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  1. Gary73

    AFF 4 & 5 Heading Reference

    Yes, current USPA AFF-I/E, and yes, I run those courses by the book. But the subject isn't AFFICCs, it's dropzones that use traditional AFF or something like it.
  2. Gary73

    AFF 4 & 5 Heading Reference

    Yes, and current as both AFF-I and AFF-IE. Sure. Sort of. Like Static-Line, the original 7-level AFF program pre-dates ISP and was used successfully for years before ISP came along. ISP was developed as an overarching program which is meant to cover all types of skydiving basic training. As such, the creators of ISP took the 7-level AFF program and stretched it out to fit into the ISP categories. This variety of harness-hold training is technically called "USPA AFF", but that's too much trouble, so people just called it "AFF", which leads to confusion between the original and ISP versions.
  3. Gary73

    AFF 4 & 5 Heading Reference

    I don't get out that much, but every place I've ever done AFF has always included docking on 4 and 5. They left that out of the earlier AFF-like ISP dives, which I think is a mistake. (Seems like the first docks should be with an AFF-I, not a Coach. Likewise teaching tracking, which is a life-critical skill. But whatever.) Then on 6 and 7 we have them use ground references to keep them from tracking up or down jump run, and yeah, generally stay out of their line of sight.
  4. Gary73

    AFF 4 & 5 Heading Reference

    So here's a question that I've ignored for a while: Why is it that we taught AFF 4 & 5 students to not use us as their heading reference? Part of the dive flow is to dock on the instructor - why would they use anything but the instructor as a heading reference?
  5. Gary73

    Coaching Program

    20kN: Yes, I saw it. I'll give you partial credit for deleting your completely inappropriate post, but you might want to take some time to think about why you would make such a post to begin with.
  6. Gary73

    Coaching Program

    Yes, some dropzones definitely have programs in some areas, but how many have programs that cover all these areas? And how many of them have made those programs available to everyone for free? All this is is an attempt to kind of put it all together in one place to help out at dropzones that don't have such programs.
  7. Gary73

    Coaching Program

    Yes, the IRM covers how to coach and the SIM covers specific basic skills, but that's as far as it goes. No intermediate or advanced skills. And no flexibility. Also, for a variety of reasons, not all dropzones use ISP. This is just something to build on for those who are interested, provided at no cost and with no obligations. Use it or don't, your choice.
  8. Gary73

    Coaching Program

    A lot of people talk about how the learning process should continue after completing AFF or whatever, but I've never seen even a framework for such a program. So I wrote one. Generic Coaching Program 2017-1.docx
  9. Gary73

    AFF Instructor Guide

    A properly run AFF ICC will set a good foundation for a new instructor, but fitting into the flow and procedures of a particular dropzone can be a real challenge. Also, let's be honest, even experienced instructors get rushed or lazy or just develop bad habits. Also, without written guidelines, instructors will tend to drift away from dropzone policy until different instructors are teaching incompatibly different procedures, dive flows, etc. At any event, I've never seen an actual guide for working AFF-Is, so I wrote one. It was specifically designed for my own DZ, of course, so feel free to adapt it as appropriate for your own operation, or use it as a framework for your own guide, or just ignore it altogether. Whatever. Generic AFF Instructor Guide.docx
  10. Gary73

     Dave Dewolf

    Did both Senior and Master with Dave. Definitely one of the greats in the sport, both personally and professionally!
  11. Gary73

    New CYPRES Cutter Head Design?

    That's it; thanks!
  12. What's the deal with this half-sleeve thing on the new cutter heads?
  13. Gary73

    Copyright Law and out-of-print books

    Apparently not. Makes no sense to me. Must hate skydiving. And America.
  14. Gary73

    Copyright Law and out-of-print books

    Awesome, thanks!
  15. Gary73

    Copyright Law and out-of-print books

    Did some checking. Poynter's brother now owns the copyright, but he isn't interested in either selling the rights or re-publishing. WTF?