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  1. The flag and the Bible: The last refuge of a scoundrel.
  2. Helsinki notes, Meadows’ fireplace, Trump toilet, Trump eating notes, 15 missing top secret boxes, burner phones, encrypted messages, missing Secret Service texts from January 5th & 6th…….ANYBODY SEE A TREND HERE?
  3. "Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen." - Donald Trump to the DOJ. LET THAT MARINATE FOR A FEW MINUTES.
  4. When Herschel dies, they should check his brain for CTE. It might explain a lot.
  5. Anyone seeking Trump's endorsement needs to have their motives, character, integrity, and intelligence called into question.
  6. If anyone should know that the Capital is loaded with security cameras, it would be someone who works there. Rep. Loudermilk denies giving a "tour", then security cameras show otherwise. Don't be shocked if he's revealed to be one of the Republicans who was shopping for a pardon. What he might need to be shopping for now is a lawyer with a ten foot pole.
  7. GOP members in Congress (with a few exceptions) need to submit DNA samples. One day, they're going to find rooms at Mar-a-LIE-go filled with backbones and balls and DNA will be needed to positively identify them so that they can be returned to the rightful owners.
  8. Let's also remember that this is the "child" whose pants he would be trying to get into if she wasn't his daughter.
  9. Trump never had to be a genius. He just had to be smarter than the people who voted for him.....and that's not saying much.
  10. When I moved to Florida in 1998 and began working for the public school system, I learned how to use a database program called FileMaker Pro. I got to be fairly good at it and bought it for my computers at home. I used it to create my own log book database and I use it to this day to document and track a wide variety of skydiving data. It was a pain going through many log books to enter old data but it was worth it. It's probably on the primitive side compared to what's available today but it works for me.
  11. Now would be a good time for news outlets to revisit (in detail) Paul Manafort’s efforts in Ukraine on behalf of pro-Russian interests and why the FBI was clearly justified in trying to figure out what he was up to in the Trump campaign in 2016. Oh…..and that Trump pardoned him.
  12. Kellyanne Conway has renewed hope that "Alternative Facts" will be overshadowed.
  13. Just when you thought nothing would top "ALTERNATIVE FACTS".........