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  1. Stay on the sideline and watch him screw it up.AS THE PROP TURNS.
  2. kaiser

    What are you making or paying per Tandem

    Harness as tied as you can! Give those fat people the ride of there life.
  3. kaiser

    Looking for non-airworthy Sigma

    You are looking for none airworthy Tandem gear? call Phoenix are skydiving.Ask for Luther Kurtz or Randy Fortner...they have lots of that crap.
  4. kaiser

    Is tandem still classed as experimental

    Tandem skydiving is only experimental when the tourist tandem student is hooked up to a novice skydiver that reach the USPA/UPT minimum qualifications for tandem master.
  5. kaiser

    Speed of of tandem

    Speed of a tandem??? are you kidding us even asking that!!!
  6. kaiser

    60" drogue

    60inch is fine.
  7. kaiser

    Sigma/Icarus/A2 mains

    Pros and cons are your skills of piloting a tandem parachute,simple as that.
  8. kaiser

    Sigma drogue bridle length

    Yes there is a new bridal that looks not fully cocked,but it is.
  9. kaiser

    Best full-face for instructors?

    Full face helmet on a tandem skydive is total bullshit.
  10. I need a count on full time active instructors in our sport.Week end warriors not included.Its time we stand up to have our own Play house.All those part timers and armatures are messing up our sport of skydiving.
  11. kaiser

    How Sigma & Burble’s Tech Are Changing Skydiving

    True to that...Burble should change his skydiving True to that,well put my friend.Burble’s should change his own skydiving skills so he doesn’t have to chase AFF students through the sky and in danger them...lmao
  12. kaiser

    Age of active TIs

    I know frosty and had the pleasure to work together for a while. One of the coolest TI around back then.Still pulled of some tandem stand up landings when he wanted to,and all the young kid TI’s had a stupid look on there faces. I heard he retired age 73 with 17.000 tandems under his belt. ”NOTHING SAD ANOUT THAT AT ALL”
  13. kaiser

    182 tandem jump versus a turbine jump.

    Back strap and y-strap sure proof their point.
  14. kaiser

    182 tandem jump versus a turbine jump.

    The finer points of the tandem business.182 tandem jump vs a turbine tandem jump: When is the skill level reach by an TI to jump at 8000ft exit altitude vs14500ft.exit altitude.And when will the TI start jumping with hand-cam. Considering TI has only turbine tandem jump experience.
  15. kaiser

    182 tandem jump versus a turbine jump.

    Hi riggerob. A-OK that you disagree.