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  1. towerrat

    Is this canopy okay to jump?

    it depends on the location.Go have it looked at
  2. towerrat

    Mark Curto

    Blue skies Mark. The DZ isn't the same without you.
  3. towerrat

    Are you scared of your reserve?

    I have 19 reserve rides over 4,000 jumps. I have a hard deck and I stick to it, both tandem and sport jumps. If I feel I can't safely land my main by my hard deck, I use my emergency procedures. It's worked so far. If you ride in a malfunctioning main, you are in most cases very foolish. When in doubt, whip it out
  4. towerrat

    Florida Instructor instructors

    Bram Clement is in Z-Hills for instructional ratings.
  5. towerrat

    Bozeman Skydivers

    I just found it in two seconds using my search function.
  6. towerrat

    Stupid question, i know

    so what's your question?
  7. towerrat

    Ponds in Florida

    I'm pretty sure the lake wales pond is dead. Z-Hills has a nice pond but you need to get a low pass to swoop it. It's also fed directly from a well so the water isn't stagnant.
  8. towerrat

    Whuffo myth about breathing

    clicky no worky..... but it's all a bunch of b.s. You don't breathe, you die. Simple really
  9. towerrat

    opinions on possible next canopy

    why limit yourself to just a couple of canopies, especially if you think the manufacturer has bad customer service? There are a lot of canopies out there, try them all. I would demo anything I could get my hands on personally. I recently aquired a Crossfire 109 which seems to be a fantastic canopy. Don't limit yourself.
  10. towerrat

    First skydiving injury- July 13

    are you really doing high performance turns on a crossfire with sixty five jumps and three years in the sport? If this is true........ my humble opinion is that you should use your head for something other than a hat rack......
  11. towerrat

    More Packing Tips

    I let the weight fall over one shoulder and just use my left hand to push the canopy away from my body. hope that helps
  12. towerrat

    Skydance Friday

    are you really loaded at 1.6 and change with 136 jumps? Hope ya don't die..... edited to add: I wouldn't jump with you, I'd be afraid you would burn in on my load......
  13. towerrat

    OK... So where should I go?

    Z-Hills baby!!!!! Turkey Boogie Christmas Boogie New Year's Easter Boogie GITTER DONE!!!!!
  14. look in the classified section of this site. I have sold two rigs through
  15. towerrat


    I recently received the new pair of Birdman Pantz I ordered at the WFFC.I can't say enough good things about them.They are extremely stylish, well built and above all else, they really work well.I was amazed at how powerful my legs felt while tracking. I also found them easy to sit fly in, and I'm sure learning head down will be easier. As an RW flier just learning to freefly, I was concerned with my ability to insure proper seperation on break-off without my RW booties.This is not a problem anymore. Try them, they rock!