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  1. Hi guys ... does anyone know where in the States I can find a skydiving school that has German speaking instructors?
  2. Thanks for your reply. No, the way you describe it was not my intention! My idea was the my friend places the order, on his name, with his address, but with my measurements. Then he could even place the order using his email address ...
  3. Very old topic ... but I wanna ask something ... some manufacturers still offer a 30-40 % military discount. They just wanna see a military ID. Is that all what they need or do they check later if the person is really using the container/parachute or whatever !? 40 % is a lot! Do you think it's possible that a friend places the order on his name, with his military ID?
  4. Thanks for the replies ... Bob ... my mom believes skydiving is like this: 1st step: You jump out of the plane. 2nd step: IF YOU'RE LUCKY, the parachute opens ... If that happens ... 3rd step: Next flight ... you're jumping out again. 4th step: MAYBE THIS TIME IT DOESN'T OPEN? Honestly, jumping with a tandem master on my back was quite relaxing. I have no idea how it feels to jump out alone ... or with 1-2 instructors at the beginning ... But isn't a properly opened main canopy the first important thing after exiting? As some members mentioned before, there are other risks beside malfunctions of the main canopy. But what's the first, important thing after leaving the plane? If the main canopy opens properly there's a good chance to return to the ground alive, isn't it?
  5. Phil, thanks for your reply. In this thread I don't wanna talk about injuries etc. I just wanna get an idea how likely it is to experience a cutaway. That's why I said "Just curious ..." I'm not talking about the consequences of losing the main parachute ...
  6. Hi guys ... I'll try to get my own skydiving license in March/April ... My mom isn't happy about this decision. She says skydiving is dangerous. To be honest, I have no idea if she's right or not May I ask you guys one question: how many jumps do you have and how many cut-aways? I know there are some other risks besides cut-aways ... Anyway ... Just curious ....! Have a nice day! Stefan (from cold Germany )
  7. Hi guys ... After two tandem jumps I decided to get my own skydiving license. Skydiving is very seasonal here in Germany ... that's why I have to wait until March/April! I've got lot's of questions ... that's why I decided to join this community! I know I can find sooo many experts here ... and for sure lots of helpful information! If I ask too many questions, please let me know Have a great day! Blue skies!