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  1. My previous canopy was a Crossfire 2 129. I got my hands on a demo JFX 104 and had it for two weekends. The two things that sold me on the canopy were the openings and performance. The openings are a little quicker but not hard. That's a priority for me since I'm 68. I was lucky to fly the canopy on some no wind days. I 'm loading the canopy at 2.3 and it was not an issue. I ordered the JFX2 104 and have 95 jumps on it. I love flying it.
  2. I have a fairly new main pilot chute (with kill line) that twists up on a regular basis after deployment. What causes this and is there a fix for it, short of getting a new one? It works fine but annoying after landing.
  3. I just recently got my 104. Love it!
  4. Maybe you have a great donation to the International Skydiving Museum!
  5. File this under "Did I just see that?" Yesterday afternoon by accident, I see a rerun of the show "Airplane Repo" showing Rook Nelson assisting in the repo of his own twin otters. Too funny!
  6. I jump a Crossfire 2 129. I have now made 10 jumps on a demo JFX 104. I really wanted to demo the JFX2 104 but haven't found one available yet. The contrast between my Crossfire 2 and the JFX is striking. The JFX openings didn't snivel like the Crossfire 2 but were not hard and were are on heading. I flew conservative, straight in landings for the first few jumps in very light winds and they were faster but no problem. It really planed out nicely when I used the rear risers. Overall, it's a fun canopy and the JFX2 is supposed to be even better. I will probably be getting one.
  7. Small world!I had a Viking Superlite back in the day. It was the first canopy I owned.
  8. Paraflite also had the Swift main canopy. I made two jumps on one in 1984 at a DZ in Chandler, Oklahoma. I was jumping borrowed gear because my container was out of compliance. This was the year that some 3 ring hardware was found to be defective (metal too soft), but that's another story. The Swift main canopy was five cells like the reserve.
  9. I got a demo Xfire 124 and was able to make 5 jumps with it on 7/15. I am not a hardcore swooper and jump a Crossfire 2 (129). When I want a fast landing, I use the toggles rather than the risers. That being said, I really liked the Xfire. The canopy has a lot of flare power, even when making plain Jane straight in approach. I would consider getting one but not before trying a Crossfire 3 for comparison.
  10. You ask someone to hold tension for you so you can pack.
  11. I can't wait to get my grandsons in there!