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  1. skytribe

    2" X 3/8" bands

    We get out bands direct from keener
  2. skytribe

    1st Cut-Away - Reserve entangled with Main

    As to a good knife as against a crappy one. The following is a thread in the CRWDogs about knives. The likelyhood of using a knife is greatly increased when doing CRW but the same reasoning applies in that when you need a knife its good to know it will work.!msg/crwdogs/RkCMRzmrC1c/6jMFW8aYra4J After this many of the CRW dogs switched knives and the Benchmade knives seem to be the most popular now (at least in the US CRW community).
  3. skytribe

    1st Cut-Away - Reserve entangled with Main

    And this is why I am constantly advising jumpers who have missing hook knives or the crappy plastic ones to get a decent knife on your rig - if the manufacturer installed a hook knife pocket with a snap then the least you can do is replace it if you lose it. You never know when you might need it.
  4. skytribe

    Shelf life on containers?

    Can people point me to some studies to back up strength loss over time. I have seen studies reflecting strength.loss of nylon due to uv exposure and other chemical actions but how much has been done on age deterioration only.
  5. Originally i believed it was experimental because it didnt meet faa rules. As each jumper didnt have a harness, main and reserve but i believe that this was addressed in later regulations. So is it still operating on experimental status.
  6. Jerry Thanks, I think your right. After more hunting around it looks like it is a "Rods Rebel 1". It does look interesting from the fact that the main container does not have a closure loop like we see now but is velcro closed. (Obviously wouldnt class as freefly friendly these days.) Looking for any info on closing this up as it would be nice to close it up in correct manner - even if it wasnt with canopies inside - rather foam for demo purposes.
  7. skytribe

    tandem instructor course

    I tend to agree - people use the 500 (which is a minimum) as a target. A lot of the time tandem instructors make things look pretty straightforward BUT every single jump is different. Different people, different wingloadings, different considerations for student (stiff old people , oversized people). The students do not always help. You are jumping in conditions such as winds, turbulence etc. with a canopy that has less manoueveribility (think school bus not sports car) and you dont have front risers. Landing safely is critical for both yourself and the student. I would like to see people have more quality jumps and I'm not talking about simply doing hop/pop or solos in order to get the total to 500. I
  8. I have acquired an old rodriguez parachute container and I know nothing about it except it had a round reserve and a stratostar main in it. It has R2 as release mechanism and the main pilot chute was mounted on a belly band with the main container was closed with a velcro flap. I dont even know the name of the container let alone finding a manual to find more info out on the container. At no point is this container going back in service but I'd like to clean it up and fill the containers with some foam to make it look like it has canopies in as a nice "historical" piece. At the moment the container is taking a bath and cleaning up the years of dirt / grim that had accumulated. Any hints on a manual with pictures or what I may even have here. Spotty
  9. skytribe

    Sunpath contact

    You should try calling them on the phone - that way you get to speak to someone immediately during the week.
  10. skytribe

    Icarus 149 Reserve or Precision R-Max 148

    Its a shame they can't sort there squabbles out and avoid confusion - Icarus , Xfire/Crossfire, SFire. Safire. Both NZA and Icarus World both make modern canopies of good quality - both of decent products/Customer service and I suspect that you are correct in that NZA does not manufacture the reserve. The designs for a lot of these canopies was done by NZA and licensed however I'm not sure about the reserve's whether than was the case - but certainly wasnt manufactured or marketed by NZA so this may well have been an Icarus only product. The whole Icarus story is too long to tell here - but even the original Icarus partnership/agreement involved Precision. I believe the split between the NZA/Icarus was what prompted the same name confusions.
  11. skytribe

    Icarus 149 Reserve or Precision R-Max 148

    I would take a PD reserve or Optimum over both. I've packed both and both would do the job. I would say Precision has more experience of reserve parachutes over the years with many models and this being the latest incarnation. That said try contacting them and ask them a question or look at their web site and see how responsive and up to date they are. Icarus is much more engaged in current designs and much more responsive. They have the Icarus reserve and the Nano which uses a low bulk material. I don't see as many of these as say a PD reserve/optimum but have packed all of them. (Rmax, Icarus, Nano, PDR, Optimum). The PD quality, reputation and sheer numbers in use are testaments that it is a solid product.
  12. skytribe

    Icarus 149 Reserve or Precision R-Max 148

    If your asking which reserve would i prefer then thats a different question and has nothing to do with confidence in their ability to work correctly in a scenario you have specified. Both will do that job. Precision customer service is very weak these days bordering on the “are they still in business ?”. Icarus much more there developing new canopies and innovating. Customer service are responsive.
  13. skytribe

    Mard (skyhook) reserve opening issue

    In simple terms the MARD has to work in two ways - to be connected using the departing main as a sort of reserve pilot chute equivalent in the event of a cutaway instead of the reserve pilot chute in order to extract the freebag/reserve canopy. OR disconnect the MARD in the event of a total malfunction when the reserve pilot chute is being used to deploy the freebag/reserve. If you have a slow speed malfunction and chose to deploy the reserve without cutting away the main then your are depending upon the reserve pilot chute to create enough drag in order to extract the freebag/reserve. There is a great difference in the amount of drag that can be created by a pilot chute at 120 mph and at 15 mph. At 15mph the pilot chute may simply not be generating enough drag to do the job and may simply trail behind you and not have enough force to extract the freebag/reserve. If you would have cut away at a correct higher altitude then your main would be acting as the big high drag pilot chute equivalent. This creates a whole lot more drag than a reserve pilot chute even at slow speed. Even without a MARD and just an RSL cutting away would result in you accelerating to a higher airspeed which would result in more drag on the pilot chute and a successful deployment - albiet with a loss of a lot more altitude. So yes there are scenarios when not cutting away and pulling the reserve may not result in a reserve being extracted from the freebag and inflating. The best action is to avoid this scenario in the first place. Pull at the correct altitudes, know your emergency procedures and be confident in execution at appropriate decision altitudes. Not cutting away and pulling reserve under 1000ft is probably the culmination of a number of bad decisions.
  14. skytribe

    First time buying gear

    Speak to your instructors 1st. The will be able to advise.
  15. Well that's the 1st issue - The airworthiness of the rig is certified at that time only. Even if he says 120 days then he is out of date with current regulations for modern sport rigs in the US. With is now 180 days. Well, that's really not my concern about how the DZ records things or their software works. My (as a rigger) responsibility is to pack according to the manufacturer and regulations. Perhaps if a dropzone can't notice the special notation on the card - then they need someone else who can notice it when checking gear. The owner is clearly notified of the date for servicing (in fact I let them know the repack before and let them know that scheduling in the window (+-6months) over the winter months when they are probably not using it). A month or two is probably not going to make a huge difference - considering the +-6month window. However the regulations in the US don't stop me from packing an AAD that will require maintenance or expire within the cycle - but it does (or should) prevent people from jumping such gear. That responsibility falls on the DZ/Owner.