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  1. How Ironic.. I checked that out already. Kyle Batchelor
  2. Anyone know a good waterproof, rugid, container/trunk for all of the usual skydiving equipment? Kyle Batchelor
  3. How did you make the Boards? Kyle Batchelor
  4. Who Makes or has Skysurfing Skyboards, especially a Beginner Board? Tom Stanton was the only one in the U.S. making them and he has retired. Surely someone else in the world can make these boards. Kyle Batchelor
  5. Where on Earth can a Skydiver get a Beginner Skyboard. I managed to find a larger board for later but I need to progress safely. Tom Stanton does not Make the his Boards anymore, he has retired. Any suggestions and I am not looking for your opinion on the discipline. Which drop zones do Skysurfers hang out at? Maybe I could find one there? I don't think this post should be in Classifieds, this is a gear question. Anything helps. i will not stop until I find one even if I end up never using it. I am not giving up Just because I can't find a piece of equipment. Kyle Batchelor
  6. So long as it is in good condition and not pink in color, consider it sold. Kyle Batchelor
  7. Thank you much. Does this person Make the boards? or Do they just happen to have some? Kyle Batchelor
  8. Hello, just recently Tom Stanton stopped making his Skyboards. Very disheartening for me as I was ready to purchase one. Does anyone knows Who builds Skyboards anywhere in the world. Please.. I do not want your opinion on the discipline itself. I have looked extensively online and cannot find anyone. Kyle Batchelor
  9. Here on when I change my gear in the personal info for what rig I use it gives the option for 'G2' Kyle Batchelor
  10. I did my first six jumps when I was 18yrs old about to graduate high school. Then didn't jump for eight years. I got back into it in 2013 and can't believe I waited that long. Got my A licence. School, Marriage, Kids and career I guess. If i was more wealthy, I would have done nothing else for the rest of my life after that first jump except skydive until I couldn't anymore! I did it to be that bad ass senior at High School. Little did I know it would be the greatest thing ever. Kyle Batchelor
  11. Thank You for your input sir. I am very thankful. Would you have any advice for me as I wish to Sky Surf in the near future? I have done tons of reading and research! I have seen a video of a beginner board with regular footing deploy his main parachute while on his belly without any rotation. Whats your thoughts on that? Thanks. Kyle Batchelor
  12. How were the small parachute containers attached to the board? Screws, rivets or some hardcore glue of some kind? Kyle Batchelor
  13. Does anyone have any information on the Parachute Recovery Systems they used on Sky Surfing Boards(Skyboards). Can they be purchased or were they entirely custom by a rigger? Kyle Batchelor