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  1. Depends on the design really. One of my rigs is an old Jav from 1999 and have to say, there's nothing wrong with it, I still use it as a back up. Best just have a chat with your rigger though! # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  2. tlipiec


    Note: This is only "First Impression" type review, based on only few days of ownership. I'll keep updating the review as I continue jumping the rig. To be honest I was quite sceptical about SWS as I was exposed mostly to Javs, Vectors, Icons, Mirages and other major manufacturers. I started seeing more and more SWS rigs around the country about a year ago, so I tried few of them on and decided to get one for myself - £1500 for a brand new rig with all bells and whistles - not bad! First thing - quality-wise it's as good as any other major brand (maybe even better). Stitching & materials look really solid. Whole thing is a bit on the heavier side (probably due to the modular design and sh**loads of padding), but to be honest - I'm more than happy to carry few extra grams on my back for extra comfort & easier repairs. I'm not a rigger but playing around with the container and looking at the design choices, I feel it's well thought out product. I really like the main pin cover (I'd say it's my favourite design out of what's available on the market) and the SRC and line protectors. Most of the construction seems very similar to Javs. Can't say much about the reserve tray as I don't have much experience in that field, but the SWS' MARD system seems quite clever and safe (again, not from a perspective of a rigger). I have to say - it's the most comfortable rig I ever worn, even more than Voodo Curv! Wide leg straps with thick padding make possible ball-under malfunction less scary now! And finally - the price. Especially for Europeans being raped by a taxman when importing US rigs, the option of getting (essentially) pimped up Jav with few improvements for £1500 might seem as a great deal. For now: 5 out of 5!
  3. Thanks Alexy # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  4. Afternoon everyone, In short: I'm looking at a side-project of helmet design & manufacturing (which, if everything goes well, hopefully turns into something bigger). I've been in sport for about 6 years, which gave ma quite a good idea what I'd like to see, but it's not out there yet. If anyone fancies sharing their opinions on what would make a "perfect helmet design", please comment (and depending on type of helmet, quote which type are you referring to): 1) Student / newly licensed helmet 2) All-around camera-friendly helmet 3) Helmet dedicated to professional camera flyers 4) BASE / Speedflying helmet 5a) Full-face helmet for general use 5b) Camera-friendly Full-Face (i.e. with cut-away system, possibly camera platform) 6) Any other helmet not specified above Muchos Gracias & Blue skies! # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  5. Is the black hardware also provided by those guys? # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  6. Alexy & Jerry - thanks for your help :) # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  7. Out of curiosity: Apparently SWS use same black hardware as UPT - does anyone know who is the manufacturer UPT uses? Cheers # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  8. Afternoon all, I'm thinking of rebuilding my back-up rig to make it suitable for WS and occasional CRW. I was considering Triathlon Hybrid with 4 point PC retraction system for CRW and also standard kill-line bridle for WS and other terminal jumps. Any comments / criticism (only constructive please) / advice on such setup? # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  9. Cheers, I must have missed this one! # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  10. Has anyone flown CF3 and is willing to share their experience (especially in comparison to CF2)? I haven't seen much on this canopy apart from the manufacturer's description (which are usually quite deceptive - each new model is always better and faster then the predecessor, openings are softer and more on-heading, they're easier to pack, they'll swoop themselves, they'll get you laid and put an end to monogamy etc. etc... at least according to the marketing team ) Cheers Tom # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  11. Around 500 jumps and no chops so far # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  12. Michael from FlySight emailed me a link to FlyBlind software update from 04/2016 that includes the selectable configuration, which is absolutely awesome! Finally I can switch between different DZs or modes on the go without need of a laptop :) # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  13. To be honest I find the built-in jumpmaster profile quite confusing, so I made my own: Screen 1 divided into 4 quads - barometer altitude (top), climb rate (left), heading (right) & distance to destination (bottom) I also have 2nd screen with just a barometer altitude for canopy ride. # 2092 Stay away from the rivers
  14. tlipiec

    Safire 2

    I've done about 230 jumps on my Safire 2 149, loaded @ 1.3-1.4. It is a nice, forgiving but still quite fun to fly canopy. I use it on my wingsuit jumps (P Edge & Ghost 3) and despite frequent twists, canopy tends to stabilise & level out quite quickly, even with 4 or 5 twists. On standard, belly-to earth deployments it likes to give you 80 to 180 off-heading, but apart from that there's no drama. It always snivels for approx. 700-800ft (unless you do an appalling packjob). Flightwise it's quite forgiving and easy to fly but still offers reasonable fun :)
  15. I have Garmin Fenix 3 that I use to "aid" my spotting on cloudy days. I've tested the built-in barometric sensor during freefall and although accurate, unfortunately the refreshing time is just too long, so I wouldn't recommend it (although they're great for the canopy ride). Apparently Suntos are known for similar problem. # 2092 Stay away from the rivers