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    Hey guys. looking for a cheap, used copy of the book "The parachute and its Pilot". Really wanted to just pay like 10 bucks for the online version, but discovered I cant print it off, and can only read it online. I like reading paper, I get enough screen time as it is... anyone have one of these books available for a new guy getting into this sport? Thanks!


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  2. By the way Coolbeans, thanks for the awesome post. Yea, I was going to order my infinity with both red pillow blocks for the cutaway and reserve. I was sort of thinking the low profile d ring, but seeing vids of it catching on things, or other jumpers in advertently grapping the d ring kinda sold me on the pillow blocks.
  3. So Looks like I'm gonna be driving a car home from Los Angeles (to pittsburgh). Gonna stop somewhere to make a jump. Kinda thinking Skydive Kentucky, as that is where I think I'm going to get my A license. I will keep an eye out for the weather tho, so mid to end of January when I'll be making this drive, it might be better for me to just do a tandem or something in Arizona, Texas? idk Maybe a weekend of a few jumps. If anyone has suggestions or wants to meet up at a drop zone let me know. Will be anywhere from Jan 10th -23rd. Southern route L.A. to Arizona, to Dallas, and then working my way up to Pittsburgh from there. Worth stopping at rigging innovations in Arizona? Maybe to try some containers on and possibly see if I feel they are comfortable, idk.
  4. yea fair enough. I'm going to take the advice here and get my a license first. Just wish we weren't in the beginning of winter lol. I have seriously thought about flying south for a couple weeks to a drop zone in Fl or something. If I could start taking this course next week I wouldn't be asking this question :) By the way was wondering where the term wuffo came from? Just a forum thing here or a skydiving term for non jumpers?
  5. No where have I said or hinted at that. Obviously complete newb here. And Ive shown appreciation so far for the experienced opinions here. Dont get offended just because Im trying to squeeze people for more info. Thats kinda the goal of the forum here.And by the way you havn't given shit for info in this thread so far, except just criticizing me.
  6. Thanks for someone new adding their thoughts! Totally respect all of your thoughts. Of course I'm not trying to argue, I'm probably going to listen to you guys. But after additional thought I really still don't get the problem here with this... A infinity i-56 will hold a pilot 230 in zpx. That is .95 wing loading for me. Based on the reading Ive done and seen posts from other indivduals here, that is very conservative for a guy 190lbs. ( I get that if your a really light weight person, your wing loading will be less generally as a beginner canopy needs to be a certain size to fly well for a beginner). Then, if i even want to downsize in the future, I can go to 210, and 190 sq. ft canopies (irrelevant to my situation, but the infinity canopy chart lists a 188 pilot as it will fit, and the guy from velocity said that those charts just show the largest canopies that will fit, and they dont list canopies that are smaller that will also fit. So presumably I can fit a Pilot170 inside too?) So start off .95 wingload on a 230 pilot zpx a few hundred jumps later end up (maybe not) on a 190 This chart from this website seems to agree: https://www.bigairsportz.com/pdf/bas-sizingchart.pdf 200-300 jumps on a rental aint happening for me, Rental costs on that many jumps would end up purchasing this container and probably the canopy as well... So are what you guys telling me here, that I may graduate with my A license, and decide that I need a container that will hold a larger canopy than a 230 for at least the next 50 jumps or more? Keep in mind, If I walk away with the A license and need to rent gear for another 20 jumps or so before downsizing to that 230, I can do that before wearing my own rig... Or are you guys saying, I may walk away with my A license and be jumping a 190 and smaller right away? I'm going to say no, because that would violate the wing load chart, and I'm a conservative guy. I would probably plan on jumping that pilot 230 (or maybe 210) for the next 100-200 jumps. Like I said, this is just conversation, I'm not trying to dig the answer I want out of any of you lol, but I feel like people dont want to give suggestions on this kind of stuff because behind the computer screen, no one knows what kind of person I am... Am I athletic, do I participate in other sports, hand eye cordination, fear level, quick or slow learner, etc... But that is why I qualified my original post, assuming a guy like me would pick things say somewhere in the middle of fast vs slow learning (I'm willing to bet i obtain these skills faster than average). Thanks a bunch guys, looking forward to sticking around here and learing more and more. Kinda wish the forums were more active, but I guess that's probably because the sport isn't as large as some other hobbies/ topics of forums i belong to.
  7. Got a call from velocity today. Basically he just said “no he wouldnt be comfortable sizing me and selling me a rig until after aff”. i can see not wanting someone to waist their money on a rig they grow out of too quickly, but aside from that idk why people arent comfortable recommending a rig that has a canopy sized 1:1 or less for a beginner. i thought the general consensus was to stay at 1:1 wing load as a beginner. Everything that ive read so far says exactly that! i feel like if i grow out of my rig then its not the biggest deal because id probably keep it and just buy another. I can see myself very often wanting to jump with a canopy thats safe and mellow (enjoying the views up in the sky). In a ideal world, yes id get my a license before buying gear but idk how things are gonna work out because i have been keeping an eye out for used gear too. I tend to have a hard time saving money as im self employed so hopefully i even have the cash at the time i may see something come up for sale... i guess at this point im gonna hold off buying new, and just keep an eye out for a appropriately sized container that will hold a 210-230 sized main and a similar size reserve...
  8. Hey Sundevlil! I was wondering what the “n” and “w” designators were with the infinity containers... ? i called velocity last thursday twice and left a voicemail and havent heard back from them. Maybe they will call me Monday. Whats ur exit weight and how many jumps u have/ experience? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone. First post. Been doing a ton of reading and learning so far on skydiving. I'm completely new. I haven't even made a first skydive. It may sound ridiculous to some of you this question I have but, please hold it. I know I'm going to love this. I have done para gliding and also the highest bungie jump in south america, I know myself and this skydiving sport is something I'm gonna get into and love. If the equipment was cheaper and more readily available, Id def be willing to buy after getting my A license this spring, but Its not. As I'm able to get ahold of money for the equipment here, I want to make purchases so I can slowly acquire things. I plan on buying my container new, and with a selection in mind, I can then keep an eye out for used canopies for the next 2-3 months, hence why I want to make a decision on a container size and get my order in to velocity for this container. My weight is about 195lbs. I can drop it down to 190 lbs. as I gain and loose weight over the year honestly. If you can assume a guy like myself will "get it" fairly quickly and learn rapidly, maybe that would help you give suggestions. I know from my research I've done so far I need to start out at 1:1 wing loading ( probably under loaded through my a license training). At 195, can i assume 20lbs worth of gear? 30 lbs? I'm not so sure I'll be the most aggressive on downsizing canopies, idk, I wish it was spring already so I can get started!! Just not sure If I should go with the I -55 or the I-56. Infinity's canopy chart says I can fit a pilot zpx 210 in the i-55 and also a pilot zpx 230 in the I-56. I'm looking towards the aerodyne pilot as my first canopy and with the zpx material I can upsize the canopy for the the container size... Of course Id like to keep this container for more than a year or two. I may not sell it at all, but just buy another if I decide I absolutely want to downsize canopies further. IDk, what do you all think? Hoping for some advice more than just "wait until you get licensed" These containers from infinity have a lead time of 2-3 months so buying in the next month would allow me to start using my own gear next spring/summer... Thanks for having me here, and appreciate the thoughts. -Tyler.