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  1. I know a lot of people (myself included) use low drag risers for everything. For way more than 500 jumps as well. As with all your gear, Just keep an eye on them and look after them.
  2. I'm happy jumping in 25-26kts (28-30mph) as long as it's clean and no turbulence, but my issue is the gust difference. Nowadays if its more than 9kt (10mph) difference I'm probably staying on the ground. The safety of my passenger and myself is more important than being that "hotshot" that'll jump in anything or getting paid for that jump.
  3. NZA will usually make a canopy in any size you want. Unless something has changed.
  4. Good choice. Maybe not the wingsuit part, those things are dangerous but I'm glad you've made the right canopy choice. I stopped reading after seeing this so apologies if anything has changed. Edited to add: It seems you have the right attitude and listen to those of us that have been there, done that, and seen friends go because of it. Keep that attitude mate, nice one, just maybe ask before you try things in future, for example the 180's, there are other reasons they're not advised over your own safety so there may well be things you overlook. Also think about canopy courses, you'll learn a lot and be way more suited to making a change like this in the future. For what its worth, I did my first 500 jumps on a Safire 170 before working my way onto crossfires, it was a good move as I made mistakes on it that could have been a lot worse on other canopies. I now compete regularly on a Petra 66 with (touch wood) no metal work, slow and steady really pays off! Cheers Max
  5. This too! It's like how the driver of a car never gets car sick...
  6. I haven't read the whole thread but my observations are that the issue comes from incorrectly placed hip junctions. On 90% of passengers if they are in the correct place the belly band does not need adjusting after gearing up to jump. I have seen people that placed them in the wrong place or loosened the belly band before tightening up lower connectors have countless people spew each week, but once they changed this part they haven had one since (hundreds and thousands since). If the hip junctions move during this phase it allows the legstraps to change position and cut flow through the femoral artery causing dizziness and nausea. The hip junctions should be on the front of the hip bones more often than not with a tight belly band so when you tighten the lowers the belly band keeps these in place and the tension comes from the hip junctions on the hip bones allowing the rest of your harnessing job to stay as it was when you put it on. 2000 tandems, 0 people sick.
  7. We have done some experimenting with different size removable sliders on various cross-braced canopies and came to the conclusion that sliders can be too big. If the rings are too far apart it allows the canopy to spread and inflate more quickly before the slider comes down. So in conclusion the proportionally smaller slider on your bigger canopy will be restricting the inflation somewhat more than it will on a smaller canopy.
  8. From a swooper's point of view I think that would be awesome. From the point of view of someone who spent over a year developing and releasing an app I think I would stay well clear! to get it reasonably decent will not be an easy feat and cost a fair bit in development! Great idea if someone else takes it on though
  9. How long do you have for your degree? I'd personally say stick with the degree, work/pack part time to keep around the sport then make your decision when you have a fallback (your degree). This is coming from someone who started working in skydiving full time at 21, I'm now coming up 28 and don't have anything to fall back on so my only options when i decide to stop doing tandems and video full-time are to coach, go back to an entry level job as a 17 year old would get, or start a business, the latter is the direction I will probably take with coaching and tandems to help the pay initially. I do wish I had more options and qualifications though. That being said, I worked for a law firm for a year as a paralegal/"trainee lawyer". It was the most stressful year of my life!!
  10. You mentioned Tonfly. We mainly use the 2x here in Dubai and it works great for filming tandems with a GoPro and Canon SLR. Max
  11. To make it simple: After completing AFF you are still a student and will be treated like a student (Wind limits etc) Once you have your A licence you will be a certified skydiver with a lot more freedom.
  12. This is not the right progression and is very bad advice. The VK's and Leias are not suitable as a first crossbraced canopy! You should still fly a Velo/JVX for a long time before moving to these new wings and be very current when you do! Have a look at the NZA website, They have these requirements to fly a Leia: "1500+ jumps 500+ jumps on a crossbraced canopy at a 2.0wl or above 250+ jumps (minimum) in the last 12 months A reference from a coach or experienced competitive swooper" And from Pd on the Valkyrie: "The Valkyrie was designed for expert skydivers who are already experienced and highly competent on high performance, cross braced canopies. If you’re jumping a Velocity or Comp Velocity and want to take it to the next level, this is the canopy for you." Too many people are already going to these wings before they should and it is going to end in tears/coffins (It already has for a few people) I don't mean to jump on your comment but it is a very worrying one. Edited to add PD's view on the matter aswell.
  13. Hey bro, I haven't read the whole thread as i assume it will be much of the same answers that you find on all these posts. What I will say is this: You have coaching with Nick next month, don't change anything you're doing now until you get him to look at and pick apart your turn. He will, more than likely, change it entirely and you will be back to square one but with a shit ton more advice, knowledge, and experience helping you. Have fun with the coaching mate, it will be worth every penny and more. Max
  14. the oldest set of shoes i have... rotate them down as necessary