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  1. Before I came up with the name, I checked on google and couldn't find any. Once the logo was made and everything was ready and I made the insta, I found one legitimate company that sells socks with the same name. Their name isn't trademarked and they haven't posted in over a year so I'm hoping they're out of business so I can continue using the name. If you're interested in a sponsorship just send me a dm on insta! blue skies
  2. I just opened my first clothing line called "Altitude Apparel" which is a company that targets extreme sport athletes. I made this company from my new love to skydiving, and my sponsors will typically be experienced skydivers. I'm looking for a few free flyers who are interested in repping our shirts on a few of their jumps to take videos! To apply, just dm @altitudeapparelco on instagram. Specifically looking for experienced head down flyers, but any free flyers or experienced skydivers are welcome to dm me on instagram to apply! Blue skies
  3. I'm a newer jumper (only 12 jumps) and want to go over the list of malfunctions again and what to do in those situations to possibly fix it before cutting away. Does anybody have a link to somewhere I can find this?
  4. zcohen13

    iFly Tampa

    Any opening date for the iFly Tampa? Can you submit applications yet?
  5. I recently finished my AFF too and I'm working towards my license now. What my instructors told me which helped a lot was to just focus on your dive flow and picture everything going perfectly. Go through the dive flow in your head over and over on the ride up. Focus on your circle of awareness and seeing the thumbs up every time and remembering the hand signals in case you see something other than a thumbs up. Good luck and blue skies!
  6. Some of you might've already seen my Facebook post but i still haven't been able to find a rigger so I'm going to post it again here. I just got my first rig with a Raven that is 20 years old with what I was told has no rides. Ive spoke to two riggers and they both refused to pack the reserve because they have a rule against packing 20 year old canopies. I'm located in Fort Lauderdale and am looking for a rigger in the area who can pack it. The closest rigger I have been able to find who will pack it is at Zhills which is 4 hours away from me. Doesn't need to be in Fort Lauderdale specifically, just someone closer that Zhills.
  7. I've been trying to get ahold of Precision for the past 2 days but haven't been able to. I have a 1996 Raven Reserve that my riggers will not pack due to the fact that it is 20 years old. Does Precision do pull tests on reserves and if so, how much does it cost and take to get back? I've been trying to reach them on their number on their website, but nobody picks up.
  8. What are the requirements to be a videographer? Do you need 500 jumps like tandems and AFF jumps?
  9. I just completed my AFF course and am now working towards getting my A license and want to get my own rig. I am a 5'8 145 pound male. What size main parachute would you recommend for my first beginner rig, before I upgrade to a smaller sized canopy in the future?
  10. I'm new to this man, I'm just trying to get the best training possible.. I went to the Spaceland DZ and they told me about their STP training and I want to know how that compares to the AFF since it only has one instructor. Sorry for reposting a new thread, just want advice from experienced jumpers on the best training I can get.
  11. I'm going to begin working towards getting my A license within the next couple weeks. Any opinions on Skydive Spaceland Clewiston's STP program? Or would I be better off doing the AFF program at another DZ and work my way towards my A license after that? I've done 1 tandem jump and have been obsessed ever since (probably like everybody else on this forum was at one point).
  12. So would you reccomend I do my AFF course and then work my way towards the A license or just purchase the whole A license package at once?
  13. So with the A license package I will have the supervision for all the jumps? So would this be the cheapest and best way to go to get my A license?
  14. I'm still having a hard time understanding.. I do want my A license, but my original plan was to take the AFF and then pay the 25$ jump fee afterwards until I got to 25 jumps. Some people are saying I can jump solo after the AFF and others aren't. So just to be clear, if I completed the AFF, the following jumps would all have to be with a coach or D license holder (meaning the cost would be more than a typical 25$ jump fee)?
  15. So would I save money by doing the whole A license course instead of the AFF? Sorry for all the questions I'm just a newbie who did a tandem a few weeks ago and really want to get involved in the sport, probably just like everybody else on here was at some point