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  1. Congratulations to Melissa Lowe on her victory in the USPA Special Election for National Director! Here are the results: Melissa Lowe 1667 James L. Hayhurst 723 Matt Blank 591 William Geaslin 243 Shawn Hill 242 Brandon Radcliff 234 James Worsham-Cupples 222 Kristen Tebo 221
  2. Great guy, I have his signature on a jump.
  3. Randy was on the USPA BOD at the same time I was. He was a true gentleman, friend and always had the best interests of skydivers at heart. He will be missed. Mike Mullins
  4. until
    USPA Coach Certification Course conducted by Coach Examiner Paul Gholson at West Tennessee Skydiving. Jumps will be from a Skyvan and Super King Air. Finest facilities of any DZ, air-conditioned packing, air-conditioned modern rest rooms with hot showers open 24 hrs, free camping, RV slots, air-conditioned bunking, Helo and inverted biplane jumps, HALO oxygen jumps from 28,000'. For registration for the Coach Course contact Paul Gholson: [email protected] or 901-233-4144
  5. Actually, BSR stands for Basic Safety Requirements. There are no currency requirements in the BSR. There are currency recommendations in the part of the SIM that is not the BSR. Mike Mullins
  6. Actually, it is a USPA recommendation, not a rule. Mike Mullins
  7. How to end up with a million dollars from owning a DZ: Start with 2 million.
  8. I am not trying to be negative but if your 'instructors' do not include the actual DZO, I would suggest that you contact the DZO before you go any further. Typically, a university club brings nothing to the table except students in need of training. If you wish to train separately from the DZ and then bring students to the DZ and expect gear and aircraft support, you had best clear that with the DZO beforehand.
  9. It is not legal to jump from a powered parachute.
  10. Well since you are fucking deaf you would not realize how loud the Skyvan is, it is "deafening", therefore the "Dive 'til you're deaf".
  11. SkyVan "Dive 'til You're Deaf" event. Sunday, 31 March, weather will be excellent and West Tennessee Skydiving is having a SkyVan "Dive 'til You're Deaf" event. For licensed skydivers, jump the SkyVan all day (yes, all day) from 14,500 for $50! Yes, just $50.00. SkyVan available at 9 AM. Did we mention it is $50 for all the jumps you can make on Sunday? If you make 10 jumps, then that would be $5 per jump (do the math).
  12. Operating a DZ at a tower controlled airport can be anything from absolutely horrible to absolutely great. It all depends on whether they actually want you there or not. This is especially true if it is a contract tower, that is, manned by non-FAA personnel. If the airport owners are behind you, then probably the tower people will be also favorable to deal with. It can be great or it can be a living hell. If the owner is not extremely enthusiastic about having you there it would be best not to go there.
  13. Well, I have 23 members that are in favor of the decision, how many do you have that do not like it? USPA is not a democracy, it is a Republic, just like the government of the US. You elect your representative to make the decisions and they do so using their experience, insight, and judgment. If you do not like their decisions, then run for the BOD yourself, or elect someone else. BTW, I have no idea who you are, or if you are even a USPA member. I have signed by name to every post that I have made on DZ.com. I will not be replying to any more posts from individuals who do not identify themselves. If you feel so strongly about your position, you should (or shude I say shude?) identify yourself. Mike Mullins