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  1. voilà. Time+Out!!+User+manual+-+01.pdf
  2. 100ft with my accuracy classic 304 (WL 1) for a 270 It was a bit higher on my VK (WL 2.8) as far as I remember
  4. French Atlantic coast. Mimizan, La Roche sur Yon, Royan, Soulac-sur-Mer,...
  6. 64 ohne Musterpruefung-EU.pdf
  7. I remember the Jonathan opens quite fast.
  8. In 2012 I bought a Nova 120 (DOM 1992) on ebay. It was like new, probably 10 jumps on it when it was grounded and never jumped again. I did a few jumps with it without an issue. As far as I remember I gave it to Brian Vacher from PDFT afterwards.
  9. I had a few spinning malfunctions where I did not get stable after cutting away (no RSL, velo, WL 2.5). I have video of one of the cutaways where I deploy on my back: My personal reason for not getting stable first and then deploying the reserve is that I believe it could easily take about 2000ft to get stable first, (which in combination with a jump from an altitude of 3000-4000ft which I often do seems too much) To develop a habbit of getting stable first is something I don't want to become part of my reserve procedure.
  10. opens like a VK as well. My VK RDS works great with the X-Fire.
  11. I jumped a thunderbow last year. It hurts.
  12. I jumped there in 2006. The Tokyo Skydiving club is located at the Honda Airport about 2-3 hours outside of Tokyo (train and bus). One ticket (credit cards where not accepted, cash only) was about 60$. They had a Cessna 208 at that time which could carry 8 skydivers only, because seats had to be installed for some reason. There were tandem instructors from Europe, so you could speak english and also the national 4-way teams (which usually train in the US) spoke english. You had to apply for a temporary japanese parachute associations membership in advance (50$). It was in 2006, I had no smartphone and it was quite hard to make the way back to Tokyo, because in that area all bus timetables, etc. were in japanese language only, and most of the locals do not speak english at all. I was there because a friend got married to a japanese girl, and had let him do the paperwork in advance. If you need any help, let me know, I could ask my japanese speaking friend to call the dropzone for details.