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  1. From the Picture you have, it does not look so bad. the best option is to bring it to a rigger to be 100% certain and before you buy another AAD My guess is, to get your rigger to Strip everything out of the rig and then give it a good wash and clean, as per your riggers instruction or have him do it. Rodger
  2. irishrigger

    1 or 2 Pin AAD on 2001 Infinity?

    Hi Andrew, I agree with Rigger Lee, if it is an Infinity container it will be a 1-pin. on you profile there is no jump numbers. how many jumps do you have? what is your exit weight? the reason for asking is because of the PD126 reserve size. are you sure that it is suitable for you considering it is quiet small?? Rodger
  3. Cant believe this thread has not been updated in 6 months and is on page 7 in this Forum. is there any news or updates on this at all?? has any money been paid over yet?? or has the DZ received any payment yet?? be nice to get the latest news if there is any Blue skies and save landings
  4. I presume this statement was a typing error and the the word NOT is missing? When Executing the Hands should be on the handles. I do agree that this might be an inexperienced Tandem master and should get some retrain done. It is not a very good idea to hold the riser you are trying to cut away!!!! Blue Skies Rodger
  5. irishrigger

    Any advice regarding getting current?

    Please do NOT follow the above advise!! if i read correctly you have not done any jumping at all in 18 months? and want to go back to doing Tandem's? it is very easy to get current. first of all make sure you have a current medical!! I would do a couple solo Jumps just to get the feet into the breeze. make contact with you local Tandem Examiner and tell him your intentions. he should do a Ground Refresher which might take a couple of hours +. there is a lot of new rules that have come in recently and a Tandem examiner will bring you up to speed. Hanging harness + EP review with Examiner. then you do Solo Jump on the tandem Gear followed by taking an experienced passenger or TDM/Examiner. once that is all done and the examiner is happy he should sign you off and you be left loose on the public again. Once you have a medical all of the above can be all done within a day. bear in mind that after 24 months you might be required to do a full Tandem Course again. I am currently a Tandem Examiner Rodger
  6. irishrigger

    Does this sound right?

    An AFF-I job is not done until the student is back safely in the Hanger and debriefed. it is the AFFI Responsibility to watch the Student under Canopy and follow their descent. how else would they be able to give feedback for the Student to learn? If this happened on my DZ those guys be heading out the gate and never coming back! did the DZO operator or CCI know about this incident? i would certainly have a word with them. given the way things are legal wise in the US there might be legislation to follow.
  7. irishrigger

    Dolphin rig?

    Hi, Of all the Dolphin rigs i have see i would not say or recommend that they are Free Fly Ready or Friendly (they have a lot of Velcro and not enough free fly protection bits) . they are however a Cheap rig, ideal for people who want a a cheap rig early in there Skydiving career. in my opinion they are only suited for Belly Flying. as for a build Quality i have no issues with them as they have a very simple design. they are a a cheaper version of a Javelin container and if my memories serves correctly, the same guy invented both. unless they have made improvements to the rig i would not get one for Free Fyinng, My opinion and 2 cents only Irish
  8. irishrigger

    Shorten reserve ripcord

    Where are you based? In the US? May I ask why you like to shorten the reserve cable? What manufacturer made the originally?
  9. irishrigger

    Meat bombing

    I am 6'5 and 300 lbs and had some of the issue you have. a big baggy jump suit will help. but i found the most effective is a camera jacket with wings. i can clip the wings to the leg straps or to the hip rings and that gives me plenty range for the fall rate. i can do AFF with small light people and film any tandem's. of course i will always take the heaviest tandem pair or AFF student i can find to make it easier. how many jumps do you have? have you gotten proper coaching how to fall slow???
  10. irishrigger

    Just another FNG here.

    Welcome FNG How many jumps do you have?
  11. irishrigger

    Merit pack volume

    I think the Merit would be to small for a J5
  12. irishrigger

    random rigger question

    i would pack the rig the day before the customer comes back to pick it up. that way the customer does not loose those 2 weeks of repack time. not sure what the rule is for packing it and signing it off when the customer collects it. but i can imagine that some people would not be happy with that both others would
  13. irishrigger

    Most common student canopy

    At my DZ we mainly use PD Navigators and a few Aerodyne Triathlon's although my preference is for PD canopy's the Triathlons are a Decent Canopy. in the good ole days when i started jumping in the early 90's it was a 9 cell 288SQ foot Manta.Oh boy do i wish that they would still make them.
  14. irishrigger

    Wrinkled Reserves

    Hi Gary, i have seen a few canopy's like you described. i hang the canopy of for inspection but i have a big rigging loft so i can open the canopy up fully. also i find giving the canopy a good flake and shake out should help to ease some of the wrinkles out of it. that is the only things that i do. Rodger