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  1. Jesus has not come yet. Maranatha!
  2. Republicans don't fight the Christians, Democrats do.
  3. "I would be paranoid less if I was wrong more." ~ Barry Chase, Fmr USPA Dir.
  4. The theocratic government will be established by and through Jesus Christ following the second advent and His defeat of His enemies. Read Revelation, Daniel, Ezekial.
  5. Catastrophe now defines the mission field paradigm. President Trump allowed the nation to see just how dirty, despicable and criminal the Democrats are. Republicans are not pure, but they are the best political course available at this time. We must cease living with good things and learn how to live with the bad things. We are plunging into the depths of a misery not known before in our lifetimes. Christians are now becoming the QRF for the suffering both in our nation and abroad.
  6. I am one of the "poor Americans" and I vote Republican because it is the best choice for what is right.
  7. I agree with the above, for the most part. Concommitantly, I believe we will be about 50 years into the millennium with Jesus the Christ on the throne in Jerusalem.
  8. If Biden is the Commander-In-Chief, why is he unable to close Gitmo? It is acutually expanding its facilities. "Let's go Brandon."
  9. We can only hope in faith. 2021 was a year of unexpected consequences, beginning 6 January. Maybe its time to stop accepting the things we cannot change and change the things we cannot accept.
  10. I appreciate BIGUN. Coreece nailed it. I've basically given up in here. Until you understand the cross of Christ, discussion is pointless. BTW: My favorite charity right now is Frontier Alliance International.
  11. Sad, sad news. I have known Cathy,and her brother Ed, since they first started jumping at Skydive Tampa Bay. She was a truly unique adventure girl. We made a night jump together when she was eight months pregnant with Myriah. This is just so hard to believe.
  12. Is it true, from the video, that all the Apollo missions data is lost, gone, destroyed?
  13. Like you, I place more value on subjective analyis than on objective. I want to feel something rather than look at something. Consequently, I search for new sources for feelings. Note, Capain Kirk is going into space and not Spock. He died, because he couldn't find new horizons.