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  1. weaverd

    Bonehead Mamba visor bolts, etc?

    I would message them on fb, and I bet if you asked nicely they would send you another set.
  2. weaverd

    I-33 Infinity Sizing

    they are tight, i had my container sized for a sabre 2 107 and professional packers and riggers could barely pack it. In the end Velocity ended up building me a new container a size larger.
  3. weaverd

    G3 Vs Aero Vs ?

    The AERO for sure, the padding in the helmet is made up of individual shims, you can add or remove the shims to get that perfect fit. The helmet also ships from the manufacturer with some extra padding in the bag. Also unlike the G3 which is made out of plastic the AERO is made out of carbon fibre so it is more durable and harder. The AERO also has a wider field of view than the G3
  4. weaverd

    Camera Wing Jacket part II.

    does it really matter
  5. weaverd

    Location for AFF course

    Go to Zhills, great drop zone, great staff and lots do after jumping!
  6. weaverd

    maximum recording time for a GoPro2

    depends on settings, memory card size and battery
  7. weaverd

    REVIEW: Bonehead REV2 Helmet

    When I bought my Bonehead REvolve I though I had purchased the last skydive helmet I would ever need. It was perfect for me! Then Chris @ Bonehead told me about the update to the REvolve the Rev2. I didn't think it was possible to improve the REvolve but Bonehead Composites has done just that! As soon as I took the Rev2 out of the box I could see the improvements right off the bat. Lets talk about whats the same between the two helmets first. 1. Its still two helmets in one. Full Face or Open Face 2. The face mask ratchet system is the same and works great! 3. The contour Camera mount is the same on the left side and low profile 4. Sizing and fit is perfect. My REvolve is a medium and fit perfectly, the Rev2 is a medium and fits just as well! Now for the fun stuff whats new with the Rev2 1. Larger face mask, Right off the bat when you see the new helmet and put it beside the REvolve you will notice the bigger surface area. Much more area for your peripheral vision and more area to see your mouth. 2. Go Pro mount, Bonehead has found a great way to mount the awkward to mount Go Pro, I will expand on this more below. 3. CUT AWAY, the helmet has a integrated two point cut away. When it is activated is easily releases the chin strap and the face mask allowing you to remove the helmet. 4. Audible Windows! [inline IMG_0239.jpg] [inline IMG_0240.jpg] [inline IMG_0241.jpg] [inline IMG_0242.jpg] As with any new helmet I highly recommend spending time with this on the ground getting use to it before jumping it. Specifically get used to opening and closing the face mask with and with out gloves! As well spend some time to get familiar with the cut away system. As seen in the pictures I have included the Go Pro mount is at the top of the face mask. The mount is metal as such using Go Pros included plastic knob is not a good idea. I was not able to tighten the plastic knob tight enough to stop the Go Pro from moving. The tighter I turned the knob the plastic would just bunch up on the screw. It would be best to use the Aluminum knob that is available on the market or what I did was go to Home Depot and purchase a nut and bolt for .69 cents. The nut and bolt worked perfectly. [inline IMG_0246.jpg] The Cut away system is very easy to use. It can also be hidden under the padding out of the way if it is an option that you do not want to use. The audible window is perfect for just about all audibles on the market today. I was able to put in my Pro Dytter with no problem. After I received the helmet I was able to immediately jump it over a weekend at The Ranch in New York. I tried everything I could with the helmet, belly, head down and sit fly. Every time and every position the helmet worked perfectly. It did not loosen or shift around on my head. I did not at any time notice any increase noise or wind entering the helmet. As with the REvolve the Rev2 has a anti fog coating on the lens and throughout my cold jumps at the Ranch I did not have any fogging issues at all. I hope this reviews help you guys with deciding on a purchase, if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them for you! [inline IMG_0243.jpg] [inline IMG_0244.jpg]
  8. weaverd

    Bonehead REvolve or Cookie G3

    Hold off for another couple of weeks, The revolve is GREAT!! But Bonehead is coming out with their updated rovolve very soon. I have seen a couple of pics and it looks great!
  9. hard to tell how big the rip is. Best advice would be to consult your rigger they have the knowledge and training to best help you! Cheers!
  10. weaverd

    Contour Customer Support

    Contour is great, broke the rail on mine when it was hit by my risers, called them to buy a new one and they sent a new set in the mail free of charge!!!
  11. weaverd

    Skydiving in Barbados

    anyone ? ? ? ?
  12. weaverd


    me personally....i would never jump without an alti and would also never rely on JUST an audible