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  1. Oh look. People I remember.
  2. Today I think was my first time logging on here in 3 years.
  3. OMG LuckyMcSwervy is still around? Yikes! I ain't dead yet!! And you'd better stay that way til I can come have a drink with you.
  4. This looks a lot like the Thunderbirds crash a few years back, with the pilot ejecting. I believe that resulted from a mis-calibrated altimeter. I am not sure why there was energy being directed towards a populated area during acrobatics. Blue skies.
  5. We don't - but a ex-skydiver friend of mine has been harassing me for a long time. NO better reason to take a class and learn.
  6. Anyone been? Thoughts? Looking for a nice little beach honeymoon spot. Thanks.
  7. Perception. Judging by you responses it seems you still do not get it. People reacted to your question exactly the same way as the store did... This should tell you that you are: a) dealing with a bunch of morons, or b) not asking the question in the right way. I think "b" is more likely. HAHAHAHA - on this website he is also dealing with a bunch of morons that like to talk for the sake of hearing themselves talk. Skymama actually had one of the more well reasoned posts on this topic a page or so back. The one thing I am not sure if people mentioned was whether or not the rigging loft at this DZ is a part of the store or not or a separate company. If they are two separate entities I can see the company rep's indignation. SO a recap - a lot of people are calling you an idiot - I personally think that most of them are overreacting, and that your request wasn't unreasonable, however, you made errors: - You should make any negotiations when you have not spent any money yet, when you still have buying power and leverage - You probably got screwed by paying full MSRP since no one pays full retail, unless it is one or two canopies that you don't seem to have the sport experience to purchase Take this as a lesson. Also another lesson - you can't post anything on dz.com without a bunch of whining mother fuckers rushing to put you down just to make themselves feel better.
  8. Except I don't think he said it was part of the negotiations. I think he said it was AFTER he had spent the money. See first word in thread topic. I agree. It's still not unreasonable to ask. Though after they have your money they are much less likely to help you at all. Please name this gear store. Does not sound like people I want to give money to anyways.
  9. If you were going to do it you should have talked about a free assembly at the time you placed the order. And I would not call it unreasonable to work that into the original purchase deal when you dropped the cash. For everyone telling him it's unreasonable, give me a fucking break. When I go car shopping, negotiations are perfectly fine and if I'm paying cash or what not, you can be damn certain I am going to ask them to toss in something to sweeten the deal. It's great negotiation tactics. Asking a rigger to repack for free? Poor form. Dealing your way to a free assembly on the store's dime after you drop a ton of cash with them, not unreasonable at all. And on that note - why in the hell were you paying full MSRP on anything in the skydiving world? That should be your biggest complaint... (unless you were buying a select set of canopies that do not get any mark down)
  10. If / when I produce a few sex trophies - at least I have the equipment/skills to take the yearbook photos for them instead of paying retarded amounts of money.
  11. It depends on canopy type as far as performance goes. Competitors routinely jump cross-braced canopies well over placarded maximums. There does come a point of diminishing returns north of 2.8-2.9 or so where performance falls off dramatically (so I've been told, 2.72 has been my max WL on a Velo, and it flies wonderfully)
  12. I was seeing density altitudes of -200 to -250ft consistently during FLCPA and Nationals. I was also turning comfortably 100' lower than normal (VA/NC). Also, we were routinely diving through thermal areas that are unfortunately due to the placement of the pond relative to the hangars and trailers at Zhills.