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  1. For some reason my thread keeps on getting flagged as NSFW, even when I unclick the NSFW box. What gives?
  2. I had an off DZ landing after a balloon jump a couple of weeks ago and landed on a rough dirt path. When repacking I noticed a small hole in the tail - see photo attached. Is this something that I should get patched right away or is the canopy okay to jump for now?
  3. Thanks for the replies. To answer a few questions, I admit that I was preoccupied dealing with the situation and did not look at my altimeter until I had resolved the problem. Had I pulled lower or been on a smaller canopy as julius suggested, I could have been in real trouble. As to how I stow my lines, I single stow the locking stows and double stow the rest of the way (this is how I was taught). I've been doing this since I started packing on my own and have never had problems before yesterday (this is a rental rig, but I have a semi-stowless bag for my own gear, which should be ready to jump in a few weeks). I've been jumping the same rig and canopy for over 1 month and haven't had any problems prior to yesterday. The tension knot theory suggested by ronkhensley seems plausible, but interested in other theories as well...
  4. So I had a weird situation occur on two jumps today, both exactly the same way. On both jumps, I was part of a 3-way belly group. We broke off and tracked away at 5K, and I deployed at 3.5K. Upon deployment, I saw the canopy snivel for a couple of seconds, and then I was sent into a sharp right turn that resulted in 7-8 line twists on the first jump and 5-6 on the second jump. The canopy was at maybe a 35-40 degree angle from normal, and I was seriously ready to cut away. However, I eventually managed to kick out of the line twists. After kicking out of the line twists, I looked up and noticed that I had a right end cell closure, which I fixed by pumping the brakes. After I dealt with the above, I was around 1,500 feet and landed without incident. I'm not sure why the above occurred, and two times in a row. I pack for myself and have never had this happen. In fact, I was extra careful packing on the second jump since I wanted to avoid any potential packing errors that may have caused the first incident. I guess I was hoping I might get some input from the crowd, either explanations or advice. Thanks in advance!
  5. I spent just under $4,000 working towards my A-License, which included 3 attempts at level 4 and some tunnel time. Been renting gear for a couple of months, and just splurged on new custom rig (container, main, reserve and AAD) and jump suit, which cost me another $9,000. Then, as others have said, add in the cost of beer, gas, hotels, etc.
  7. Ordered my RW suit in person on 14 August and received an initial production date of 18 December. Opted for rush service and the production date was moved up to 23 October. Received notice on 17 September that my suit was about to enter production. No word yet on when it will be ready for pickup.
  8. This is the design I'm planning to submit for my order this weekend
  9. Hello, I am a skydiver still on student status in the United States. I have been receiving my training from a very reputable drop zone. I will be in the UK in a couple of weeks and wanted to find out whether I would be allowed to do solo jumps at any of the drop zones? I have already successfully completed my AFF course, hop and pop and four solo jumps. In total, I have 18 jumps so I'm nearly there in terms of qualifying for my A license. Any recommendations, advice, etc would be much appreciated.