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    Tracking Exit Over the Clouds

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    Showing Some Love

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    My Beautiful Sabre 150

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    Fun in the Sun

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    Sit Exit

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    Tracking Exit

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    Sock's 200th

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    My first wing suit jump.
  10. Shredex

    Replay XD: Is it the New Generation of Skydiving Camera

    I'd be nice if they made a "snag-free" casing for it.
  11. Shredex

    Flysight and cookie G2 mount

    Quick question. Any reason you can't just mount the FlySight into the Audible pockets on the helmet? Is it a signal problem?
  12. Shredex

    Apache Wingsuit Modifications

    Fbwsol, It's a twin-otter over Z-hills. It looks like he is jumping extra far out the side so even if he were to lift he wouldn't hit the tail.
  13. Shredex

    FlightHUD in full face G3 Cookie

    Think you forgot to hit "upload" after you attached the image.
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    Preparing for AFF

    Not much you can do to prepare. Just keep yourself healthy and get a good rest before going. You could study the SIM manual if you wanted... PDF version of the SIM:
  15. Shredex

    Proximity BASE

    They are calculated with really, really big balls.
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    You can download a flysight .csv file from here: Just scroll down to the red text. The files are very small. And it is extremely useful if you are a wingsuiter or serious tracker and/or love logging your jobs in detail.
  17. Shredex

    Any instructional tracking pics/videos?

    If you need to get lower, then spread your arms out and raise them up behind you.
  18. Shredex

    Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed

    I'd like to assume the GoPro's "image stabilization" problem is actually just the mount it was attached to? Possibly?
  19. Shredex

    Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed

    GoPro 2 seems to have a little more brightness and kinda "cools" down the colors. Sony HDR does have a better(safer) build design for skydiving, though. Can it survive a 13,000 foot drop? Either way you can't go wrong with either of these. After watching footage from the GoPro 3 Black Edition, I feel like the GoPro2 is better, anyways.
  20. First jump I was flying head down on a vertical 100way with 6 gopros on my helmet flying a velo 75 and swooped it into a hot tub on the interior of a yacht where I was greeted with a case of beer
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    Inspiration for legalization.

  22. That what you're looking for?