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  1. Ok guys this one is weird but here goes: A while back I was flying a Velo 96 and I had 2 rigs, both with VE96, one of them, lets refer to her as OR (she was orange) had like 1500 or more jumps, almost never wet, i was finishing her life span off. Fabric was very worn and the crispy layer was worn off, with meant it wasn't exactly "zero porosity" anymore. The other one, lets refer to her as BL (she was blue) had like 500 jumps and had been wet a couple of times but it felt way newer and even still a bit crispy. You could feel the crispy layer! So I had both canopies and I was doing 270's at the time and noticed right away a diference in recovery arc. Not a huge "immediate toogle stab" difference but a "50ft higher turn" difference. This messed with my head because the OR had a shorter recovery arc than the BL and a since OR was older and lost some of it's porosity I assumed it should be the other way around. I checked the line trim with my rigger and it was the same! I blamed it on lack of experience from my side and moved on. Later I came to really love the JVX full sail 69 and wanted to get a backup one to train for comps in a constant environment. The thing is, my 69 had 500 jumps and was getting worn because sail doesn't last as long but the only one I found used at a good price was a 70 with 200 jumps, I figured I wouldn't notice the small diference. Wrong! The 70 seems to have a longer recovery arc than the 69. Whats happening! After discussing it with locals the longer lines of the 70 are the current most popular opinion but its like a 2cm overall difference in both from and rear lines. The 70 is a couple of years newer so maybe NZ changed the lineset a little bit. But then why does the VE96 also have the same problem? Thank you guys!
  2. Dude, chill... I wasn't bragging. I simply stated facts about my young career, not in an attempt to brag but to maybe find others that are young like me and enjoy the same aspects of our sport
  3. well the 2.6 wl part is, its actually 2.4 but i wore a weight belt for a few hop n pops and 120m was on 2.6
  4. Hey guys, I've seen some posts about youngest skydiver to complete 1000 jumps but how about the youngest swooper? I am 17 and haven't competed yet but I plan on doing so and jump a JVX 69 loaded as 2.6 and swoop 810's for 110-120m on gates. What have you guys seen?