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  1. kawisixer01

    GoPro Session

    so you guys are using dual session I assume?
  2. kawisixer01

    What are you making or paying per Tandem

    $30 for Tandem, +$25 for heavy. I'm not on hand cam yet, and can't remember what the rate is for sure, I want to say $55, another +5 if vid AND stills.
  3. kawisixer01

    New Sony Action Camera Goes Mini

    I respectively disagree. On a busy day I want to hit the ground and swap cards quickly, especially if using the camera for work. DSE has remarked of using the AS100 for tandem work. NFC does absolutely nothing for a busy tandem video operation.
  4. kawisixer01

    Stretching before a jump...

    Actually I dunno. Yoga is certainly good. But things I have been reading lately have cited studies showing stretching immediately before performance actually reduces performance.
  5. kawisixer01

    Newest book

    Well how can you self promote without giving out the info on where to get it? lol
  6. kawisixer01

    Coaching question

    Method specific teaching and recurrency jumps are the realm of an AFFI, not coaches, as far as I know. Though I could be wrong. All I have ever dealt with in coaching is current students on their way to getting their "A".
  7. kawisixer01

    Had my first taste of baglock today...

    Sounds like you made the right decisions enough to walk away and were heads up enough to realize what was happening. It also sounds like you realize what you would've done different. A good learning experience. Congrats on handling it and coming out rather unscathed.
  8. kawisixer01

    Any Black Friday deals on gear?

    I got an e-mail from Liquid sky offering 15% off base price today only. Might be done now though?
  9. kawisixer01

    Quick Survey

    1. 125 2. 1 3. Line twist I couldn't get out of. I'm not proud of having one already, but am glad to have gotten my "first" out of the way. It was most likely my own damn fault, probably my body position at depoloyment. Overall everything worked out ok. I found everything right away, and even though I was a bit shaken it was kinda exciting. Something I'd rather not repeat anytime soon. As my instructor stated one time "emjoy your malfunction!"
  10. kawisixer01

    AFF Emergencies

    Either instructor can pull the main as most student rigs have the pilot flap pullable from both sides. Once your main is pulled, by you or an instructor if you fail to, you are on your own. There would be no way for an instructor to stick with you through opening sequence, nor would it be even close to safe for them to try to. Most instructors aren't going to pull until their normal altitude (below the 4500-5000 an aff student pulls at) They then will land and assist the student via radio with approach and landing. If you have a mal you are going to really pretty much be on your own to sort through it.
  11. kawisixer01

    Post your VerticalSuits

    I don't have a pic of my new vert suit (yet!!) but can def agree with what you say. It's a great suit and vlady was very nice to deal with.
  12. kawisixer01

    Traveling with your rig (Airlines)

    In the upper right hand corner of your screen there is a search area. This topic has been discussed quite a bit and there is even a thread with the TSA guidelines to print and take with you.
  13. kawisixer01

    Skydive Spaceland Dallas

    I have been an AFF student up in Wisconsin. I was visiting family down in Dallas and decided to get in a jump or two while i was where it was warm for vacation. The crew at Skydive Dallas was very warm, friendly, professional and welcoming. they gave me a quick recurrency course and had me on a load as soon as the wind would allow. the Caravan was the best jump plane I have been in yet. Everyone was great and made this an experience i won't soon forget. A packer even took her time to give me some personal tips and experience which was a little difference from back home and helped give me a different view and perspective on things. I will definitely be going back whenever i am in the Dallas area.