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  1. cocheese

    New guy.

    Once obsessed with the taste of flight, you will walk the earth with empty pockets and big ass grin. in other words,... you will spend all your money on whatever form of flight you choose. Hotel California, kid.
  2. cocheese

    Finished AFF

    Free at last! Congratulations. Today is one of the greatest days of your skydive career. Cheers.
  3. cocheese

    Fast learners

    There should be a test to determine what size canopy one is allowed to jump. These numbers should go on a card which is signed by a dzo. Like proof of insurance, it should be required to buy/jump a smaller canopy. The new jumpers can thank those with mad skills for these changes.
  4. cocheese

    Flashback to WFFC 2000

    We were supposed to remember which year was which? Shit. It's all a big blur of good times.
  5. cocheese

    Lansing, Michigan area

    Skydive Tecumesh has a PAC 750XL. 8 Minutes to 14,000. They drink Labatt Blue in bottles. That's all you need to know.
  6. With a parachute that big, you might not notice any changes at all. It's sort of like the difference between a 300 foot boat vs a 280 foot boat. The parachute may fly different as no two are alike. Learning when and how fast to flare is something you have to learn on your own. I used to wait until my feet were 10 feet high then stab it. Just make sure you finish the flare before you hit the ground. This tip might help: Take some of the slack out of the lines before you flare. Then tap your feet together (this sends a signal to the brain that you have landing gear to use and protect)....get ready and flare all the way.. in one smooth fluid motion. Flare speed can vary with head winds etc. Practice up high and feel what is going on up there.
  7. cocheese

    Back to the Future II

    Sweet. Thanks for the pics. Sorry about the fatality.
  8. cocheese

    2 Otter Hybrid Attempt

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish i could be on that dive. I can picture the Parachutist cover shot right now. Good luck everyone!
  9. The team wants to add the name or is it just the wannabe that wants this? Does everything have to be a like Make a Wish foundation?
  10. Crack babies. "Dad can i have another $100. Just 5 more minutes PLEASE????"..............
  11. cocheese

    more questions from the newbie

    Freeflying is cool. Freestyle is gay.
  12. cocheese

    Skydive Tecumseh

    Made my first jump there in 1987. Been there almost every weekend during the season for the past 10 years. Skydive Tecumseh keeps getting better every year. New owners are motivated to make everyone happy and are constantly improving services. No drama. No waiting to get on a load. No problems. I have not found a better dz in Michigan than Skydive Tecumseh
  13. cocheese

    Tennis balls

    Take a tennis ball up with you on your next jump and see if you can fly with it.
  14. cocheese

    Come play at Elsinore

    Keep your hands off my future wife Melanie.