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  1. AggieDave

    Swooping without front risers

    I've seen the harness only approaches and even a guy who used rear risers to start his turn (no he didn't swoop very well with his "special" technique). You can swoop with it, but you won't swoop as well. Part of the power that comes from the roll out comes from having gotten out from under the canopy. Hard to do that as aggressively or well with harness only.
  2. AggieDave

    Canopy Recommendations???

    The Sabre and Sabre2 are similar in these ways: 1. They're made by PD 2. They're 9-cells 3. They both have "sabre" in their name. That's where the similarity ends. So don't discount a Sabre2 until you can demo one.
  3. AggieDave

    Nikon d600/d800?

    Supposedly Nikon addressed the mirror/oil issue that was flinging oil onto the sensor and there is a serial number range to avoid (very first production run). What kind of photography are you doing? If I was doing landscape, portraits or fine art photography, I'd go with the 800. If I was shooting anything with a bunch of movement (sports, etc) I'd lean towards the 600 due to shot rate and overall file size. The wireless support on the 600 is really cool and a cheap accessory. For the D800, not so much. So if you want wireless tethered shooting, the 600 has it for now. If you already bought the 7100 and have Nikkor glass, is all of that glass DX? If it's all DX glass then I would go with the 800 if for no other reason that with the sensor and MP crop to fit the DX glass, you're still basically shooting at the resolution of a 7000. Unless you need the addition of 1.5 fps burst rate. As for the LR support, you know that it won't be long until an update to ACR is released. Until then you could use ViewNX or shoot in Jpg. I'm a big fan of LR4 and understand the problem, but I wouldn't base a camera body purchase on software (especially when in a few weeks it'll be a non-issue).
  4. AggieDave

    Canopy help wanted

    Sounds like you need a Comp Velo 96. It's a good 7-cell... Not really, take a good look at the PD Storm and PD Spectre, both are 7-cells, both open and fly very well. PD will send you demos to try out.
  5. AggieDave

    Felix's Leap of Faith painting

    That's cool! It'll look great spread out on a wall!
  6. AggieDave

    trouble breathing while jumping.

    Did you have a jumpsuit on? That can hamper your breathing, since in freefall the air pressure is actually forced into and absorbed by your exposed skin. It's either that or anxiety, even money you had your mouth wide open the entire skydive. 99.99997% of new jumpers tend to do that. The air hitting your open mouth makes it harder to breath for some.
  7. AggieDave

    Crossfire2 vs Katana

    Yes. A lot and I wouldn't say that the openings are more reliable.
  8. AggieDave

    Liability Insurance for Instructors

    There isn't any. That is why every single person signs a "release of liability contract" (aka a waiver) if they want to go skydiving.
  9. AggieDave

    green light does not mean GO!

    My favorite is kneeling in the door of an Otter on a solo hop-n-pop specific to swoop train on the pond. When the green light comes on I'm still watching the spot, since I want the *perfect* spot to put me in the best place to allow me the time to pull in the RDS and get cleaned up. There is always some semi-experienced jumper (100-500 jumps) saying "Hey, GREEN light, go!" I just smile at them and go back to my task at hand. All of that crazy spotting usually only takes 2-5 seconds if the jump pilot is worth a damn, which is an eternity to some jumpers. That, however, is spotting for me and me only. When spotting a full Otter load of jumpers at altitude, it is a compromise for the whole load. The first group will need to buck winds a little to make their downwind leg and the last group will need to float it in a little to make their downwind leg.
  10. Out of general curiosity, who spotted the load and what was the malfunction? Any reason why you were unable to stay and help with the search?
  11. AggieDave

    Preparing to camera fly;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  12. AggieDave

    Best skydive video ive ever seen

    I'm a little confused, the video says it is someone's 100th but everyone has their clothes on, so obviously it wasn't someone's 100th jump!
  13. AggieDave

    Turn Mechanics and G loading

    My technique is a little different. Starting double then pulling in on the turn direction until I approach the last 180 degrees, then everything is pulled in and aggressively pushed over with the harness and risers. The best way to describe it is you're taking your canopy and throwing it to the ground as hard as you can. It's great when you're rolling out of a downwind run for distance. It really sucks if it is a downwind zone acc run! When you do it right it'll feel like you just lit off a rocket motor as your roll out of the turn. If you do it wrong you'll air-ball the shit out of your swoop.
  14. AggieDave

    Wind and Landing Direction

    They invented those a very long time ago and called them tetrahedrons. At my old (and now closed) DZ, we had one as well as a windsock. You could see the big triangle pointing the way from 5k with no problem. Although we did have to tell new jumpers (to the DZ) "eat the carrot, follow the arrow" after we had a few rocking downwinders from low time jumpers.
  15. AggieDave

    Course Markers

    E-mail Al. Then open your check book, those high quality course markers cost some money. For training I used pool noodles that I cut in half and put in the ground using a small section of wooden dowel (since they would easily break and fall over if someone hit them). I would use those to mark zones and spray paint the lines between them with ground paint.