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  1. Hey guys, I vebeen look at merlins suits for awhile. I found some old post on th forum from 2005 and 06.. looking for new insight has any one had an recent experiences with them lately.
  2. yea it figured much ! im trying to do the program this spring/summer but we will see.trying to make up my mind what dropzone i wanna go too
  3. Hey guys have any of you taking the IAF course at skydive the ranch. I was on their site and it said IAF not AFF.. Is that the same teaching structure just different name?
  4. Go for it man!! dont think so much about got man!
  5. hello there, im a tunnel flyer and starting aff soon.. dont let the scoliosis get to you.. i have it an s curve in my spine from scoliosis. i can arch when I started I couldnt. My wife yells at me stand up stright will you! this what i did every morning i stood againist a wall corner. move ya should blades.. try to arch and stretch. is a starter.. there more i do so message me ill tell ya more. there always a way always will.never say never.. build muscles memory in ya back helps! DONT GET DISCOURAGED
  6. Has any one had any experiences with the Phantom xv Helmet in tunnel flying.. im looking for a new helmet..any takes on the phantom
  7. any other suit already looking at lquid sky and verticals suit... anything you recogmend or have like in certin suit makers beside bev.
  8. I have been reading alot on the past posts on Bev Suits..still havent seen anyone use the BeV conviction ff/tunnel suit. emailed Bev directly and got back to me pretty quick that what the choose for me for tunnel flying...anything out there on the suit?
  9. Have ever sen or heard about the bonehead mammba..or bone head Aero helmets
  10. Yea..I think is well worth the investment. ive bee looking for a used g3 or g2. I my fear is just going overkill..I rather learn and fly they get some gear that gonna last me awhile.. kinda like my hydroplane racing gear. Do you suggest gear/suit companys
  11. I actually came across Merlin suits this morning as for the Z1 have heard of any fitting issues like have to get size up or anything like that. also is your mouth visible like the G3 where I can communicate with the flight instrutor
  12. ok here it goes, im looking for a helmet and suit for tunnel flying im still in the early learning stages. Learning fast though. first things first. Helmets i know the cookie g3 tops all..but bit out of my budget..I was looking in to the Phantomx/xv or Parasport z1. How are those two for starters? pros cons?? then suits I was looking at the Z Suit from verticals to start with.also contacted a suit maker from canada named francois
  13. Hey everyone.. I'm New to the forum and an ex coast guard aviator . Glad to be aboard. I have on Few Tandem flights here in CT. Loved it tons.I just started tunnel flying in TX in San Antonio. I Definitely could use some advice. I guess no question is stupid question for someone new.. am i right??