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  1. Faicon9493

    Jim Dishroon D Day Paratrooper

    Just watched it. Very well done.
  2. Faicon9493

    Introducing the JFX 2 from NZ Aerosports

    I just recently got my 104. Love it!
  3. Faicon9493

    rodriguez parachute systems container

    Maybe you have a great donation to the International Skydiving Museum!
  4. Faicon9493

    Airplane Repo

    File this under "Did I just see that?" Yesterday afternoon by accident, I see a rerun of the show "Airplane Repo" showing Rook Nelson assisting in the repo of his own twin otters. Too funny!
  5. Faicon9493

    JFX vs crossfire2

    I jump a Crossfire 2 129. I have now made 10 jumps on a demo JFX 104. I really wanted to demo the JFX2 104 but haven't found one available yet. The contrast between my Crossfire 2 and the JFX is striking. The JFX openings didn't snivel like the Crossfire 2 but were not hard and were are on heading. I flew conservative, straight in landings for the first few jumps in very light winds and they were faster but no problem. It really planed out nicely when I used the rear risers. Overall, it's a fun canopy and the JFX2 is supposed to be even better. I will probably be getting one.
  6. Faicon9493

    What was your safest parachute?

    Small world!I had a Viking Superlite back in the day. It was the first canopy I owned.
  7. Faicon9493

    Crossfire 2

    I recently got the Crossfire 2 after hearing many good things about it from other Crossfire 2 owners. They were right! I really love the soft, on-heading openings. The flight characteristics and landings are good also.
  8. Faicon9493

    1st Wingsuit @ Clewiston

  9. Faicon9493

    Trever Busst

    I remember Trever from his days at the Sky Knights SPC in East Troy, WI. He passed away from natural causes many years ago. He was quite a character in his day.
  10. Faicon9493

    FX style Competition Suit

    This was my firt weekend with the new Majik style comp suit. The quality appears to be excellent and the performance was just what I was looking for. Since I'm not the skinny jumper that I was 25 years ago, I ordered my suit with spandex arms but also the small 3 inch wing and swoop cords. On one jump, I forgot the swoop cords but didn't need them. The booties are great compared to my old Tony suit. I was a bit disappointed with the long wait but it was worth it.