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  1. Hey everyone long time no see!!!! Has anyone ever used a Garmin Fenix 6x as an altimeter, how precise is it? How about the refresh rate? I know, I know.... is not my primary altimeter, I'm using my beloved viso an my trustworthy audible... Stay safe!!! And keep flying!!! Pier "Negro" Karlezi
  2. Hi everyone!!!! How much cost a cypress maintenence??? Thaks!!!! Stay safe
  3. Holly grial!!! Hahaha and I’ve been searching for months!!! Stay safe and keep flying
  4. Hey Lee! Thanks for your response, I’m asking here because I’m not a US Citizen, and in Chile (my country) there is no smoke jumpers, it’s not the fun what I’m after, I’ve always dream become a smoke jumper, that’s the reason I’ve become a skydiver in the first place. Stay safe and keep flying
  5. Thanks bro! I’ve already find that info but when you choose the recruitment page I can’t find the smoke jumper position! If anyone knows something or know someone who is a smokejumper please give me his contact info!!! Cheers from Chile Stay safe and keep flying
  6. Hey everyone!! I’m changing my main canopy!! Which would you choose!! I currently have a Safire II... Stay safe and keep flying!!! Stay safe and keep flying
  7. Hey everyone!! Does anybody knows how could I apply to be a smoke jumper in Oregon? What are the requirements? Any smoke jumpers here? I’ve been a firefighter for almos 20 years and a skydiver for 6, and a really want to work as a smoke jumper next season or forever!!! I’m from Chile. So I anyone knows something let me know!!! Stay safe and keep flying Stay safe and keep flying
  8. Hey everyone!! I’m looking for this movie for a very long time!! Anyone knows where I can find it? Download or get a dvd copy or anything? Please!!!! Stay Safe and Keep flying!!! Stay safe and keep flying
  9. yup! went to a so cal dz with my logbook back in the days that I actually recorded my jump numbers but ever since I got my D license I never get autographs unless its someone famous or infamous. She looked at it and said "sign that last jump" to which I replied "uhh what?" then I signed it... Roy[/quote So, what's the big idea behind this signing stuff? I have no idea!!!! but if you have a great app like this one or other, it's really easy to have it always on you, you have it on dropbox your ipad and your phone. It's really stupid that some DZ requires paper... it's like so old days! and if the ask you to sign YOUR last jump it's like a scene from Dumb and dumber Stay safe and keep flying
  10. Thanks, this one has that option, is fully signed... it's an amazing app!!! Stay safe and keep flying
  11. Hi everyone!!! anyone knows if the Skydive Log app is "legal" everywhere? it's amazing, it has everything you need in a logbook. Cheers Pier Stay safe and keep flying
  12. hahahahaha good one!! Stay safe and keep flying
  13. Hello!!!! quick question... wich suit would you buy?? thanks everyone!!!Quote Stay safe and keep flying
  14. Hi everyone!!!!! i'm trying to download my altitrack info to my laptop, and apparently it can't be done. Anyone knows how to do something??? Stay Safe Stay safe and keep flying
  15. Thanks Hillson, very interesting stuff... the one i'm flying now is a 189 safire 2 Stay safe and keep flying