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  1. Roughly 10-15 seconds to get to 2-2.5 GR from standing start. Distance fallen with vary greatly, but 220m - 270m is the right ballpark.
  2. The glide ratios don't look right, how do they compare with what Paralog gives you? Why show Air speed (is this 3d speed?) and fallrate rather than ground speed and fallrate?
  3. LukeH

    Student vs Expert CYPRES

    No. Student Cypres is designed for student type mistakes and student type canopies. What attributes of the Student model do you think would benefit someone in a large wingsuit?
  4. Usually it's this way. This is also possible.
  5. LukeH

    Food for thought

    Consider velocity on 3 axis rather than 1. Assuming reasonable glide ratio I like flocking with a downward velocity around 50mph - 55mph in small suits to give everyone a bit of range so agree with your upper 40s - mid 50s.
  6. It's always nice to hear positive feedback about businesses. Out of curiosity, how many different models did you rent, for how long, and roughly how many jumps did you make on them?
  7. LukeH

    Intrudair: new wingsuits for 2011

    Website is not very easy to navigate, are there prices somewhere? I hope they are cheap because it looks like they saved a lot on R&D by cross breading existing suits. Piranna, looks like a cross between a Phantom & Ghost. Manta, looks like a 2009-2010 TWS. Shark, looks like something BM might have come up with in recent years - form over function. Is there an aerodynamic or ergonomic theory behind the curved gripper?
  8. LukeH


    I have a Shadow, and love it. But I'm biased ;-) It's the right tool for flocking unless you are very heavy, in which case a Ghost might be a better option. I only have about 30 jumps on the suit but average flocking fall rate over entire jump is 45mph - 60mph depending on the group. (Sub 50mph were jumps with people in Vampires 3s) By "big suits" I'm not sure if you mean Vampire style or Stealth style? For sure someone skilled in those suits can out run or float you, but they need to try to do it. They can fly comfortably with you if they want. Some people will say that you have more "range" in the larger suits. Well of course you do, but what is the point if you only use one end of that range? Some people use this range as a crutch in case they go low on the formation, I wonder do these people also use a camera jacket when doing 4way? Or a super baggy suit for freefly? Don't take my word for it, borrow one and see. They have very similar performance to Phantom2, so if you can't try a Shadow try a Phantom2. Flying style is a bit different, but it'll give you an idea of the performance. For what you are looking for, the Shadow ticks all of the boxes and more.
  9. LukeH


    Have a look at this: FlySight GPS designed by a jumper for jumpers. I have modified a copy of the software to give direction and distance information. More info here: FlyBlind Software
  10. LukeH

    Tips to fly a wingsuit!

    Hello and congratulations on your purchase of a Wingsuit. By starting with a larger wingsuit it will be more difficult to learn, it will also be difficult without an experienced flyer to learn from. The Altitrack data is not particularly useful. The best thing you can do is visit a DZ that has some experienced WS coaches and do some coach jumps there. Failing that at least some jumps with expereinced WS pilots will help. If both are really out of the question and you really want to do it the hard way, buy yourself a Flysight. This is a GPS system specifically designed for Wingsuiting. It will give you audible feedback while in flight and better info that you can analyse when back on the ground. It really isn't a great way to learn the basics it's better for fine tuning but as a last resort it's better than looking just at fall rate data. Otherwise it's just trial and error and trying to cover ever longer distances over the ground (trying to take upper winds into account) Have fun!
  11. LukeH

    After some feedback on my flying please

    It looks like you are arching slightly and presenting your chest and face to the relative wind. That will be acting as an air-brake. Try flattening your body (lift your hips) and get the back of your head down below you back. You should also try changing the angle of attack, try steeper and flatter and see the effect. Keep in mind that it takes a while for the true effect of a change to body position to become apparent. Make a small change and they wait to see what happens, don't assume it's not working and change again. Sometimes what feels good, isn't. You need airspeed to generate lift from a small wing like a wingsuit. Quiet and slow isn't good for that.
  12. The short answer is no. Broadly speaking, the difference between 8MP and 10MP is irrelevant. If you enlarge a picture a lot or crop heavily you may see a difference. I think lens glass and sensor size are much more important for picture quality. Camera producers are increasing MPs just to out do/keep up with each other. BTW Canon 30d is 8.2MP and Canon XTi is 10.1MP The XTi is cheaper, smaller and lighter too. They are from different Canon ranges.
  13. LukeH

    Video camera belly mount?

    put it on ebay and post a link to the auction on this board.
  14. LukeH

    adjust brake setting - new eyelets necessary?

    It's not difficult to work out how this very basic system works. Your post displays a shocking level of ignorance of your equipment OR the tendency to ask questions without even thinking about them yourself - expecting to be spoon fed the answers. It doesn't really portray the quick thinking jumper that knows his gear inside out that you should be to give youself the best chance of surviving a few seasons. I strongly suggest you take up a more forgiving sport or learn a lot before you continue. Maybe you are just tired, hungover and bored in work....
  15. Cookie Composites have a box for HC96. Looks nicer than any of the current BH boxes. It ships in 3 weeks, order now for a discount.