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  1. Skylark is doing a different type of internal bracing on their canopies: Also, take a look at paraglider designs, they employ many different types of internal structure in their wings.
  2. I sent them an email on 22OCT19 - no answer so far. A few days ago I called the contact number that I found online. A nice lady answered the phone and said "Hello", but didn't mention Parachute Systems. I said "Hello, is this Parachute Systems?", to which she replied that she used to work for Parachute Systems, but wasn't currently employed by them. She gave me another number to call. I called and left a message and I haven't heard back. Anyone have any idea what's up? Are they on vacation?
  3. Hi Kevin, my experience as a rigger from a desert environment is that you (and your rigger) will be happier with your Smart LPV 175 and Pilot 188 ZPX packed into an I-5. An I-4 may be doable, but it will be more difficult to pack and feel like a brick on your back.
  4. According to the price list on their website, the PMI Triton has an MSRP of $1737.00. Hip ring option adds $150 and spacer foam padding adds another $145, so full price with the options you mentioned is $2,032.
  5. UPT's sizing chart is correct. OP 143 is a tight fit in a V308, especially in a hot, dry environment. If the main is a tight fit too, the container will feel like a brick. The V310 is a better choice if you are packing an OP143.
  6. Peregrine Mfg. bought the Dolphin TSO and is now producing a nicely updated version of the Dolphin called the Triton. They also have the original Altico Dolphin manual on their website.
  7. Air Carriage in Albuquerque, NM offers hot air ballon jumps all year long on any morning that the weather is good. Check them out: [/url][url]
  8. The Tesla isn't on the Fluid Wings website anymore. There's a spot labeled "Coming Soon" where the Tesla used to be on their canopy comparison chart. Any info about this new canopy? Has anyone seen or flown the prototype?
  9. I’ve owned 2 Pilots; a 132 and a 150, and I currently fly a NZA Safire 3 149. The short version of the story is that you can’t really go wrong with either of these canopies. In general, the similarities between them far outweigh the differences. I think your personal subjective opinion is probably the best way to choose between them - so fly them both before you buy. OK, here’s some more detail. Keep in mind that this is all just my opinion. I’ve got around 1000 jumps on Pilots and about 50 on the Safire 3. The Pilot and Safire 3 are both good solid beginner/intermediate general purpose wings. Both parachutes get a flat glide, maneuver well, and are easy to land. My personal subjective opinion is that I like the way the Safire 3 flies better. The Safire 3 might not be quite as quick on the toggles as the Pilot, but it is much easier to harness turn. If you combine harness and toggle inputs, the Safire 3 is definitely the more maneuverable canopy. Front risers are very similar between the two canopies, but the Safire 3 has more range and a better feel to the rears. The Safire 3 has got a slightly longer recovery arc than the Pilot, but it’s still quick to recover. The landing flare is a little more powerful on the Safire 3, but not by a lot. Both canopies will get you back from a long spot. The one place where the Pilot definitely outshines the Safire 3 is in the openings. The Pilot has consistently soft, on heading openings and is even pretty forgiving if your packing is a little sloppy or your deployment body position and airspeed are a little off. The Safire has generally good openings too, but is less reliable in terms of heading and opening speed than the Pilot. Even with the occasional off heading and/or brisk opening, I still prefer the Safire 3 overall. As far as the purchase experience, and the after sale customer service goes, both Aerodyne and NZA have been easy to work with.
  10. The Italian hang glider mfr. Icaro 2000 makes a helmet that might work for you.
  11. After I saw the photos comparing the 2 RPC's I called up Sun Rise and asked about the RPC design change. I had a W8 in my loft and I wanted to know the latest info before I started the I&R. The nice person I spoke to at SRI told me that they had not changed their RPC design, and the one that was installed on the W8 I had -which is the one with minimal mesh- was the correct part.
  12. I've packed the PD Optimum 193 and the Aerodyne Smart LPV 190 into I-44's with good results. Both of those are low pack volume, lighter weight canopies. I've also packed plenty of 170-ish F-111 reserves into that container. The smallest receive I have packed into an I-44 with good results is a PR 160.
  13. Air Carriage Hot Air Balloons in Albuquerque, New Mexico flies jumpers all the time. I've jumped with them many times and it's always a blast. Give them a call to schedule a jump. [/url][url]
  14. Here's the front mount I assembled for my Bonehead helmet. Is this what you looking for? I got the parts to make it at Chuting Star.
  15. I installed a V348 semi-stowless bag into one of my rigging customer's I-44 container and it fits and functions great.