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  1. Parachutist cover is this months cover of parachutist the bottom view of Tom Aiello’s tennis ball jump?
  2. Bryguy1224

    Any advice regarding getting current?

    I find the best way to get current is to jump again. Don't tell anyone you're un-current, do a tandem....when you land, you're current.
  3. Bryguy1224

    Wingsuit Mod on Javelin Container

    I put dynamic corners on my current Javelin. It lays flat when open and closes with everything protected. Ody
  4. Bryguy1224

    Baffin locals

    I'll be in tent 304... down the hall 2 doors on the right. Please knock first...
  5. Bryguy1224

    BASE Zone "Dream Moderator"?

    Nick Nitro
  6. Bryguy1224

    pilots license, not really base related. sorry!

    It is still possible for you to get a private pilots certificate, but you have to report it to the FAA. Also, if you plan on pursuing your flight career any further, good luck getting a job if you have a DUI. It won't happen. A DUI is death for any commercial pilot. Bryan
  7. Bryguy1224

    PeterK and/or Rocky?

    PM sent
  8. Bryguy1224

    Base Break

    Well Mike, I have taken almost a year off except for the fun we had in April when I was home. Don't worry,I make yuo jump when I get home in Nov. Those full moon weekends will be nice.Good luck with the new business. Now we won't have an "official vehicle". Ody
  9. Bryguy1224

    Chris Swales

    That is the 4th BASE jumper that I am aware of that has come over here to Iraq. Bryan
  10. Bryguy1224

    Question about riser/toggle grips

    I was taught start with risers and then move to toggles. I personally always go for toggles. For a few reasons. 1. If you go to risers you will sink out fast. If over a taulus you might sink right into it. 2. The turn is faster with toggle imput and you can turn a 180 with very little altitude loss. 3. Overall I feel that there is more control with toggles of risers. As for coming from the inside out to grab toggles and riser, I can never see myself doing that. It seems more challenging , unnatural, and very uncomfertable. Hope it helps. Bryan
  11. Bryguy1224

    Thread the Needle too

    Its the sequal to Thread the Needle. It was made by a good friend of mine. I havn't seen the second one yet but its in the mail to me. I'm guessing I'll have it in about 2 to 3 weeks becuase I'm in Iraq. I have the first one and enjoyed it. I shot some of the footage in the first one. From what I hear its even better than the first. I would get it. Just another kisk ass movie to add to your collection. Ody BASE 943