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  1. I m really curios to know what MARDs you don't like and for what reasons, PM welcome! Maybe using the opposite effect of a pirouette could help, get into a tight bodyposition before you cut away. If you end up spinning after the cutaway,, get wide, this will decrease your rate of spin, hopefully to the point where it is way easier to deal with it?! If the risers are not released absolute simultaneously, this should also have an effect, one way or the other, giving you less or more momentum to spin, depending on which one goes first (and what direction your main is spinning)?!
  2. It was for sure not a side spin, I was on my back. Only similarity being that it also happened after 30 years of jumping. :-) I have an overall "emergency experience" of about 25 cutaways, some pretty tough ones included, (some but not all.of fhose canopy formation related) but 80 - 90% of them not too much of a big deal. But this one hit me hard out of the blue. The very moment I cutted away, I found myself immediately in a very(!) fast flatspin, very(!) high forces, no chance to get it stopped or turned for way too long... Looking into angular momentum I found a possible explanation. Angular momentum consists of ground angular momentum and inherent angular momentum. As the sum of both needs to stay constant (as long as no "forces from.outside" come in to play to increase or decrease it), the inherent one needs to go up significantly the moment the ground one "collapses" = the moment you cut away... Private messages I received talk about the same kind of experiences. A danger I wasn't aware of - at least not to this extent - if it comes to ultrahighperformance parachutes and as fast as I spun I doubt that MARDs of any kind are the ultimate answer.... I gave all I had and it still.ended as a close call!
  3. Hi everyone, I wonder how many of you have experienced such scenarios, what you think caused them, and how you handled the situation. I had a really bad one recently....
  4. morris

    What happened to Z-bracing?

    Think about it, make a drawing if necessary... what could be the "problem" with that very design? what is it "lacking"? especially if it comes to the central 3 out of 5 given cells between linegroups?
  5. morris

    Speed Tracking World Record 2012

    Hi Marc, while I like the idea, you´d need to specify what you are really looking for. Is it a) the average horizontal speed for a given time or altitude? Or is it b) nothing but the horizontal topspeed? If it´s b) you might encounter a problem! If you set any kind of record one of the best speedskydivers in the world might hear about it and like the idea to break it. So far 4 persons on the planet have been able to reach average vertical speeds (over a distance of 1000m) that exceeded 500km/h, worldrecord almost 530km/h (average!). Those guys are accelerating all the way till the very end of the 1000m distance that count for competitions and records and only start slowing down for opening because they are running out of altitude, not because they reach somekind of topspeed. On the very best jumps their topspeeds are close to 600km/h(!) by the time they start to decelerate! Most of them slow down by going on their belly to get rid of the speed asap. Can you imagine what would happen - from a "horizontalspeed-point-of-view" - if they pull out of that kind of dive into a track? My personal best average (by speedskydiving rules) is a bit less than 400km/h, the topspeed I reach on those jumps is maybe ~430km/h. I already gave it a try and pulled out of the dive into a track, the horizontalspeed is mindblowing! If you keep on going for too long you´ll risk not being able to make it back to the airfield under canopy. So if this kind of horizontalspeed would count for a record, you better get into SpeedSkydiving first and see if you got the talent (I didn´t) to challenge the best speeders in the world or otherwise any record will likely not stand for long. I´d take any bet that Marco Wiederkehr (former worldrecordholder, current worldchampion, number two on the list of the fastest jumps/persons of all times) would break it on first try... Moritz
  6. Of course it is. But I wouldn´t call it the largest issue but the only issue. If it´s done the way you´re suggesting, HP-stuff usually isn´t causing any safety-problems at all. On the other hand this would take away training opportunities from the majority of jumpers, they wouldn´t get any better and they wouldn´t be very current in HP-landings. So if they would still be doing ´em once in a while (doing hop´n´pops) they would take a far greater risk (to hurt themselves, but at least not endangering others). The number of jumpers who are interested and willing to do large numbers of hop´n´pops from the beginning of their jumpingcareers on, is for sure not a large one. Usually people are working their way up over many years till they finally come to the point where they realise that hop´n´pops are the way to go to get any better (and that freefall is highly overrated). As it is many times very difficult if not impossible to be the first down or have everyone else on the ground before you´re initiating your turn, the idea to have not vertical but horizontal separation between regular and fast canopies still makes sense to me. It doesn´t even take two separate but just one landing area of reasonable seize to do this. In addition to all the other "rules" like slower and lower have the right of way, if in doubt don´t, blablabla, the HP-pilot just needs to be willing to walk all the way back from the other end of the landingarea to the hangar, just be doing the opposite of swooping the beerline. So the problem might not be the one who wants it all but the one who wants it all AND is not willing to run back to the boardingarea to catch his back-to-back load?
  7. morris

    Suche CRW Kurs

    Wo wohnst du? Ist Günzburg eine Option?
  8. morris

    Tri Hybrid vs Storm (hybrid)

    We´ve got three Storms (150,135,120) with the "casual-CF-kit" AND dacronlines. On one (or was it two?) of the chutes we´ve had the outside A-lines changed as well to be uncascaded. I don´t see any reason not to jump the "casual-CF-version" on every jump, you don´t need to use the additional rings on top of the chute all the time, just as you need ´em. Get the kit! The only thing to think about is the linechoice...
  9. What do you mean? Remove it completely?? Please clarify!
  10. morris

    Post your speedriding/speedflying pics!

    Is mountain-swooping fine ("allowed") as well?
  11. I voted loosen chest strap, stow slider, release brakes and I guess no one is releasing the brakes first. But your overview is missing two possibilities!
  12. morris

    would there be intrest???

    What I´d like to do would be a "distance-only-competition" (with weight restrictions). Every competitors would be allowed to do as many jumps as he wants all weekend long, only the longest single run of each competitor counts. And - to make it "perfect" - we´d go downwind all the time, if the wind is changing we go opposite way as well, that would be awesome.
  13. morris

    need help finding power!

    I´m not surprised to hear this. The nitron has a very short recovery arc and therefore your previous experience isn´t worth much. You need to turn WAY higher!
  14. morris

    Need Help.

    Hi, I know that there are pictures from the final day of the WorldCup with a whole lot of spectators in the background. I contacted SydneySkydivers to get some of those pictures for the german federations magazine (they had/have some on their website) but the guy in charge, "Russell" (his name), never sended them, maybe you have more luck... On is a very nice video about the 2005 PST/CPC in Colorado....
  15. Now I can add some information about the packing volume of the Optimum. Two of my containers are TearDrops "Viper", both build for a PD-R 106. I had PD-R 113s in those containers, fitting a little tight. Now I replaced the PD-R 113s by/with Optimum 126s. The packing volume of the Optimum 126 really is less than the one of the PD-R 113. It fits very nice into those 106 containers!! Once more I´m impressed by a PD-product! For flight characteristics see my review on top/above.