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  1. Tiny homes seem all the rage nowadays.... I know two other skydivers, apart from me that are converting school buses into RVs right here in Florida. Anyone else doing it? I'd love to grab the community's help boosting my social media pages if you would. Not trying to be spamy but we're stoked and we want to ask for support. Do me a solid and help us grow by subscribing and getting notifications? Follows is our YouTube link, instagram handle and this mornings local news story on my family. We're totally pumped for a new adventure! We'll definitely see you kids at local DZ's across the country over the coming year. Instagram: DestinationUnknown5 Youtube: Local coverage: Thanks all! Eric Hildebrand D-21028
  2. I don't think that pulling a hook turn through the landing pattern is a good idea at all. And again, that's not my argument. I think I've been clear on that. I am sorry that I name called. I should never have done that... Good luck, very glad you're alive and have a great day! Laterz!
  3. Quote from you in: BSR proposal for canopy patterns "People are intentionally doing 270s (and more) into standard traffic patterns. I've been hit by such an individual. By pure luck, I am still here to tell you about it. Others have not been so lucky." And again... I recognize that I should have found a better avenue for discussing this.
  4. Firstly, I'm apologizing for not finding a more constructive manner in which to state my case. Secondly and primarily, I'm apologizing for being argumentative and confusing the the person I referenced did. He who was struck, Mr. Kallend, confused the issue too. This individual as you and I both know was not struck by a person doing a hook turn but by someone with bad judgment. So to cite this incident as evidence that hook turns are dangerous, ceteris paribus, is disingenuous. The question of whether or not doing hook turns through the pattern is dangerous, is not relevant to my argument. Using circumstances that aren't factual to support either side of the "hook turn debate," when a hook turn wasn't involved, is wrong. Cheers!
  5. You are right. I was drunk and angry when I posted this. My intention was to be argumentative and I apologize.
  6. You're very clever. I know that hookturns can be dangerous. The point still remains.
  7. Years ago, during Guy Wright's bigways, I watch Guy's cameraman spiral down to land with the general populus. Ultimately, he did a 90 degree turn to final and clipped a regular at 100-200 feet. was sent into line twists but subsequently kicked out just in time to land safely. This local has complained about hookturns and cited this incident as "evidence" that hookturns are dangerous, since it's happened. Straight up... one idiot made a huge mistake and the other idiot used it as hookturn propaganda ever since. Sometimes the stories you hear (this one included) aren't 100% factual. Remember... The idiot always has the right of way!
  8. This has been posted before but I thought that I'd make another one (because I felt like it.) For as much time as many of us guys spend on the internet, we could stand to spend a little more! The following link is to an internet game that's growing in popularity. Many of us are playing "Rule The Seas" regularly here at Z-Hills and it aligns nicely with our annual Skydive City Pirate Day. We are all a bunch of pirates in life, you might as well mug, kill, maim, pillage and plunder with the DZ gang. Check it out, if you learn to play the game it's really quite fun. Below is the link and look me up if you sign up and need help. Username: skydive4life
  9. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what's up with Greg Compton? IM me if you wish. Eric Hildebrand
  10. At our DZ, there is a sign posted "that skydiving and just being here is dangerous." I believe that it states... "if you cannot accept these risks then please leave." Let's not forget that the spectator area can be very dangerous too. Just being at the DZ can get you killed. There is a whole slew of potential lawsuits waiting to happen. Ever see a jumper take out a spectator? How bout the day a "no-pull" takes out grandma? Or when little Johnny witnesses a "low-hook" fatality? It's a real shame!
  11. I may be a "metrosexual" but check out the set of coconuts on Randy. Oh, and ROK, I'll take a bottle and the "80's man" will take a miller light.
  12. -----We teach students to steer with the main (dominant) canopy with gentle toggle input because it is SIM compliant and mostly for the reason that rear riser control can be more sensitive to control input then when using toggles. Using matched canopies for the main and reserve if one canopy is set in brakes and the other is not, the toggles may need to be adjusted (lowered) until the canopies fly together (which must be taught as well).------ I appreciate your standpoint! However, I believe that it is easier to explain the concept of flying with rears than it is to explain that "after you release the toggles, the two canopies may not fly at an even pace, so now you must compensate, and fly it in brakes as if they were stowed." Again, I believe that it is a situational dependent malfunction and I am certain that I am not certain. The easiest route, SIM compliant or not, is that the least amount of input in a stable configuration is probably best. IMHO.
  13. In response to the bi-plane scenario: In agreement with one of the other posters, I believe rear risers of the more dominant canopy would be a better response. Releasing the brakes only causes things to happen faster and likely could cause separation. Having never actually been in this scenario (Thank God), I only speculate that that is what I would do. Everything is situational dependant. I respectfully disagree with the SIM on releasing the brakes. In the malfunction video that we present to our students, in the bi-plane scenario, the pilot releases the toggles, and just as the video fades to black, it appears that a violent situation starts to occur.