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  1. This is old but still accurate. https://youtu.be/4yrg7vV4a5o
  2. History doesn't matter? It seems like people get into trouble because they didn't heed the lessons of history.
  3. When you're investigating the bank robbery, do you really want one of the investigators to be the getaway driver?
  4. I lived through Watergate and one thing is certain. This is not the GOP of the Nixon era. That GOP came to their senses and had the guts to look Nixon in the face and tell him he needed to resign. They did that without fear of their voters.
  5. With EV's and self-driving vehicles becoming more prevalent, we're going to one day see a country western song where a cowboy's truck leaves him.
  6. The Trump Organization investigation has now moved from civil to criminal.
  7. Shocked? No......especially since Trump reminded me of Fritz Kuhn.
  8. A married couple was sitting at the breakfast table on the morning of their 50th anniversary. The wife looked at her husband and said, “Oh honey, can you believe it? We have been married 50 wonderful years! I still remember when we were young and so in love, many mornings, we would be sitting at this table naked. For old times sake, let’s get naked right now!” The husband said, “Ok!” After getting naked, the wife looked at her husband and said, “Oh honey! My breasts are hot for you like they were 50 years ago!” The husband said, “Well it’s no wonder. One’s in your oatmeal and the other one’s in your coffee!”
  9. As I understand it, Italy, France, and South Korea have convicted and sentenced their corrupt former presidents. Just sayin'..............
  10. It looks like the next few months are going to see some taxing times for Mr. Trump.....thanks to the SCOTUS.
  11. The GOP continues to poke holes in their own boat.
  12. Maybe what we need is an amendment to the Constitution that would have presidential impeachments tried before the Supreme Court. Their appointments are for life and, in a perfect world, should be above politics.
  13. Lots of white folks might raise their hand when asked if they have a black friend. In reality, they just know a black person.
  14. The was a story from August 2020 about a interracial couple (white husband/black wife) who had a home in a predominantly white neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL. They had their home appraised and the appraisal was significantly lower than comparable homes in the neighborhood. They ordered a second appraisal. This time, they removed all pictures of the wife and her family. They removed books with black authors from the shelves. They removed pictures of black historical figures. The wife and their son arranged to not be there when the second appraisal was done. The second appraisal was 40% higher. Any guesses as to why?