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  1. My interpretation of TK's post.
  2. I screwed up. I misread TK's post. I believe the moon landing was real.
  3. LOL Good one! How about Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assasin?
  4. In time. Jesus is coming soon. Maranatha
  5. I was going to post, sacrifices to Molech, etc.,but no one here understandstands "spiritual wickendness."
  6. Have you ever experienced the supernatural? If no, then the supernatural has no meaning. If yes, then you have some understanding and accpeptance. Oswald Chambers stated, "If Christianity is not supernatural then it is a sham." For me and those like me, it is not a sham.
  7. My point is that it is neither GOP or liberal Democrat. It is principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness. My hero is Jesus the Christ and the apostle Paul in this context.
  8. See where this is going. Tit for tat or one upsmanship. You can lead a liberal to water but first they have to analyze it to see if it is wet. I operate with the gifts of the Spirit, as to the best of my ability. See 1Cor:12.
  9. Yes, it is easier to worry about Soros, Obama and Biden and the evil they have wrought.
  10. Quoting that portion that I believe as a conservative right-wing Christian. Do you suppose it is a spritual problem? Do you think Baal, Molech and Ishtar are at work in America?
  11. I agree with your initial premise but the points mentioned are foreign to me. The Christian conferences I have attended believe the Covid lockdown was the primary reason. In my experience that holds true for right-wing veterans groups also. Scripture teaches that the great apostasy will occur in the last days. Is this just prophecy being fulfilled? "Church is not a building you go to, but a family you belong to." Jesus knows those who are His and listen to His voice.
  12. Here is another powerful interciew.
  13. I redently discoverd this guy on YouTube. He conducts some of the most interesting interviews I have ever watched. Shawn is a former Navy SEAL and CIA operator. A large number of his shows are with recent veterans and what they have been dealing with since discharge. Of particular interest to me was his encounter with Kristin (Chris) Beck retired Navy SEAL I invite you to check him out.
  14. That is a scary thought. None of my brothers or sisters have accused me of being in violation. However, I have to work out my salvation with the fear of God in mind. Only He can condemn a soul. Imagine dying, standing in front of Jesus Christ, realizing that you spent a lifetime rejecting Him, and hearing Him say, "I never knew you."