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  1. kaiser


    Nope.25 years and 17000 skydives. you’re up.Lmao
  2. kaiser


    Fiscal policy! aha...! what’s with the monetary policy ? your knowledge is very much a tunnel vision.
  3. kaiser


    Please take the time and explain to all of us how Trump and the stock market have anything to do with each other? thank you.
  4. Basic pandemic reopening benchmark; Two weeks no new infections and no deaths due to pandemic (COCID-19) look at the reports from; Erin Bromage-biologist Article : Virus spread.The risk - know them - avoid them. it will blow everyone’s mind!!!
  5. No comment.Another cowboy DZ. choose your part and keep getting in those airplanes.
  6. Thank you wolfriverjoe. Plaintiff used verbal persuasion to create doubt for other operators and clients at the DZ.Another accusation? in reference to use our better judgment and UPT standard code of conduct.
  7. Thank you 20kN that’s a pretty darn awesome input and advise. Standing down and using your better judgment in sketchy winds. How legally binding would be the DZO’s claim for loss in revenue?
  8. How legally binding is the DZ wind limit tdm skydiving in court. can the set wind limit overrule BSR’s and UPT tandem instructor using his better judgment to make a safety call and stand down. DZ has a 24knot gust wind limit and calls the plane down when gusting 27knots. 5Mph to 25 gust mph and wind direction is changing 180 degrees every 5 min.But since these winds are below the DZ’s set wind limits for tdm the DZO can fire you and sue you for early independent contractor agreement termination. tdm catcher was needed but could not catch the tdm on landing since the tdm was pushed back up 15 feet in the air. No other whiteness around and all staff working that day including the pilot are not backing the TI up,rather they are lying to back up the DZO. Pilot with 300 hours landing plane in 30knot wind sheer,got to sketchy for him and he stoped flying.But now claims winds were calm that day,as the DZO had to appear in court. tdm catcher and second TI are also lying about the wind speed that day. DZ at 6000feet elevation. what to do I like to know.
  9. Stay on the sideline and watch him screw it up.AS THE PROP TURNS.
  10. Harness as tied as you can! Give those fat people the ride of there life.
  11. You are looking for none airworthy Tandem gear? call Phoenix are skydiving.Ask for Luther Kurtz or Randy Fortner...they have lots of that crap.
  12. Tandem skydiving is only experimental when the tourist tandem student is hooked up to a novice skydiver that reach the USPA/UPT minimum qualifications for tandem master.
  13. Speed of a tandem??? are you kidding us even asking that!!!
  14. Pros and cons are your skills of piloting a tandem parachute,simple as that.