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  1. I don't think it matters if you are a skydiver, just state that in the insurance application. Of course it will cost more, but you'll be covered if anything happens. I spent 6+ months trying to find insurance that made sense for me and our family that covered skydiving. At the end of the day, I got two policies - one for a fee of $2/1000 of coverage with a general aviation rider that covers skydiving and a policy without the rider. I post as many skydiving photos as I want on social media.
  2. jacketsdb23

    USPA Board Meeting

    Good question. Maybe this is happening more than any of us would like to think it is? I dont know.
  3. jacketsdb23

    USPA Board Meeting

    I have seen two different AAD fires on AFF jumps (from the ground) at different places. I was able to narrowly avoid having it happen to me on a Cat E2 AFF several years back. Got the students reserve pulled at 2K. I have no problems with this BSR. The added information from factual reports may provide input for AFFI courses and added or better emphasis of training in different areas. If you're writing these reports regularly something is wrong. Seems like good information for our organization to have.
  4. jacketsdb23

    Chest Strap Quick-Release Routing

    That routing should only be done for hop n' pops in my opinion. I used to do it as well for competitions, but there is absolutely no reason to do it for freefall jumps. Equipment is getting very specialized. Its hard to have something that does everything well. If you want to freefall, gear up appropriately. If you want to competitively swoop, swoop your face off on a hop n pop.
  5. Probably the Katana? I never liked the openings, but it can swoop.
  6. jacketsdb23

    FBI serve search warrant in Lodi

    Maybe people think bad things about Lodi because the folks involved in the fraudulent ratings courses are still allowed to jump and work there? But yeah I know, who likes rules and stuff. Who cares about ratings. USPA is useless and Sigma ratings don't mean anything. Its all overblown right? I mean there haven't been two, maybe three tandem fatalities or anything from instructors related to those courses.
  7. jacketsdb23

    AFF San Francisco

    Awwwww shucks Thanks for the kind words. I'm an instructor out at Tracy and would be happy to answer any questions you have. You can email me at jacketsdb23 at gmail or reach out directly to skydive california at www.skydivecal.com. Hopefully we can meet and you find what you are looking for. FYI we don't even have a bonfire, for risk of burning the state down
  8. You could try to get on the waiting list for Rich Grimms Exotic Boogies. Hits all the points you describe. I wouldn't call it cheap, but its not crazy expensive either. I would say it has lots of value. They are going to be in Belize this year and returning to Costa Rica (Rumor) next year.
  9. jacketsdb23

    Skydiving Logbook App

    I recently upgraded to a Samsung S8+ and can't get the files to upload from my Dropbox (or SD Card). Its unfortunate because I really like the app. I'll probably duplicate the info and start over but it would be really great if there was an app that was supported, in an ongoing manner. bummer.
  10. I can't imagine a true bail situation close to the ground where risers are the answer over toggles. A true stab out on toggles has got to be more efficient at getting your body under the canopy. I guess I could be proven wrong.
  11. Cool, so your the guy that shows up at another DZ and thinks the rules don't apply to you. Good to know. You probably could have left all of that out and had a decent conversation on what actually happened.
  12. jacketsdb23

    swoop shorts in stock?

    Well, if you want skydiving specific swoop shorts it might be tough to find something new stock. You can try searching classifieds. I just ordered a pair of bomber shorts with swoop mods from Action Air in Davis - 4 weeks, wasn't bad. It was reasonably priced for custom shorts. I find spending 400+ on swoops shorts a little steep. MX pants work great if you don't care about non-skydiving look. They are way more durable. I actually have had the same pair since 2010. Just put my first patch on it.
  13. jacketsdb23

    USPA CP Nationals Schedule

    They updated the schedule. Not much better. 2 days scheduled for CP.
  14. jacketsdb23

    New swoop league

    Super happy for the league up there. Hope its a great season for you guys. I know Brad has been very involved in the CA league and his passion for canopy piloting is clear. He's going to need lots of support - not just canopy pilots, but judging, course setups, materials, logistics, etc. etc. Hopefully I can make a few and support this new league. Good luck guys!