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  1. No argument here. I am not a fan of organized religion. "No Religion Just Jesus."
  2. sfzombie13: You are arguing with people who advocate thought control as well as behavior control.
  3. "Racism only exists with racists. Others look for character." ~Unknown
  4. Thanks for asking. My wife is still under cardiac care from a stent emplacement last August and has residual bi-lateral pneumonia from Covid last October. She is strong in the Lord and His Holy Spirit and continues to co-manage our church food bank as well as our home.
  5. Thank you. I and my friends are at peace. We are prepared for the very remote worst. We are focusing on communal care. We are at that stage and we are drawing closer together. Our biggest question right now is, how long will they let Biden stay in office before tossing the ball to Kamala?
  6. Only if it takes place in my area of the mountains.
  7. I have personal knowledge dating back to the late '80s regarding Robert Tilton and Benny Hinn. The were/are fraudulent in their ministries. Bad singers do not change the meaning of the song.
  8. No, it has to do with the fact that i have simply lost interest. It is what it is. The last days and all.
  9. I have no idea, no knowledge of the incident.
  10. I have finally learned to see how things really are instead of how they should be. These are evil times with evil people, everywhere, in all facets of society and government.
  11. In my church there is controversy about taking the vaccine. Many have taken it, including my wife and I, but some refuse. Those refusing are not vocal with their reasoning. It comes across as, mostly, the government is not going to tell me what to do. To me that is very weak and not very enlightening. Some of us have had the virus and some of those have died or still suffering long term effects. My wife is in this situation. To date we have had 8,254 infected and 214 deaths. I would guess around 50% of the seniors are vaccinated. Getting an appointment is a stumbling block. Personally, I think it is better to be as safe as possible than to be as sick as possible.
  12. IMO: If you are a white cop in a major metropolitan area, resign.
  13. RonD1120


    Would the Q movement be more credible if it funded and organized rioting and violence as did Antifa and BLM? Those movements are also sociological groups that influenced the less informed voting public.
  14. God created man and woman. Liberal Democrats created the other genders. Sorry, I couldn't resist the setup.
  15. RonD1120


    From a sociological point of view, the Q movement organized millions of voters. That is impressive to me. It has remained an active topic here for over three years. IMO, it was brilliantly executed because it worked. Whoever the Q team was/is, they are still out there, in the shadows, waiting....