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  1. I just don't know if I should respond to this. Nah!
  2. Maybe not most but, close to half.
  3. I think we have been taught a very important lesson.
  4. The position of "my side" is simply: Hallelujah! Maranatha!
  5. Can you begin to understand the boiling undercurrent of anger in our nation? Half of this country is willing to go to war against the other half. How long Lord, how long?
  6. True enough. The subject and my point was about obtaining a job not a profession. A felon is not prohibited from working for a professional. Don't overlook the fact that a felon's wife could obtain the necessary license if needed. That also works for background checks when legally purchasing firearms. At least, that is what a client told me.
  7. It supports individual mental health. Sinners are usually mentally healthy.
  8. The more I think about this the more amusing it becomes, at least from the conceptual standpoint. Thus, I have to respond, against my better judgment, just to get it off my brain. First, convicted felons can and do own guns. The liberal Democrats have proven that. Second, we are not real sure whether voting is still a viable option. One thing is for certain, The conservatives had better start a campaign to register more like-minded voters and stop hoping that the registered voters show up. And, lastly, finding a job. These individuals will not likely seek employment from someone who would hold their conviction against them. It would be a plus in the South and the Mid-west.
  9. RonD1120


    Amen! My wife and I have chosen the Pella alternative.
  10. It is good to maintain your positionality in the short term for self efficacy.
  11. Without a doubt, we will "remember this day forever." I don't know what's next but something is coming. We all feel it.
  12. I'm just guessing but, is it because they are more cost effective and efficient during a climate change?
  13. Not all religions are the same. The ad was requesting Christian applicants for the office of chaplain. It was specific not general. It probably should have been worded "Christian" chaplain position open. If I owned a garage and advertised for an auto mechanic I would not be interviewing outboard motor mechanics. Again I state it is only a nuisance lawsuit. I guarantee that if the ad was for a chaplain and only Muslims should apply, no Christian would be suing anybody.
  14. As an ordained minister of the Gospel of Christ and having served as chaplain in several organizations, I look at it this way. The office of chaplain is for Protestant and Roman Catholics. The Hebrew faith has the office of Rabbi. The Muslim faith has the office Imam. Buddhists have the office of Bhikkhu and so on. IOW, it is a nuisance lawsuit.