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  1. Anvilbrother

    Length of PD reserve slinks?

    Call them 1300 E. International Speedway Blvd. DeLand, FL 32724 USA Phone: 386 738-2224
  2. Anvilbrother

    Parachutist lands on pitch during game

    American here, what's pitch, all I see here is kicks.
  3. Anvilbrother

    Downsizing too fast?

    It's ok I got this guys. Ask your instructors/coaches/s&to what you should be flying. If you have to ask then in most cases yes. You will want to be at or better yet below a 1:1 wing loading, that means the weight of all your gear yourself and breakfast needs to not be over your canopy size in sq ft.
  4. Anvilbrother

    The Dropzone Diaries

    Pretty funny stuff
  5. Anvilbrother

    Calculating glide ratio

    Flysight gps logger looks like a good way to start.
  6. Anvilbrother

    Parachute canopy line types

    Visit the PD blog on YouTube, there are GREAT videos about them there.
  7. Anvilbrother

    U206 rollup door

    Looks real nice!
  8. I'm confused I see you said the first production will be a skydiving oriented design, then you say 10 seat, 8 seat, and 20 passenger capacity all in 2 lines... Large door on the left side, 1000-1500 fpm climb rate in 90 degree weather, high horizontal stab, door that seals well in cold weather. Pt6 engine 4 blade prop
  9. Looks like a fight they are loosing
  10. Anvilbrother

    Whuffos pointing out incidents

    Tell them we are all gonna die. At least some us are living.
  11. Anvilbrother

    What's wrong in this photo?

    Visor stickers limit vision, pretty long go pro mount?
  12. Anvilbrother

    Dave Brown Missing

    They said it was not a case of a missing skydiver situation, being Moab was he a base jumper?
  13. Anvilbrother

    ChutingStar Rules!

    I agree! I also love the new website and articles
  14. Its not just Whuffos, its about 40% of everyone where I jump. I take the time to step completely over, or walk all the way around rigs out of respect.
  15. Anvilbrother

    Big boy rental rig and liability

    what do you mean by this?