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  1. Is there a sizing chart for the old vector 2’s? mine says “wonderhog harness type: II-K”
  2. make like pick cha!!? page 32 and 36. opinions? ...
  3. I need a straight-stitcher for lightweight work. Does anyone know anything about the singer 491?
  4. I have a Bernina 217 (zigzag machine) is it possible to mount a binder foot on it? I have the same question for the ZOJE ZJ-0628 (compound feed walking foot). Aloha -J
  5. Thanks for all the advice sky-people. I flew a Stilleto 150 @ 1.2:1 for three years, but only put 200 jumps on it. I saw people who I once coached downsizing and swooping. I wasn't stupid enough to downsize early. However, I did try to make that Stilleto swoop. I finally got a job at a dropzone and started jumping more. After 500 jumps I transitioned to a crossfire 119 and then at 600ish the Katana 107. I've done downwinders in +10kts, crosswinders, stab-outs, etc. all with no bad outcomes except a bruised ego and zero sexy points. I come from the school of "if it aint broke, dont fix it". People like me, however, are bad for business at my new (tandem factory) dropzone. I came in too low too many times. ...stabbed out; didn't even skip. But, they took it upon themselves to take me out of the rotation and off my katana. I am back on the crossfire 119 now. I don't jump enough to make my turns sexy so I am ok with this. Sorry for being a dick. Aloha. -J
  6. i know its an old post, but i just bough a 217. its not going that great. if you still check dropzone please reply and i will elaborate.
  7. lol someone asked me to make them a crw cover today. the rig is much older than this thread
  8. Canopy? like in the jungle? I just want to go really really fast, really really close to the ground! Femur? Do you mean Lemur? like in the jungle? 200-400 jumps!! wow thats a lot. a lot of jumping. 'might as well climb a tree to the top of the canopy and look for lemurs! wow! thanks for sending me a link i hope there's monkeys swinging from vines there! in the jungle swooooooooop er salad whhhoooooooshhhhhhhhhhh ::::::::))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. do you still have this? can you post a picture?
  10. To any rigger/s out there with a bin of Sunpath pre-made BOC's who want to help me out... Can I just get their measurements? (Length and Width) The size I'm most interested in is the size "small". Cheers
  11. thanks guys for your feedback. wolfriverjoe, you questioned my jump numbers and talk down to me. i hope my personal message offended you. think about me the next time you try to coach someone you don't know. ask questions first. never assume. if you expect someone in this forum to take you seriously, get a few jumps under you belt and... oh say... maybe an instructor rating!? thanks all (including wolfriverjoe) this seems to have been more of an anger-managment vent-sesh for me now. now i will be cool, calm, and collected when i talk to the sky-gods tomorrow. cheers! i love you all.
  12. bro this is what coaches are for... is there no one at your dz?
  13. Let me elaborate on "it found me"... Sorry, I should have left that out of the post. The Katana 107 was the only wing in my range at the dropzone when I was downsizing from the Crossfire 119. I flew it 5 times, I liked it, then I bought it. Thanks for your concerns with MY safety. The purpose of this post, however, is that I want to know why people think Katana's are unsafe.