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  1. Zoso

    Best Gear Bag?

    What's your opinion on the best gear bag, and why? I know many will suggest a large piece of luggage, but I'm not quite ready for that. At this time, I'd like a conventional bag with compartments to organize goodies.
  2. Here's a comparison pic. Although the Sharpie always works, the Bic performed the best when it did work. In defense of the Zebra 301, there are many 301 models. I picked the F-301 fine point, and it did not do well at all. Apparently other 301's work fine. I did buy the fine point, as recommended.
  3. I agree with Peek. If I'm going to jump in a swimming pool, I'll remove my wallet first. The hassle seems to outweigh the benefit. It seems odd to me that nobody sells non-tyvek data cards. Betzilla - The bic was too obvious for me to try. I just did and a Bic "Round Stic" wrote perfectly. The new Zebra F-301 I just purchased was not up to the task. The Bic Round Stic is commonly found dirt cheap everywhere.
  4. Fast answers. Thank you!
  5. I've always prided my Fisher Space Pen to write on anything, but it has found it's match. The wax-like treatment on most reserve packing data cards mocks my Space Pen, and all other pens I have at home. What pen will write nicely on this fiendish paper? Specifics please (brand, model, where to buy...) Thanks!
  6. Zoso

    The Skydiving Encyclopedia

    Nice! Thanks for your efforts.
  7. Zoso

    Future of Star Crest Awards?

    Bump. It's sad that interest has sagged for these awards. I would love to see them continue.
  8. Zoso

    Standard Suit

    In May of 2006 I ordered a "standard suit" (RW) from Michigan Suits. I requested their express service because I needed a proper fitting RW suit for tunnel training I was to receive in June. Everything turned out perfect. The suit arrived before the promised date. It fit perfectly (especially the booties) and the quality and design have proven to be excellent. I previously had an RW suit custom made by one of the most well known manufacturers in the industry. I was even personally fitted by the owner of the company. Now that I have this Michigan suit I realize that the booties on the other brand suit didn't fit well at all. The booties on my Michigan suit have just the right amount of tension between my toes and my knees. Needless to say I highly recommend Michigan suits.
  9. Zoso

    Jerry's Sky Circus Explore Freefall

    This is a great drop zone to learn how to be a skydiver. They are safe, professional, honest and friendly. The landing area is large which is great for students and experienced jumpers both. The vibe at this DZ is particularly relaxed and friendly.