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  1. vincearnone

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    100% I did, but not just for FF/dynamic, but all the time. I also take it further to say that you should be wearing knee pads when you're skydiving for kneeling in the plane and packing. Personally my g-forms go on when the jumpsuit goes on without exception.
  2. vincearnone

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    I don't think it makes a difference whether the helmet is plastic or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber does look good... My motorcycle helmet, Schuberth, is one of the best, if not the best, and it is plastic and not carbon fiber. Motorcycle helmets are tested and must pass to be certified. I don't think that any skydiving helmets get tested. I'd have to agree with Danornan here. I have both a carbon G2 and have had many plastic G3's and both worked great with little difference between the two other than the look. Agreed that skydiving and tunnel flying helmets aren't designed or tested for impact. Not that they shouldn't be, but most aren't. I fully realize are a range of options out there as good or better than the G3, and others that are worse. I've updated the article to reflect that. Specifically I added Skyhelmets as an option. I do believe it is a superior product to the G3 when it comes to flying in the tunnel, the issue is that it's not readily available. You have to do some digging to get your hands on one - not ideal for a beginner. With that being said, I believe the G3 is the closest to a universal recommendation. It's a solid helmet with most of the necessary features needed for indoor flying. As a product, it provides good value for your money. The article is aimed at helping everyone, including a complete beginner. The goal was to make a recommendation that has a darn good chance of being a helmet they will like, use, and have for a long time. I think of any option, the G3 fit's that bill the best.
  3. vincearnone

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    I've taken the time to put together a complete write-up on tunnel gear that I thought the flyers here might find valuable. I've taken my years of experience in the wind as a flyer and coach and distilled it down to product recommendations based on principles that encourage flyers to choose the right gear for the job which will speed a progression and prevent gear issues from creating bad habits. The guide can be found here: I hope you all find this valuable and I am happy to respond to questions here or in the comments on the article.
  4. vincearnone

    iFly coming to St. Louis, MO

    The Aerodium tunnel was there last season and as far as I know it is not there now. It's a travelling tunnel that is on the road in different locations all the time. I am guessing this will be a 14 footer from the '3 story' description - similar to what was announced in Phoenix.
  5. vincearnone

    Inflight Dubai in Orlando?

    This is not a SkyVenture tunnel. The tunnel is being constructed by a new company out of Dubai called Extreme Flight. I've been working with them to get information on their projects updated on ISS. This is what I have so far, more to come: The tunnel is a single loop recirculating 14 foot model: All this on top of the announcement today to do with iFLY Orlando being replaced. Interesting developments in Florida...
  6. vincearnone

    Freezone Moscow still closed?

    They are opening them back up:
  7. vincearnone

    iFLY Portland, OR??

  8. vincearnone

    Ontario, CA Tunnel

    Not much information out yet, but chances are it is going to be another of the newer style "two story" iFLY machines like the one still under construction in Houston.
  9. vincearnone

    Sitfly at the Ritz