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  1. PlaneFun

    Working on my A license

    During your solo jumps, try to work on the skills you'll need for the last 5 AFF jumps (That't what I wish I had done, rather than just doing fun jumps to get up to #20). Probably best to work on stable exits, slowfall/fastfall, front/back flips, barrel rolls, turns, tracking, etc. Also work on flying a predictable final landing pattern and accurate landings (you'll need several landings w/in 10 meters of your target). I needed to improve my diving exits and getting stable quickly. Good luck on finishing (I did in December). Oh yeah, take a packing class too.
  2. PlaneFun

    Helluva time deciding

    I had experience with both and I would recommend the STP program over AFF. I passed my first 7 levels with AFF, then they pretty much left me alone to do solo jumps where I didn't learn much. I went to Spaceland Florida to finish and they had a coach jump with me every time. I had three excellent coaches for seven jumps and they told me they would do all they could to get me my A license in the five days I had there. They also filmed me (no video at my AFF program) which helped me see my mistakes in freefall. I liked the attitude of all the employees there and that they gave STP students priority on loads and with rental gear & packing. They also included skills my AFF program didn't (barrel rolls, leg turns, side slides, etc.) The Super Caravan plane was awesome-fast and wide doors, and they took us up to 14K feet most jumps. I did get my license while I was there and plan on going back there, and to the Dallas location.
  3. PlaneFun

    Scrisc online gear store???

    I bought skydiving items twice from their EBay store. The items arrive quickly and were legit. My last order was a VISO digital altimiter with a SOLO II+ audible. They beat everyone else's price and both items are working fine.