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  1. Well, we HAVE been talking about a return visit to Belgium.... We cross the pond a couple times a year and the idea of jumping over there has been considered. However, my patient bride has a bad shoulder which sadly eliminates her participation. I’ll keep travel and skydiving separate, at least for now. Locally the Tandems are $179-199 (with ‘specials’ @$149). AFF1 are $329-349. Photos/videos are additional. B. Gross 100% of old people die
  2. Specifically tell your instructor that you intend to do AFF so the tandem can be more than just a ride. The instructor should show you how to deploy the main parachute (and you should do it), you should have your own altimeter, and the instructor should have briefed you on hand signals. You should also be allowed to control the canopy above 2000'. Thanks. I’ll include those questions on my list when I go to investigate/compare between the two nearby DZs. B. Gross 100% of old people die
  3. Seems like my original idea was... incomplete. Thanks for the responses & input. I’ll start with a Tandem and squeeze all I can from the experience before moving on to AFF. Time to go loiter in Elsinore. B. Gross 100% of old people die
  4. Naturally there is a small chance that I’ll hate the whole thing. However, there seem to be a lot of you who managed not to run screaming from the LZ after your first landing. So I’m wondering if my thinking is flawed? The AFF 1 costs about twice what the Tandem costs, but IF the sport turns out to be anything like what I imagine, is skipping the Tandem “honeymoon” and starting with AFF an alternative? My budget won’t allow a “fast track” AFF schedule, but starting there makes sense. I think? A bit of background: I’m retired, in good health, and I’ve been riding motorcycles on the street for decades. (Yeah, the laws of physics and safety always take first place over thrills.) What say ye? B. Gross 100% of old people die