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  1. I've had several cutaways. Everything from them landing on the DZ to hunting in the woods for hours on end to flying around in a Cessna to spot it. One I had was on a brand new canopy with about 50 jumps. It was right when crossbraced canopies came on the market so I got an Icarus FX 99. I was shooting a tandem video and the spot was VERY long by the time we got out. Spinning line twists and I had to chop it. There was no outs anywhere near where my canopy was headed so I headed for the DZ with my main behind me where I couldn't keep an eye on it. Searched for days for it with no luck. Ended up buying a new canopy. About 18 months later the DZO called me and said she had a suprise for me. When I showed up that weekend there was my canopy in perfect condition. Turns out one of the pilots was hunting with a friend and they got to talking about skydiving for some reason. The other hunter says I've got one of the parachute things hanging up in my garage that I found near one of my hunting blinds more than a year ago. The pilot told him they were expensive and that someone would surely want it back but the guy didn't want to give it back. The pilot offered him $50 and brought the canopy out to DZ. Like I said it was in perfect condition so I packed it up and jumped it. I ended up selling it soon after because the opening on that thing were horrific.
  2. I had almost the same thing happen to me 2 weeks ago. I was playing 1/2 live and had about $560 in front of me. I picked up JJ on the button with about five limpers. I raise to $20 and get one caller. Flop is QQJ He stares me down and then checks. I think he hit something so I bet out $40 and he goes all in for $495 WTF. I call and flips over AQ and hits Quads on the turn. The only thing that gets me about this is if he wasn't such a bad player and make a bet 6x the pot in a deepstack game. I would have seen the turn and been able to get off the hand. But so goes the game.
  3. We used to have "swoop" he was a chocolate lab. We had to put him to sleep last year though.
  4. RIP Lee. My heart goes out to you Brandy. Jeff
  5. Kitcho's is a great litte sushi place and Marie Livingstons is a steakhouse. There is also Harry's which is cajun seafood. Your question is kind of vague but these are some places I like to go. If you are looking for something more specific let me know and I can point you in the right direction.
  6. The Nissan trucks are great. I have the 4 door Frontier. A very good friend of mine has the Titan and we both love them. The Nissan truck drive better than the Toyotas IMO. Mine is only 2 years old but I have never had any problems with it.
  7. It depends. Some one with 5000 probably doesn't need to stay as current as some one with 50 jumps. Hence the differences in USPA currency requirements.
  8. I'm pretty sure Mike Mullins DZ near Memphis will do it.
  9. I would call the manufacturer of the rig you want to get rated on. They can give you info for the IEs in your area. Give a few of them a call and see if they can put you through the course.
  10. I've won some lottery in the UK twice in 3 weeks. It's true, I have the emails they sent me to prove it. I'm going to quit my job tommorrow and then claim my prizes.
  11. Maybe we should put in in tha bag and stow the lines too. That would make it easier on the the person we are paying
  12. I'm going to try shutting off the main and testing the breaker. I have unplugged everything and turnd the switcthes to off, but it still won't reset. Thanks for the help.