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  1. More drama from the Lodi tandem course fiasco many years ago. Will be curious how this ends. https://www.justice.gov/usao-edca/pr/san-joaquin-county-skydiver-arrested-running-unauthorized-tandem-instructor-courses?fbclid=IwAR1J9K-54iAs7VHd8Pt3j4s50-FInjljkV9xBsKvgVhrnoQgwGF5Ho2DNWA
  2. Id advise against in air rigging and going lower than necessary. If you've made the decision to chop - then chop. One thing you can never have enough of is altitude. Would be shitty if you ate up 6k of altitude then had to deal with something on the reserve that required time and altitude. Keep it simple.
  3. Recognizing you haven't practiced landing on rears (and even that is not apples to apples when one side is in half brakes) this type of mal is why I highly recommend and teach to new jumpers to get comfortable with all control inputs as soon as possible. I did something almost identical and I should have known better. I landed my Velo loaded at 2.2 by taking two wraps of the 'good' toggle and landing on rears...however I had years of practice doing so (albeit not in half brakes). It was very natural and soft landing. I would not recommend that to anyone who has not practiced it. At the end of the day, its just money. You landed safely and made the right decision. Live and learn. Good job.
  4. Im gonna get back into photography since a 'retired' my sony CX and cannon rebel xt setup many years ago. Has anyone jumped the sony A6000 with Sigma 16mm lens? The lens is much bigger/heavier than the Sony pancake lens - but at 26oz not too much different than similar DSLR camera's like the SL1. Just wondering if the quality difference with the Sigma 16mm lens would be worth the weight/size difference. Also plan to fly with a GoPro for video. Was thinking the Tonfly 2.5x helmet might be a good choice - as long as I can use the pro mount link for quick detachment to fetch the card which is on the bottom of the A6000.
  5. Hi Doug. We had our child in February of 2019 and I purchased term insurance that specifically covers skydiving. Our insurance provider is Principal. The cost was 2 dollars per thousand of coverage, which was by far the cheapest I found. I actually have two policies due to the expense. 500K that covers skydiving and 500K that excludes skydiving. One policy that excludes skydiving is about 400. The other that covers skydiving is about 1400. I have super preferred rating based on physical. I found through the process that some insurance providers would downgrade your health status if Skydiving was included. That never made sense to me. I found Principal to be up front with everything and very easy to deal with. The policy that does not cover skydiving has an aerial exclusion...due to my answers to the questions on skydiving. The policy that covers skydiving doesn't have the exclusion. I only mention this since I had been expecting a 'rider' to cover skydiving but its not set up that way. Good luck and congrats! Let me know if you have any questions. Marcel
  6. You probably used one hand because that is what you do a million times after gearing up and while getting on the plane. Think about your routine - you touch your pilot chute and cutaway handle with your right hand, and your reserve with your left hand. You probably only practice the real cutaway / reserve sequence a fraction of the times that you touch your handles one hand at a time. This exact thing happened to me as well. Practiced two hands...but when it became show time - I used one hand each. Good job staying alive! Well done.
  7. I don't agree with that. I never got my TI because I didn't need the money. I teach AFF because I get joy out of teaching skydiving to new students. A good AFF instructor puts in a ton of work and is definitely not lazy.
  8. I don't think it matters if you are a skydiver, just state that in the insurance application. Of course it will cost more, but you'll be covered if anything happens. I spent 6+ months trying to find insurance that made sense for me and our family that covered skydiving. At the end of the day, I got two policies - one for a fee of $2/1000 of coverage with a general aviation rider that covers skydiving and a policy without the rider. I post as many skydiving photos as I want on social media.
  9. Good question. Maybe this is happening more than any of us would like to think it is? I dont know.
  10. I have seen two different AAD fires on AFF jumps (from the ground) at different places. I was able to narrowly avoid having it happen to me on a Cat E2 AFF several years back. Got the students reserve pulled at 2K. I have no problems with this BSR. The added information from factual reports may provide input for AFFI courses and added or better emphasis of training in different areas. If you're writing these reports regularly something is wrong. Seems like good information for our organization to have.
  11. IMPORTANT: RSL's and AAD's are not interchangeable. They serve very different functions. Also, having the RSL attached should not change your decision making process. Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen God is Good Beer is Great Swoopers are crazy.
  12. Probably, in part, because of this...and their response to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dvy7ywQK18 Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen God is Good Beer is Great Swoopers are crazy.
  13. That routing should only be done for hop n' pops in my opinion. I used to do it as well for competitions, but there is absolutely no reason to do it for freefall jumps. Equipment is getting very specialized. Its hard to have something that does everything well. If you want to freefall, gear up appropriately. If you want to competitively swoop, swoop your face off on a hop n pop. Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen God is Good Beer is Great Swoopers are crazy.
  14. Thats a pretty good option. Do you have to have a pilots license to be a member? I'll read up more on this. thank you! Regards, Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen God is Good Beer is Great Swoopers are crazy.
  15. I did a search here. Thought I'd do a final 'crowd source' before I pick a direction. I've been skydiving or been around it my entire life. I love it. I carry a mon-fri engineering job and pick a day on the weekends to jump. I'm fairly active, 200 - 300 jumps a year. I'm at the stage of my life where I want life insurance to protect my wife and any future family that we may start. Most life insurance policies will include skydiving for a flat extra rate of about $2.50 - $7.00 per 1k of coverage. For a 1M policy, that is a premium of $2,500 - $7,000 per year to cover skydiving. I'm very up front with the insurance companies that I explicitly want skydiving covered. Considering the costs involved, I see the following options for a 1M policy: 1. Pay the premium 2. Quit skydiving (for 2 years at least) 3. Get 2 policies: One that covers skydiving (say 500K) and one that does not. Anyone out there have an amazing company that charges less than $2.50/1K? I know some employers have options, but my death benefit is limited to 50K. Considering my mortgage in California, the 1M policy is my goal. I've looked into the USPA options and they come out to about $2.50/1K as well. Seems like if anyone would know the statistics it would be the USPA. Seems that is as low as it gets. Got any other good options? Thanks! Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen God is Good Beer is Great Swoopers are crazy.