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  1. I'm nearly 26 years old now. I've been taking a couple ibuprofens to help and try to relieve the pain. Doesn't help as much as I'd like lol Also been stretching it. It felt fine after a Skydive yesterday (first one in over a year) but realized it was the Adrenaline pumping so that's one solution to the pain lol
  2. I injured my ankle on a low turn Feburary of 2014. Got a couple xray's, doc said It wasn't broken and should be 100% in a few months. it healed up and would only bother me if I was on my feet for really extended periods of time. But, as of 3 weeks ago, it's been aching anytime I try to walk on it. It's weird because if I deal with the pain and walk about 5 steps with it, the pain goes away and I can walk normal for the time being. But once I rest and get back on it, then it hurts again. Anyone experience this? Thought it might of had something to do with the hurricane and low-pressure BS but the storm is gone and the pain is not. I'm too poor to afford a Doc right now. Cost me $1000 just to have 2 damn x-rays done and they didn't even clean the dirt out of the "road"rash....So I'd figure I'd ask here first if someone else has dealt with this.
  3. Cheap "Cosmos" webbing I got off Amazon. I use the 1" version of the stuff for straps on my stash bags. I like it because it's silky smooth I believe tougher then the standard backpack strap webbing. It's just not as flexible.
  4. Practice 2-pin rig I made to hold my spare canopy. I'll use whatever grommets work(spur) that don't rust lol I just don't want to destroy the die set I got on this practice one. Would rather use it(with SS) on the real one I plan to make down the road.
  5. Any other types of spur I could use? Nickel? will it rust!?
  6. Hope it works! lol Just need it for a couple grommets so not worth the $150 investment! I used the hole-punch that came with the grommets. It fit fine. It wasn't until I put a load on it, while closing the container, that the none-spur washer just kinda slid slowly to the one side. We'll find out in a week once my order arrives! :P
  7. Yup, was a cheapo L&H grommet kit I got off amazon Again, was just a practice rig I made to store my extra canopy so didn't care if I used cheap parts(except when they fail lol) I ordered the "#1070-0 Inserting Die" just this morning from L&H directly. They said that's the one I needed for the #0 RRSW Stainless Steel grommets. Only $18.39! Same die set on Paragear is like $50!
  8. Thanks, man! Email sent! EDIT: I actually found that I can individually order them from Paragear so you don't have to do extra work and send me any, Jerry! Thanks for offering up, though! I tried cheaping out with the basic #0 grommets because this rig was just for practice...but those failed pretty quickly lol(See Attached)
  9. So, I only need a few grommets. 8 at the least, maybe 25 for fun... If anyone would like to sell me 25 sets of the grommets that'd be awesome. L&H only sells a gross of 144 sets...and I don't feel like spending $50 on a couple grommets at the moment lol
  10. What are the standard size(s) used for toggles and closing flaps on a container?
  11. I kinda like the carbon showing in the back. Hopefully it will come in a bare bones option of all carbon, then you can paint it how you want.
  12. Vertical speed = Horizontal speed. The faster you fall the faster horizontal potential you have. When I first started tracking I was going after max time, but you sacrifice forward speeds when doing this. In my normal jumpsuit(tonysuit spacesuit) I've gotten 84 seconds from 13,700, deploying at 2,780 holding an average fall rate of 83mph. Slowest avg fall rate I've obtained on this suit was 80mph, and slowest speed seen was 65mph on a dive with flare out. Best time with a tracking suit: 118 seconds from 13,100, deploying at 2,000. Avg speed of 63mph, min of 59mph, and max of 71mph. Video: I was going for max time, But because of this, I wasn't going very fast horizontally. The distance I covered was roughly 2 miles which means my horizontal speed was only around 50-60mph. I only had the tracking suit for 10 or so jumps so didn't get a chance to try a dive and flare. Learn to track steep. I went and did several solo angle tracking dives just to get comfortable with flying at such a high AoA/speed. Also for reference I'm 5'9"(175cm) 130lbs(58kg)