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  1. No idea. Never paid any attention. Roostnureye- Appreciate the heads up. That bad huh? If it is I guess I better start looking at the best dive spots nearby and make a choice. Were flying over in a few weeks to check out a few towns. I just figured in the middle would make it a shorter drive in any direction. I know there are a handful of DZs there. I just wasn't sure if it was year round jumping or what. Sick of this NorCal weather screwing it up for so many months in a row.
  2. Considering moving out of California to somewhere I can live better/cheaper. I'm looking at places in Florida, preferably in the lower half. Probably going to end up somewhere in the middle so either side isn't a far drive. Whats the jumping like in the southern half? Is it year long minus the hurricanes? How often is it winded out? Anything BASE related to jump off out there? Seems like it's pretty flat. Thanks
  3. Yes the VICTOR BACKPACK is mine! The rigger that last packed it in Oregon posted an explanation. Apparently the lady ran into tough times/trouble and sold it to pay some fines. The seller seemed sketchy with his whole PayPal me to ship it deal. But the explanation adds up to what he told me. A woman quit and he got it really cheap. I guess it was legally sold.... score?
  4. So I picked up a Vector 2 with a Triathlon 175 and a swift plus 175 reserve off of Craigslist for 300 bucks. I scoured the stolen gear list before buying. I contacted the DZ where the last repack was and they tried to contact that last owner. But it's been almost 10 years since it was repacked. The guy I bought it from swears some woman quit and didn't want it anymore so he was just selling it for some money. Obviously fishy, but I feel like that its been so long no one is probably looking for it anymore. If the rightful owner comes forward and shows it was theres and stolen I would love to get it back to them. That being said, how long should I wait until selling it. Or calling it "mine" and selling my old rig?
  5. It's not dead anymore. Thanks for the boards!
  6. Can anyone give me a recommended checklist before seeking out a sky surfing mentor? All I see in the SIM is it lumped in briefly with free flying at "recommended 200 jumps." I imagine you'd want to be comfortable with belly, sit, and standing with enough experience for controlled turns? As well as being comfortable in EPs etc. Can anyone fill me in on a bit more of what's necessary beyond the SIMs nearly nonexistent mention? A person or two said when it came out most people didn't even know how to free fly. They were belly jumpers who just threw it on and figured it out. Thanks.
  7. Also I just tried packing it. Skydivers must have had a lot more free time between jumps back then.
  8. That is me jumping the canopy on the brochure photos by Mike McGowan taken at the Z-hillz Turkey boogie. Interesting side note: During testing the day before we were leaving for the U.S. Nationals in 1989. I jumped in a tuck to terminal. When i deployed it opened so hard I have a herniated disc at c-5/c-6 and bulging at c-4/c-5. It delayed the introduction of the Evolution. The pilot chute controlled slider made openings softer. We didn't find an obvious reason for the hard opening Such as broken locking stows. Later we converted most of the standard Evolutions to non pilot chute controlled sliders. The Super Evolutions hard zero-P on the top skin. Para-Flite always measured our canopies differently than all the other manufacturers, so if you use their standard way of measuring Para-Flite canopies were alway larger and bulkier. I'm guessing this isn't the super? Since you flew it...Would you have any problem with jumping this canopy today? I understand it's not ideal and there are many more modern/better canopies, but is there any reason not to jump it? Sorry photo won't load. It doesn't say super on the label. Already have herniated discs, was this problem corrected during trials before production?
  9. Thanks for the info. Is there anything I should change or do before jumping it? Outside of having a rigger inspect it I mean. Such as change the reefing system PC etc? As long as its not extremely dangerous jumping it, I'll do it and see if I want to continue using it.
  10. Another member on here gave me an Evolution 160. It's about 27 years old but feels newer than my current canopy. However there are some things I'm not too sure about... 3 risers on each shoulder The bridle is just kill line The slider is connected to the kill Line to pull pc in 21 cells The pin just slides around the kill line If it all checks out is the canopy something I can jump regularly? Or should I find another use for it? I am looking for downsize so I'm hoping this canopy will work out. Even if it's old and different.
  11. I'm bringing it back. Thanks for the boards Ted And the canopy and jumpsuits as well. Having it inspected to see if it's still airworthy although it looks like you kept it very well cared for.
  12. Link to classifieds? I'm interested. Nermind, found it. I'll drive there right now and scoop them up if you're available
  13. Just curious... On my last jump after pitching I felt what I can only describe as trap door like feeling after I pitched. Pc caught, I began to rotate feet to earth, and then felt a brief moment of excelleration like my canopy became detached before I began slowing down under inflation. Was this probably a band breaking or the lines paying out in the wrong order? Or am I just crazy and it was in my head? Just curious what could have caused that. I thought I was about to look up and see my main flying away haha.
  14. Uhh what? I'm not in a hurry to kill anyone. Not a student or myself. Yep, Bruce is awesome. You do have to tell him everything or he will cut you away like a spinning main. Very reasonable price too, he just wants to help people and I am positive that he put in far more work than he wanted payment for. I've already spoke with Bruce throughout the process, and got a letter from the Federal Air Surgeon himself I guess. There is no more "going through the process if you want it." There are no appeals left to file. I had a documented TBI in Afghanistan 8 years ago. I passed all the neuro tests(in fact I scored higher than most on a lot of them) except for one, the trails test. The guy told me there was no hurry as it wasn't timed so I took my time. Apparently it was BS and it was timed. Again, it doesn't affect my ability to fly or operate machinery. I can still do drug calculations, function as the highest medical authority out of the hospital, preform invasive procedures etc... If there's no way around a class 3 medical I guess TI is out. It seems pretty dumb they use the same test as piloting an aircraft to me. I'm sure theres a huge line of people that probably can't fly an aircraft but could still preform as a TI no problem.