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  1. ItsKevinDuh

    Calling all Icon I4/I5 owners and/or experience with!

    Yes! Please let me know how it goes, would be appreciated. Where abouts are you located?
  2. ItsKevinDuh

    Calling all Icon I4/I5 owners and/or experience with!

    Thanks guys. Bumping to the top for other I4 owners and riggers chime in regarding their experience with larger set ups? As it stands, I’ll probably rock a SmartLPV 160 and Pilot ZPX 188. I would consider an ULPV, but the life span isn’t ideal - from what I’ve read. I’ve never owned or piloted one.
  3. Hi everyone, Feedback from current generation Icon I4 & I5 owners, and/or people who have firsthand experience with them would be greatly appreciated. - Do you have experience packing an Icon I4 with a Pilot 188(ZPX or UltraLPV) and SmartLPV 175, particularly in a warmer/dryer climate? Both canopy’s fall under “Largest Recommended”. FYI, Spectra 725 lines will be used. - Does anyone know the true pack volume of a Pilot 188 in ZPX or UltraLPV fabric? The reason I ask is because I’ve received mixed signals, definitely torn. I’m located in Southern California and have spoken to my rigger, I was told the pack volume listed on a manufactures website will not be what I should expect here, certainly larger. From my research, I've confirmed the same. However, Aerodyne’s rigger tells me she has not experienced a difference in canopy pack volumes in different climates? Aerodyne does not list 9-cell Pilot pack volumes on their website for ZPX or UltraLPV. If I wanted a similar comparison, I was told to compare a Pilot7’s pack volume considering they’re standard UltraLPV…but 7-cell? It appears I’m on the cusp of both I4/I5 containers regarding needs and experience level. My gut tells me filling an I4 with "Largest Recommended" main & reserve could be a nightmare. Thoughts/experiences? Thanks in advance.