Bonehead Composites 5156 Western Way Perris, CA 92571 Office: (951) 943-1166 Fax: (951) 943-3316
  2. BH_Composites


  3. BH_Composites

    Dolderer Win

  4. BH_Composites

    2016.10.16 - Wilcox, Neil

  5. BH_Composites

    Current Military Discounts?

    I'll give you a discount.
  6. BH_Composites

    Bonehead customized fits

    Here's some pictures of the first custom Signature helmet by Bonehead Composites. Anyone interested please contact Linda or Chris.
  7. BH_Composites

    REVIEW: BoneHead REVOLVE Helmet

    Thanks Scott, great feedback! I also want to point out that this helmet is available in three different shell sizes for those of you with really large heads and is able to accommodate glasses. We've added a mounting surface for ContourHD on the left side as well. Blue ones,
  8. BH_Composites

    Freefly helmet with good forehead protection

    Hey! The Guner and Mindwarp have a hard forehead. The Echo from Paragear is another economical option