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  1. wildernessmedic

    Lower Florida DZs?

    No idea. Never paid any attention. Roostnureye- Appreciate the heads up. That bad huh? If it is I guess I better start looking at the best dive spots nearby and make a choice. Were flying over in a few weeks to check out a few towns. I just figured in the middle would make it a shorter drive in any direction. I know there are a handful of DZs there. I just wasn't sure if it was year round jumping or what. Sick of this NorCal weather screwing it up for so many months in a row.
  2. wildernessmedic

    Lower Florida DZs?

    Considering moving out of California to somewhere I can live better/cheaper. I'm looking at places in Florida, preferably in the lower half. Probably going to end up somewhere in the middle so either side isn't a far drive. Whats the jumping like in the southern half? Is it year long minus the hurricanes? How often is it winded out? Anything BASE related to jump off out there? Seems like it's pretty flat. Thanks
  3. wildernessmedic

    Base jump with skydive gear

    How's your sub terminal tracking? Make sure you do a gainer.
  4. wildernessmedic

    Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.38.45 PM