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  1. Yes! Please let me know how it goes, would be appreciated. Where abouts are you located?
  2. Thanks guys. Bumping to the top for other I4 owners and riggers chime in regarding their experience with larger set ups? As it stands, I’ll probably rock a SmartLPV 160 and Pilot ZPX 188. I would consider an ULPV, but the life span isn’t ideal - from what I’ve read. I’ve never owned or piloted one.
  3. Hi everyone, Feedback from current generation Icon I4 & I5 owners, and/or people who have firsthand experience with them would be greatly appreciated. - Do you have experience packing an Icon I4 with a Pilot 188(ZPX or UltraLPV) and SmartLPV 175, particularly in a warmer/dryer climate? Both canopy’s fall under “Largest Recommended”. FYI, Spectra 725 lines will be used. - Does anyone know the true pack volume of a Pilot 188 in ZPX or UltraLPV fabric? The reason I ask is because I’ve received mixed signals, definitely torn. I’m located in Southern California and have spoken to my rigger, I was told the pack volume listed on a manufactures website will not be what I should expect here, certainly larger. From my research, I've confirmed the same. However, Aerodyne’s rigger tells me she has not experienced a difference in canopy pack volumes in different climates? Aerodyne does not list 9-cell Pilot pack volumes on their website for ZPX or UltraLPV. If I wanted a similar comparison, I was told to compare a Pilot7’s pack volume considering they’re standard UltraLPV…but 7-cell? It appears I’m on the cusp of both I4/I5 containers regarding needs and experience level. My gut tells me filling an I4 with "Largest Recommended" main & reserve could be a nightmare. Thoughts/experiences? Thanks in advance.