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  1. weaverd

    Bonehead Mamba visor bolts, etc?

    I would message them on fb, and I bet if you asked nicely they would send you another set.
  2. weaverd

    USPA .. Are they worth it ??

    Don't ask what the USPA can do for you but what you can do for the USPA
  3. weaverd

    Parachute Labs BoGo

    despite the bashing of ravers by riggers, they aren't actually a bad rig, I jumped one for 3 years,
  4. weaverd


    Im pretty sure Cats are the spawn of the devil
  5. weaverd

    Wings classic vs. wings vision

    Plus 1 for VSE Infinity
  6. weaverd

    TI wearing camera setup?

    Why would a TI be wearing a camera setup? And other the the go pro does anyone know what the other stuff on the helmet is?
  7. weaverd

    I-33 Infinity Sizing

    they are tight, i had my container sized for a sabre 2 107 and professional packers and riggers could barely pack it. In the end Velocity ended up building me a new container a size larger.
  8. weaverd

    Tattoo regrets...

    I'm surprised no one quoted this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnZ2bbYw_Tc
  9. weaverd

    G3 Vs Aero Vs ?

    The G3 is super common, so there are about a million different ways to mount a camera on it, but what about the Aero? Is there an easy way to mount a camera on the front? I'm talking about the equivalent of this: http://www.chutingstar.com/grellfab-gopro-g3-front-mount There is a grellfab mount in the works for the AERO and I'm also willing to bet you could make one of the current ones fit. Bonehead has regular style metal GP mounts or you can buy after market ones that would work as well. Bonehead also has a roller mount for the AERO as well.
  10. weaverd

    G3 Vs Aero Vs ?

    The AERO for sure, the padding in the helmet is made up of individual shims, you can add or remove the shims to get that perfect fit. The helmet also ships from the manufacturer with some extra padding in the bag. Also unlike the G3 which is made out of plastic the AERO is made out of carbon fibre so it is more durable and harder. The AERO also has a wider field of view than the G3
  11. weaverd

    REVIEW: Bonehead REV2 Helmet

    You can purchase the helmet without any camera mounts
  12. weaverd

    Camera Wing Jacket part II.

    does it really matter
  13. weaverd

    Contacting Chutingstar

    +1 for Laura she has always answered the phone and answered my silly and probably annoying questions when I was buying my new rig
  14. weaverd

    Skysystems ?

    Last I heard they are no longer a company and have shut down