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  1. Forget to say that the TSA agents were pretty respectful/careful and the one who had me remove it asked me to do it since he didn't want to touch it and mess anything up-Pretty considerate...
  2. An update: I carried on my rig from San Diego to Tampa over the holidays. It barely fit in a Samsonite carry-on suitcase with wheels. TSA had me take it out and swabbed it for explosives on the flight out but not on the return since the agent there told me she had seen lots of "parachutes." It helped having the Cypress AAD x-ray printout, which I handed to the first agent running the belt. I also told them it was a skydiving rig/parachute (I find a lot of people don't get the word "skydiving" but they always understand "parachute.") I'm glad I carried it on and it fit no problem in the overhead bins. I checked another bag with my weight belt and hook knife in it. It was opened by TSA both times somewhere along the line (a belt with lead pellets-no wonder ha ha).
  3. Thanks for the great info. That's exactly what I was looking for.
  4. Going to buy a used canopy for the first time and just wondering if private sellers usually just sell the canopy alone or also the pilot chute and D-Bag? Thanks
  5. Yes, it does, and I pull at exactly 3,525 feet ha ha
  6. I upgraded from the Viso II to the Ares II and it was totally worth it. The digits are so much larger in a container that's almost the same size. Plus, I sold the Viso for $250 to a new skydiver who was happy to get the deal-so worked out for both of us.
  7. I would like more info on this as well. I jumped at the Clewiston, FL location a year ago and everything seemed pretty good-Awesome Super Caravan, Good A-license training program (which I did there), etc. Their jump prices are a little high but they do offer an unlimited jump block for a year, which is good at all their locations...
  8. Just wondering if most people carry on their rig on check it down below. This would be for travel within the U.S.A. Also, do you "disguise" your rig in a bag or rig sleeve? Do you keep your hook knife in the pocket if carry-on? Thanks
  9. I suggest going to Lake Elsinore. Smaller than Perris and lots of friendly people-As I discovered when I went there as a newbie with 40 jumps.
  10. Web address defaulted to Did you purchase Go Jump Oceanside?
  11. Just buying the regular closing loops-Made of paracord-type material?
  12. Showed it to the rigger and she said it's because it's packed in so tight. The interesting thing is that Mirage recommended on the phone to me that very container with the exact canopy I bought (a Pulse 190 [low-bulk] in a Mirage G4 M5 - 1/2... I will be downsizing to a 170 pretty soon so that should fit better.
  13. Thanks everybody for the great suggenstions! I didn't even consider checking the grommet or pin for burs. I'll do that, maybe shorten the loop, and show it to the rigger if it continues.