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  1. It was easily the best place I have ever worked. I was there part time for about 7 years doing tandem, AFF and outside video. The people, owners, staff, and fun jumpers were great. I only left as I relocated and SNE is now only 40 minutes away. Ody
  2. I had the same opinion for quite a few years. Then I got a soft handle on both sides. Unfortunately, I have had about 6 chops since the change to soft handles. However, I have never had an issue with soft handles. Therefore, my opinion has changed. MUCH less of a snag hazard and the actual function of grabbing and pulling to save myself has not changed at all. It was rather easy. I would never go back to such a giant snag hazard. I do understand your opinion, as I once had it, but I will never go back to it. Ody
  3. I have done 24 tandems in a day a few times. It was terrible. Ody
  4. The BSR that elimeliminates all the BSRs. hahahaha
  5. Bryguy1224


    That cliff has been jumped on numerous occasions. Ody
  6. Forrest drove me home from Bridge Day a fair number of years back after I "misplaced" my wallet. we shared some exit points together in the Tamps area as well. I aways liked him. Very sad to hear. Ody
  7. Back when I had a Sabre 1, I tucked the outer cells into the center cell and it worked great!!! This is what PD suggested to me as well....but not in writing. Ody
  8. Tom Noonan has done quite few Everest jumps. Give him a call.
  9. Well, I prefer the B-11s over the B-12s. I wish they would bring those back. That little screw on the side so the B-11s could be tightened down was awesome... Maybe they will bring those back when the B-13s come out.
  10. I would guess the 150 and lower is because of the length of the lines that would need to be managed in a semi-stowless environment. If everyone was a rigger this rule would not apply. I see zero disadvantages from a semi-stowless bag. I would get a semi-stowless bag direct from the manufacture.
  11. If you are a working jumper doing handcam stick with the 7. You have to remove the battery to get to the memory card on the 8.
  12. Sean Chuma has a website that sells something just like it.
  13. Once you land from your next jump, your are current. Ody
  14. Everyone knows vets always land on their feet...and survive.....try another joke....that one sucked