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  1. I'm 5' 11" 240 and I have not broken any planes, yet.
  2. Matt Mullins was tearing it up a couple of years ago when I was out there. I think he was 17 or 18 and flying a Velo. He must have several thousand jumps now.
  3. Go to the Ranch! Then go to TSK. You’re Welcome!
  4. Next time you track...look down. It will catch more air and increase your speed even more. Glad it finally clicked for you! Now it starts getting real fun
  5. If you’re asking whether to do AFF or tandem you are ready to do AFF.
  6. Totally agree. You need to stay current to be a good skydiver. Welcome back!
  7. Chris you live 5 minutes away from Skyventure NH and in 8 years I have never once seen you there. How do you know what the tunnel is like if you have never tried it?
  8. I would contact skydive Danielson in CT, explain your situation and ask for Andy.
  9. It never got finished and was never released. There are two or three previews but that's it.
  10. Yes I have a suggestion. Sign up for AFF. All of the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place after that. Stop talking to your old friends about skydiving. They can’t understand and there is nothing you can say to get them to understand, so don’t waste your time and breath. You will meet lots and lots and lots of people who will understand the more you jump and you will enjoy each jump more than the last. I promise .
  11. Maybe you shouldn’t post in a public forum with such thin skin. As for a Katana, I like mine as long as I open somewhere near the DZ cause otherwise she ain’t going to make it back and it’s not a fun canopy to land in a backyard,
  12. Wow! You talked on a ham radio from CA to MD. That's amazing. I worked with a Ham Radio operator who said that transmitting from State to State was only possible with a big antennae or on the top of a hill. Across country is unheard of.