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  1. "A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others"
  2. I'm not about to call-out anyone on here. I had all the information and made the final decision. In any discussion I never really stressed my actual WL. I attribute it to: complacency, ego and ignorance on my part. It's all good. Thanks folks.
  3. Methinks he's a lawyer, or a reporter gathering information. he's no sky diver. Best- Richard I'm neither a troll or a lawyer. You guys are pretty quick to pounce. Yoink- I can take criticism no problem, I even welcome it. I called Bullshit to your troll comment and the unfamiliar acronym but that's 'water under the bridge' now (pun intended). I have decided that up-sizing is in my near future. I have nothing to gain by pushing the envelope and everything to lose. even a brand new rig. I have to find out how I got here though! Thanks again for all the input. we're not all trolls!!!!!
  4. wow!! Honestly I don't know what to think. I take my inexperience very seriously and value the mistakes & experience of others and for this I thank you all (except for 'yoink'. He can go to Hell) My confusion comes from all the coaches, JM's and DZO's I've interacted with in the last year and not until now has there been any hint of a red flag. I take full responsibility for my decisions on this. I must carry my weight well I think. I don't want to argue the point but help me understand:Please explain the flight characteristics of an 'extremely' WL pilot 168. High openings, conservative set up and landings. I haven't felt scared on no-wind days and do fine, I just come in fast. I take learning how to really fly this canopy seriously. Yes, the WL is out of control and I am prepared to do something about it. thank you for the concern.
  5. Aww come'on, it went like this: 23 landings on a student 270 43 landings on a 190 13 landings on the 168 I'm not doing 270 swoops and don't have a problem with landings. Sure, I gained a few pounds over winter at the same time as down sizing but I expect to fly this canopy a long time.
  6. Hey all, Maybe some one can ease my mind a little on this. My Pilot 168 says on the warning label "Maximum exit weight 269 lb.". I'm right on the cusp of this if not over. Should I worry about this? or the 1.6 WL? I figured its just a liability thing and have 12 jumps on it anyway.
  7. wow, awesome info and videos. thanks for all that. I have no excuses now.
  8. It's a Cessna DZ. I get on every load I can regardless of alt. I'm just stoked to learn too really fly my new canopy. I was just racking my brain on any little thing I can do at home in the mean time to help. Hence the 'target spotting video' idea. Thanks.
  9. Hello all, I would like to work on my accuracy on landings. The whole concept of looking for that point on the ground that isn't moving is where you'll land, is a skill acquired with experience. I only get to jump 1 weekend a month at best, and this does not help. If there were a compilation of POV straight in landings on-line I figure this would be a big help in training the eye in a non-stressed environment. I do realize there is way more to a good landing than just the final approach but its a simple exercise that can be done on the ground. You-Tube is hit and miss for the right POV. I don't have a huge problem with landings but I would like to 'nail-it' more often than not. Thanks for reading.