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  1. In the start, one of my friend is looking for a AAD, so he come to me to help him buy one, I saw a aad for sale , I purchase it from the guy named:Francesca Hamilton,ID:Skybae, When I do the transfer he ask for a FF transfer, but I refused him and will cover the paypal fee.(it is important, if I do a FF transfer to him I can't send a request to Paypal) I transfer him the enough money(include paypal fee), he said that it will be shipped in 18 May, then he tell me his child is in hospital, the ship will be delay,I tell him never mind, family is important, he tell me he has sent the package in 20 May, Then I can't contact him, he didn't reply me any emails, and no gave me the tracking number. That time I still think maybe there is something important with him, so he can't reply me. but it is little strange, so I report it to Paypal,if he reply me and I received the AAD i will cancel the request. Then something interesting happen, The owner of the paypal account send me a mail from Paypal request center, please see picture 6.he said the money is transfer to someone in Spian, he don't know it is a skydiving gear trade. Now I'm waiting the Paypal finish the request and send my friend's money back. Please pay attention to this person Name:Francesca Hamilton,Email:[email protected] I buy and sell some gear but never seen this situation,Don't let them destory our sport, Thank you very much~