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  1. michaelmullins

    Powered Parachute Jumping?

    It is not legal to jump from a powered parachute.
  2. michaelmullins

    West Tennessee Skydiving SkyVan "Dive 'til You're Deaf"

    Well since you are fucking deaf you would not realize how loud the Skyvan is, it is "deafening", therefore the "Dive 'til you're deaf".
  3. SkyVan "Dive 'til You're Deaf" event. Sunday, 31 March, weather will be excellent and West Tennessee Skydiving is having a SkyVan "Dive 'til You're Deaf" event. For licensed skydivers, jump the SkyVan all day (yes, all day) from 14,500 for $50! Yes, just $50.00. SkyVan available at 9 AM. Did we mention it is $50 for all the jumps you can make on Sunday? If you make 10 jumps, then that would be $5 per jump (do the math).
  4. michaelmullins

    Skydiving in Class D Airspace

    Operating a DZ at a tower controlled airport can be anything from absolutely horrible to absolutely great. It all depends on whether they actually want you there or not. This is especially true if it is a contract tower, that is, manned by non-FAA personnel. If the airport owners are behind you, then probably the tower people will be also favorable to deal with. It can be great or it can be a living hell. If the owner is not extremely enthusiastic about having you there it would be best not to go there.
  5. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

  6. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

  7. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    Well, I have 23 members that are in favor of the decision, how many do you have that do not like it? USPA is not a democracy, it is a Republic, just like the government of the US. You elect your representative to make the decisions and they do so using their experience, insight, and judgment. If you do not like their decisions, then run for the BOD yourself, or elect someone else. BTW, I have no idea who you are, or if you are even a USPA member. I have signed by name to every post that I have made on DZ.com. I will not be replying to any more posts from individuals who do not identify themselves. If you feel so strongly about your position, you should (or shude I say shude?) identify yourself. Mike Mullins
  8. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    You say "we never asked any members for input". In fact, we asked 23 USPA members for their opinion and input. These are the jump numbers, ratings, and qualifications of the members we asked: Total number of jumps of the 23: 224,790 Average number of jumps: 9,773 Low number of jumps: 1,004 High number of jumps: 19,999 AFF IE: 6, AFF I: 8, TIE: 3, TI: 7, SLIE: 2, SLI: 5, IADIE: 1, IADI: 1, CE: 9, S&TA: 9, DZO: 3. After much discussion among these 23 USPA members, it was decided to pass the BSR. These USPA members ranged from fun jumpers with no ratings to highly rated professional skydivers and certainly represent the broad spectrum of USPA members. Mike Mullins, USPA National Director
  9. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    Why now? Why not now? This is information that the Director of Safety & Training and the BOD feels is important to have in order to enhance safety.
  10. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    Not correct at all. The BSR requires the report and if the report is not made it is a violation of the BSR. Then, disciplinary action may be taken for not filing the report and any actions that were also BSR violations. If the report is made, then no disciplinary action will be taken on what is in the report. This is the reference in the USPA Governance Manual: Any USPA member shall be guilty of an offense justifying the imposition of the penalties set forth in USPA Governance Manual Section 1-6.4.C (below) who— Willfully, flagrantly or continuously violates the USPA Basic Safety Requirements.
  11. michaelmullins

    USPA Licenses in Germany

    Just get your German license as it will be more acceptable most places in Europe. If you get the German license, or any skydiving license that meets the FAI minimums, it is no problem to get it changed to a USPA license once back here. If you are going to live and jump in Germany, you probably will be required to get the German license anyway. I would not go out of my way to get a USPA license until you actually return to the US and need it. Even if you are just visiting the US, as long as you are a foreign resident you can use your German license in the US.
  12. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    Having reports relating to safety and incidents has always been important but USPA was simply not receiving incident reports in most cases. The reason for the reports is safety. USPA needs to identify safety issues so that we can address possible solutions. For example, the problem with canopy collisions was addressed with the GM pledge to separate high performance landing areas for normal landing areas. You can be surprised as much as you wish with Ron Bell passionately asking for these reports, it does not change the fact that it is his position that he really wants these reports. I suggest you go ask him, and ask him specifically if he "passionately" wants this, as I have described. As far as a "new" Safety & Training Committee, it has changed little and the Chair is still the same person, Michael Wadkins. Mike Mullins
  13. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    There may not be an S&TA on the DZ, and the DZ may not even have an S&TA. The report needs to come from those most familiar with the situation, and that would be the skydivers on the jump, or the supervising instructor if it is a student jumper on self supervision. Yes, you may not realize it, but every student self supervision jump must have a supervising instructor, and, that instructor may be on the ground. Further, there is actually no mandatory requirement, and there never has been, that anyone make an incident report other than the report made mandatory by this BSR. This BSR came about from a passionate plea from the USPA Director of Safety & Training, Ron Bell. Ron felt that is was so important to receive these reports that a trade for no disciplinary action was a fair trade to glean the information that he felt was critical to further USPA safety goals. By the way, Ron is doing a great job in his new position with USPA. Mike Mullins USPA National Director
  14. michaelmullins

    USPA Board Meeting

    It means exactly what it says, if ANY AAD fires on a jump with a student, a report is required. USPA definitely wants to know if an instructor has an AAD fire on a student jump. You can confirm this with USPA Safety & Training Chair Michael Wadkins or Director of Safety & Training Ron Bell. Their email is: michael.wadkinsxcelskydiving.com, safety@uspa.org.
  15. michaelmullins

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I assumed no such thing. I was simply pointing those who did not know about the project, or those who wished additional information on the project, to a site that would explain it in detail. I am sure that there are those that know about it and oppose it, I am sure that there are those that know about it and are in favor, and I am sure that there are those that know nothing about it. As far as asking the membership, as I have posted many times before, USPA operates like virtually all corporate Board of Directors do, you elect a board and they make the decisions. Since you are so adamant against your $0.62 per year being spent on a donation to the museum, I was going to send a check to USPA, in your name, for the full 5 year, $3.10 donation to be spent on the program of your choice. However, since you are not a USPA member the point is moot and you can rest easy knowing that none of your dues has been spent on the project. Mike Mullins