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  1. cocheese

    Buying my own rig for AFF

    Sweetie, I tell people with money that there is no reason not to have the best gear money can buy. And the best training as well. Please invest in time at a dz even if it means travel etc. Would you want your instructors to learn everything from the internet instead of real experience before they send you out the door? Start planning a jump vacation today. Time tics fast. Lots of love.
  2. cocheese

    Buying my own rig for AFF

    Spend more time at the dz than this website. You have way too many posts for an unlicensed jumper. Don't even waste time replying to me.
  3. cocheese

    Short Term Skydivers

    We never know when we will see our sky friends again, no matter how many jumps they have.
  4. cocheese

    Downsizing Canopies.

    I always say "If you can't land your canopy in front of the pop machine at the dz like you're in Mt. Dew commercial, then you're not ready to downsize yet."
  5. cocheese

    New guy here... How dangerous is this stuff?

    Keep this in mind: Many people get hurt at the dz when they are not jumping. You will also lose more skydiving friends from other causes like cancer, suicide, motorcycles, cars, violence, etc. The moral of the story is: Live and love however you want, but try to be safe so you can keep doing it.
  6. cocheese

    Stiletto 150 for Wingsuiting?

    Chopped my Samurai 150 on wing suit jump#23. Loaded at 1.6 It was the 2nd chop for that canopy in 800 jumps. Lost the freebag/pilot chute and had to take a Monday plane ride to find the main. Done wing suiting until I have a wing suit friendly kit.
  7. cocheese

    It's Pronounced 'Stiletto'

    It's still ghetto.
  8. cocheese

    B-17 jump :)

    Just teasing you, man. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.
  9. cocheese

    So what do you see in this video?

    Clothing choice indicates possible hypoxia before he put the rig on.
  10. cocheese

    B-17 jump :)

    No. You're just going to have to do it again. Look for the HUGE wingspan in your face. It takes up the whole screen on the video.
  11. cocheese

    what in your mind when you see this

    The hoodie thread?
  12. cocheese

    B-17 jump :)

    Dude you missed the coolest view ever by not looking up immediately after exit. The coolest thing is: Nobody has ever said it wasn't worth the money. And..... I got my ride for $10 in a raffle. Glad they are still offering this rare experience. We are a huge hazard to those planes, so let's keep it careful up there, everyone.
  13. cocheese

    green light does not mean GO!

    With the right canopy choice, wind speeds, and pull altitude, I don't mind too much about being a little off on the spot these days. Putting a gallon of fuel in the air per jumper, bothers me more.
  14. cocheese

    A Really Good Day

    ..And how does the camera gal know if she's getting shot by a 2 finger gun or if she's getting the pull sign? edit to add: " No. YOU pull!"
  15. cocheese

    Whats missing?

    This hasn't caused any incidents yet, so it's as safe as a hoodie.
  16. cocheese

    B-17 jump :)

    It's good stuff. Beware of snag hazards while "touring the plane". A feet first exit facing the tail and then go to back fly will give you an awesome view of the wingspan after exit. Nowhere will you ever see that kind of view again. Absorb the history of it all and what it may have been like for those kids that rode that bird over seas to battle.
  17. cocheese

    New guy.

    Once obsessed with the taste of flight, you will walk the earth with empty pockets and big ass grin. in other words,... you will spend all your money on whatever form of flight you choose. Hotel California, kid.
  18. "get over it people. One guy started a thread because he thought there might be an issue, and then for whatever reason just wouldn't back down when it appeared that his concerns were unfounded. His unwillingness to admit that he was wrong doesn't make his position any more valid. " Dude, you get over it. I'm not wrong that there is a potential hazard. Just because nobody posted an actual incident here in the past 2 days means nothing. Yes I agree the risk is small. But shit happens... more often to dumb people ...who don't try to minimize risk. Everything we wear has been caught on something at one time. So anyway, your unwillingness to admit that there is a risk of unwanted hazards doesn't make your position any more valid either. It's cloth pilot chute, the size of your head, around your neck. Yep, "no way anything can go wrong with that. Never has, never will." Sounds a bit stupid to me. As for being taking seriously and my post numbers.... That's why I try to stick to Bonfire. I'm a joke and I know it, but I take every jump seriously. Peace out.
  19. cocheese

    Why skydiving is the best sport ever

    Sometimes it is the new people that make this the best sport ever. Seeing you see the sport with new eyes is pretty cool too.
  20. I'm going to wear a foil hoodie on my next jump. I think that's a great idea. Plus it would look really cool.
  21. So Homer's milk went bad and created a methane gas which was sparked by static. This is why we don't drink milk past the expiration date. So why do people wear hoodies on a jump? Does it keep you warm on any part of the dive? Do you not wear a helmet? Do you wear the hood over your head after opening? Should they be an option on new jump suits? Do you take out the draw string? Have you ever had a violent cutaway situation? Has another jumper ever caught themselves on any part of your gear during a dive? Go ahead and think less of me for THINKING there are possible hazards with a hoodie. And like I said.. I will think less of you for NOT thinking there are possible hazards. Fair enough?
  22. It just doesn't seem right to see 5000 jump jumpers defending the right to have a big piece of fabric flopping around your neck. It could catch on the plane or aircraft you are jumping from in an emergency exit. It could do the short's pocket thing to a burbled pilot chute. It could catch on your Go Pro or helmet cams that caught a line. It could wrap around your lines in a violent cutaway situation, It could make a canopy wrap worse. etc etc. Would you want a student wearing that stuff? Now a student thinks since Chuck and Dave said it was ok..... I'll wear this stuff.. And we have another poster above that thinks the moral of the story is to wear clothes that fit. How about: Don't wear street clothes because they present unwanted hazards on a dive for nothing in return. Yes I wear gloves on every jump even if it's hot. But I don't wear scarves, hoods, floppy clothing, packing tools, jewelry, or things I think could and have caused problems to a jumper. And I don't look up to jumpers with more jumps than me when they set a bad example or do things I think are not a good idea. Like Mr. Bill jumps and hoodies, I'm a "dick-licker" for thinking they are wrong. Oh well that's fine. But if we get one jumper to think safer from this thread, my job is done. If we get one jumper to think all these 5000 jump guys said it was not a hazard then I guess your job is done as well. Cool.
  23. I tuck my laces in before every jump.
  24. As with any unnecessary item on a dive, there are things that haven't happened yet, but may happen. There are things you never thought of happening. Long hair has caused problems, wedding rings have caused lost fingers, shorts pockets have been entangled with pilot chutes, nipple rings have torn out nipples, t-shirts have been pulled over a jumper's right arm at pull time. Keep making excuses for unnecessary items on dive for your own comfort. I'll keep thinking you're not that bright. Deal?
  25. See.. a draw string = another hazard. Keep thinking of how the hood could get in the way on a jump, kids. Don't let these 5000 jump wonders tell you it's ok to be stupid just because nothing has happened to them and their dzo does it.