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  1. mx19

    Swooping app for iPhone

    From a swooper's point of view I think that would be awesome. From the point of view of someone who spent over a year developing and releasing an app I think I would stay well clear! to get it reasonably decent will not be an easy feat and cost a fair bit in development! Great idea if someone else takes it on though
  2. For a start, working abroad you will most likely not have a bpa examiner on hand to renew your ratings, membership for uspa is cheaper, and a lot of dropzones you work for will require a uspa rating but not a BPA. Edit to add: I'm from England but only have a USPA, NZ and UAE rating and do not hold a BPA rating.
  3. Orange- Slightly more solid flight characteristics/ faster openings HMA- Slightly softer flight characteristics / much nicer openings Comp velo 84 at 2.6 used everyday for camera.
  4. i thought you were banned?
  5. mx19

    Sport Jumping in New Zealand

    The most sport jumper friendly dz in Taupo will be taupo tandem skydiving. Otherwise you may be lucky and be able to jump at one of the others (freefall or skydive taupo). Matamata (skydive waikato, about an hour north of taupo) is very receptive to sport jumpers and may well be busy this weekend as it's a bank holiday, they have 2 cesnas. Further north of matamata is Mercer which I haven't jumped at but they have a porter and sometimes go to 20k. Only other place I have jumped is ballistic blondes in whangerei which was awesome and they do regular beach jumps, they also have a small cesna though. Hope this helps.
  6. mx19

    Padded DBag Smaller Canopy...

    I've seen it done and work well.
  7. mx19

    Trouble with new Canon XS

    Just an idea as I have next to no clue about anything!! But have you tried changing the shutter speed to something like 1/400? May speed it up?
  8. mx19

    Skydive Lillo

    I haven't jumped at Lillo but have jumped a Ocana which is close to Madrid aswell, I loved it there, they were really friendly and on numerous occasions they came up to me as i was packing and said do you want to go on a 5 min call!
  9. mx19

    Filling in logbooks??

    From what ive been told anyone "A" licence and up can sign but its usually better to get "B" licence + MAx