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  1. Update! I changed my mind (again, lol), and ambitiously went straight to AFF level 1 and decided not to do a tandem. I just did AFF level 1 yesterday. The radio (mounted on top of my helmet) was definitely hard to hear, and I didn't make out some of my instructors commands. However, I felt the radio issue wasn't a big deal because I was confident in my canopy skills, and when to make my 90 degree turns for my landing pattern. I adequately prepared for all of this by reading the USPA booklet, studying the map/layout of the dropzone with key landmarks, and talking to my ground instructors. So, the radio issue wasn't a big problem at all. In fact, I could do without the radio. Anyhoo, I passed AFF level 1!
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. After doing a lot of thinking, I'm planning on starting out a tandem jump 1st. My situation is a bit unique; I'm hearing impaired (half deaf) and wear a hearing aid. I don't know how my hearing aid will respond by the wind noise and how that will impact me hearing the radio. Radio is probably going to be really crucial for AFF Level 1 since the ground instructors will tell you when to make the 90 degree turns for making the landing pattern and when to flare. I don't want to take any big risk (especially for my 1st jump), so I think I'm gonna play it safe with a tandem 1st. I will listen to the radio during my tandem jump and see if I'm able to hear well. If all goes well, I will progress to AFF Level 1.
  3. Planning on doing an AFF, but was wondering if I should lose some weight 1st before enrolling in.
  4. Thank you everyone for the helpful responses. One last question which is unrelated to my OP, how difficult is AFF Level 1? Do most people pass it? Thanks again
  5. Hi everyone, I'm planning on doing the AFF Level 1 sometime this summer. How big of a risk would it be not to wear my hearing aid during the fall? Because I understand you have to use the radio to land the canopy; obviously, without my hearing aid, I will not be able to hear from the radio. Does anyone here who skydives wears hearing aids (or knows someone who does)? The thing I'm worried about if I wear my hearing aid during the fall, they may get damaged. Thank you!