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  1. Trump could have saved more lives than were killed in Vietnam if not for his lies and incompetence.
  2. Donald Trump is this country's greatest self-inflicted wound since the Civil War.
  3. Trump to ACB: "I can get you on the SCOTUS.....but I'd like you to do me a favor though."
  4. To people on the deck of the SS Trump: Can't you see the iceberg?
  5. Anybody know if there's a statute of limitations for bank fraud, money laundering, insurance fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax evasion? Asking for a friend.
  6. Be prepared for what you might see lurking around polling places on November 3rd.
  7. COVID is not fake and the problem is not just the virus. There's this COVID: Culture Of Virtual Idiots & Dumbasses.
  8. I have held the Silver Star and Purple Heart that my girlfriend’s father earned on Omaha Beach. I can’t speak for him because he’s deceased, but I can imagine what he would say about a President who has supporters who wave the Nazi flag while saying some are “very fine people”. You wouldn’t like what he would say about Trump......or you, if you support him.
  9. One more funeral Trump won't be welcomed to attend......
  10. What is America? America is the beautiful woman that left the relationship with a man who was honest, intelligent, hardworking, and had morals, and took up with the shady, flashy guy who had money......and later gave her a STD.
  11. It would have been great to see John Bolton and Lev Parnas sitting in the gallery front row center.
  12. Killing it? Interesting comment since I've heard others say that everything Trump touches dies.
  13. A broken watch is right twice a day.
  14. If we were talking about boxing, Barr would be Trump's cut man. Truth and facts cut deep.
  15. My previous canopy was a Crossfire 2 129. I got my hands on a demo JFX 104 and had it for two weekends. The two things that sold me on the canopy were the openings and performance. The openings are a little quicker but not hard. That's a priority for me since I'm 68. I was lucky to fly the canopy on some no wind days. I 'm loading the canopy at 2.3 and it was not an issue. I ordered the JFX2 104 and have 95 jumps on it. I love flying it.