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  1. No, I didn’t do anything like that. I did notice that the LB web store Will not allow you to ship to the United States. Seems kind of lame that we have to pay 50 bucks more just because we live here.
  2. I noticed on LB’s website as I was drooling over the Viso 2 that it costs 234 Euros, which with the current exchange rate ends up being about $263usd. All other places in the US (paragear, ChutingStar, etc,) have it listed for $310 usd. Am I missing something here or am I just gonna buy it from LB direct? I’ll give up ChutingStar points to save $50 anyday. ;p
  3. Super awesome. I’m no lineman, but I dig it Thank you much
  4. @ChisD2.0 I find the fatalities and incidents section very helpful and educational. I’m sorry you lost someone
  5. @skybytch that’s a great question and one that I knew was coming. I live in SLC, UT. The DZ’s around here have weight limits below what I am. I’m 6’2” and 240lbs. The field elevations are pretty high around here. The local schools don’t have equipment (300 square-foot canopies) for my big ass. I’m fit BTW, just a large person. They also mentioned that they are worried that I would break my ankle or something because of the field elevation. I did mention that I am a paraglider pilot that’s been at it for 10 years but that didn’t seem to assuage their fears. Believe me I would love to do it locally, but it just isn’t in the cards I guess.
  6. Hey folks, I’m having a helluva time deciding between Spacelands STP course to get my A or Perris’ AFF program. I have to take time off and try to bang it out in 11 days this July. I like that Perris has a tunnel, but how important is that really? I like that Spaceland says they can get me done in a week and that a spot at the bunkhouse is included. The STP at Spaceland requires 2 “orientation” tandems. Not stoked on that. I’ve done a tandem before, but it was 15 yrs ago. Perris has been around longer, both have many positive online reviews. Is there anyone out there that can realistically compare both the places from a training perspective?
  7. I do a tiny bit of yoga, but I’ll surely step it up now. Any recommended routines, YouTube, vids, etc?
  8. Hello everyone, I am a powered paraglider pilot that is going to be getting into your sport soon and I need to buy a new helmet for paragliding. I want to buy the cookie G3 or G4 and was wondering if those helmets offer any sound protection or reduction. I asked cookie and they took the legal road and said their helmet was only for skydiving. Having a double duty helmet would be nice but I understand if I have to buy 2.
  9. Hello folks I am a 10 year paraglider pilot, and I also paramotor. I very much want to start pursuing my A license this summer. I am 6’2” and a healthy 240 pounds. I could probably lose 20 pounds but I would prefer not to if I don’t have to. I am a healthy person. I am a firefighter for a living, and pass our fitness test annually with ease. I have noticed that most of the people in the skydiving sport are generally small folks. However, I have an amazing itch to join your family. Any advice for my large stature, pertaining to Gear, and the training? Also, I have thick skin so let it fly.