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  1. A Techno Reserve is a Parachute de France canopy if memory serves me right!?!? If that is the case have a look at the max suspended weight on the Label, i believe it was very low comparing to other Reserves out there. i would highly recommend that you do NOT jump with with a high wing loading. I saw 2 people trying to land a Techno reserve with high wing loading's and both canopies collapsed as they flared and they had very rough landings 1 of those people i refused to pack the Techo for as he had a wing loading of 1.5 and i told him it was not safe for him to jump as he was way outside the recommended limits. he went off in a huff and got another rigger to pack it. after that landing he came to me and said sorry that he did not heed my advise and bought a different reserve of me. Rodger
  2. Hi Bkeleven, did you give the Serial number of the rig to the manufacturer? they should be able to tell you if it was build with the set up. since your rig is 2018 i would imagine it is, so happy days for you then it is a simple job to do for your rigger, just purchase the Freebag with Skyhook from PS or a dealer as stated. For me personally, i am a very big fan of the Skyhook and i think it is a good choice to add it and have it on your rig. But i do hope you never have to use it Blue Skies and Safe Landings Rodger
  3. It would depend on the rig, some might be easy retrofit, (if the rig was initially set up for that), but others would require a whole lot of major work and a complete headache. On some it would certainly affect the T.S.O of the container!! I would not do that type of work on a rig, without manufactures approval even though i am a Master Rigger. You could be opening a huge can of worms for yourself and legal action! best you contact the Manufacturer of the container and seek guidance from them and see if they allow it.
  4. Congrats on your 100! hope you reach the 4 figure mark at some stage
  5. From the Picture you have, it does not look so bad. the best option is to bring it to a rigger to be 100% certain and before you buy another AAD My guess is, to get your rigger to Strip everything out of the rig and then give it a good wash and clean, as per your riggers instruction or have him do it. Rodger
  6. Hi Andrew, I agree with Rigger Lee, if it is an Infinity container it will be a 1-pin. on you profile there is no jump numbers. how many jumps do you have? what is your exit weight? the reason for asking is because of the PD126 reserve size. are you sure that it is suitable for you considering it is quiet small?? Rodger
  7. Cant believe this thread has not been updated in 6 months and is on page 7 in this Forum. is there any news or updates on this at all?? has any money been paid over yet?? or has the DZ received any payment yet?? be nice to get the latest news if there is any Blue skies and save landings
  8. I presume this statement was a typing error and the the word NOT is missing? When Executing the Hands should be on the handles. I do agree that this might be an inexperienced Tandem master and should get some retrain done. It is not a very good idea to hold the riser you are trying to cut away!!!! Blue Skies Rodger
  9. Please do NOT follow the above advise!! if i read correctly you have not done any jumping at all in 18 months? and want to go back to doing Tandem's? it is very easy to get current. first of all make sure you have a current medical!! I would do a couple solo Jumps just to get the feet into the breeze. make contact with you local Tandem Examiner and tell him your intentions. he should do a Ground Refresher which might take a couple of hours +. there is a lot of new rules that have come in recently and a Tandem examiner will bring you up to speed. Hanging harness + EP review with Examiner. then you do Solo Jump on the tandem Gear followed by taking an experienced passenger or TDM/Examiner. once that is all done and the examiner is happy he should sign you off and you be left loose on the public again. Once you have a medical all of the above can be all done within a day. bear in mind that after 24 months you might be required to do a full Tandem Course again. I am currently a Tandem Examiner Rodger
  10. An AFF-I job is not done until the student is back safely in the Hanger and debriefed. it is the AFFI Responsibility to watch the Student under Canopy and follow their descent. how else would they be able to give feedback for the Student to learn? If this happened on my DZ those guys be heading out the gate and never coming back! did the DZO operator or CCI know about this incident? i would certainly have a word with them. given the way things are legal wise in the US there might be legislation to follow.
  11. Hi, Of all the Dolphin rigs i have see i would not say or recommend that they are Free Fly Ready or Friendly (they have a lot of Velcro and not enough free fly protection bits) . they are however a Cheap rig, ideal for people who want a a cheap rig early in there Skydiving career. in my opinion they are only suited for Belly Flying. as for a build Quality i have no issues with them as they have a very simple design. they are a a cheaper version of a Javelin container and if my memories serves correctly, the same guy invented both. unless they have made improvements to the rig i would not get one for Free Fyinng, My opinion and 2 cents only Irish
  12. Hi Wolf River Joe, Tandem Static line has been done! it was done at a Dropzone in Ireland a good few years ago. the aircraft that was used was a C185! I believe they did about 10-15 test jumps with both jumpers being tandem masters. as far as I know they never did take up a member of the public. they did have permission to do it as the Authority's said call it a "Test Program" I saw a couple videos from it and the deployments were mostly ok. thankfully after a few test jumps it was knocked on the head!
  13. HMMMM HMMM Yeah don't think I be rushing to buy one of those
  14. Hi Unstable Phew glad to hear that my eyes are playing tricks on me glad to hear you have 2 reserve pins on there because otherwise it would have have been a real interesting Pull scenario thanks for the Reply, i can sleep better tonight