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  1. wildcard451

    CA (dry) vs. FL (humid) Turn Initiation

    I was seeing density altitudes of -200 to -250ft consistently during FLCPA and Nationals. I was also turning comfortably 100' lower than normal (VA/NC). Also, we were routinely diving through thermal areas that are unfortunately due to the placement of the pond relative to the hangars and trailers at Zhills.
  2. wildcard451

    Saw something amazing

    Well, that's probably how they got to 6-10000 jumps.
  3. wildcard451

    Do you see anything wrong here?

    No it doesn't. It looks like a flattie saw a swooper with their risers out and thought it would be a good idea for freefall. Weird picture.
  4. Contact TK at Zhills. I think he is tkhayes on here.
  5. wildcard451

    avg skydiving specific costs/expenses

    Half your disposable income.
  6. wildcard451


  7. wildcard451

    Canopy thoughts

    Yes. And I don't think canopies can actually think.
  8. wildcard451

    Noob question...4 way scrambles?

    Show up that morning. Make 4 way teams out of whoever shows up. Usually with a experienced team captain, esp with noob scrambles. Compete. /done
  9. wildcard451

    Any good experiences in VA

    Real close to Quantico, within an hour - Skydive Orange. Good place, good people, love em to death. My official "home" even though I am currently on a surgically induced hiatus. Great after hours atmosphere. Good instructors, equipment yadda yadda. Currently with a twin otter. Further down 95 just a bit south of Richmond is VA Skydiving Center. this used to be West Point Skydiving, before they moved. Another quality group of jumpers, and used to have a great party atmosphere post jumping, though I am sad to say I have not been there since they moved, but from what I hear and see, they sure as hell are not slacking. I believe they have a caravan, as well as a warp drive powered cessna. If you feel like taking road trips.... Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures - new cessna start-up in New Market, VA. Great DZO, former president from Orange. Skydive Suffolk down towards Va Beach Skydive Delmarva up on the East side of DC. Never been to either, but never had a friend say anything bad about any other them Overall, you aren't going wrong anywhere in VA.
  10. wildcard451

    Flocking video

    Nice tracking dives.
  11. wildcard451

    firefly suit order

    Sounds like nothing has changed in the last 7-8 years since I ordered my suit. I hadn't heard anything for 8 weeks, called up to find out wtf was up with my suit, and then they made it over the next three days and sent it out to me. Suit was well made and has lasted close to 1000 jumps. Looking into the market for a new suit coming up... however, if customer service is still like this....
  12. wildcard451

    Skydiving for 15 year old?

    This seems like something that the BoD and the manufacturers could make happen pretty easily.